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Doors From Solid Alder: Varieties, Features Of Installation And Operation
Doors From Solid Alder: Varieties, Features Of Installation And Operation

Video: Doors From Solid Alder: Varieties, Features Of Installation And Operation

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Doors from solid alder and their characteristics

alder doors
alder doors

Alder solid is a popular material for creating high-quality and durable products. Doors made of such wood are especially popular, as they are characterized not only by high quality, but also by a beautiful appearance. When choosing such structures, you should pay attention to the features of different types of doors, to know the manufacturing and installation technology, as well as the criteria that allow you to choose the optimal product.


  • 1 Doors from solid alder and their properties
  • 2 Options for doors made of solid alder

    • 2.1 Interior linens
    • 2.2 Solid wood entrance doors
    • 2.3 Doors with glass
  • 3 Features of making doors from solid alder

    3.1 Video: making a wooden door

  • 4 How to install wooden doors

    4.1 Video: installing an interior door

  • 5 Restoration and repair of alder doors
  • 6 Reviews of alder doors

Doors from solid alder and their properties

Products made from natural wood have always been popular, and doors made of this material add solidity to the interior and have a number of other advantages. This also applies to the alder array. This structure allows you to create doors that are durable, strong, affordable and beautiful, which are optimal for any room.

Alder door option
Alder door option

Doors can be painted in any color

Alder without dyeing has a warm and pleasant shade, which makes it possible not to use dyes when processing products. This material is also characterized by antimicrobial properties, because wood contains polyphenols that provide such an antiseptic effect. At the same time, the structure is not characterized by resinousness and therefore there are no resin drips and loss of appearance of alder doors.

Wood has a higher density and stiffness than pine. In these properties, it is similar to beech. This feature allows alder doors to be used for many years without the need for major repairs.

Solid alder door options

Structures of various types are made from wood. All of them differ in installation features, appearance and device. The choice is based on the type and purpose of the door. Thus, they select a product that best suits the necessary requirements, room, interior. And they also take into account the following criteria:

  • thickness and dimensions of the canvas;
  • presence / absence of glass inserts and other materials;
  • type of opening: swing, sliding, folding, etc.;
  • color, decorative elements, coating;
  • build quality and product price.

These criteria are basic and are taken into account when choosing a door from any solid wood. It is worth paying attention to the strength of the coating, the absence of cracks and cracks. A quality door has no flaws.

Interior canvases

Internal doors made of solid alder are an environmentally friendly, beautiful and affordable option for partitions for residential or office premises. Such products differ from wooden entrance doors in that they have a smaller thickness of 4 - 5 cm. The canvas can be decorated with glass inserts or other decorative elements.

Alder interior doors
Alder interior doors

Glass is often present in interior doors

The positive properties of interior doors from solid alder are expressed in the following:

  • safety for human health, antiseptic properties of wood;
  • preservation of appearance throughout the entire service life;
  • easy care of the canvas with wood products;
  • easy installation and uncomplicated operation.

Among the disadvantages of interior alder canvases, it is worth noting that the products need proper care. To do this, use high-quality products, polishes for wooden surfaces. It is also important to take into account the significant cost of doors, since the material has high characteristics and valuable properties.

Solid wood entrance doors

For the manufacture of entrance doors, wood is rarely used, since metal options are more reliable, durable and provide good thermal insulation. At the same time, alder serves as a good material for creating a second entrance door or the main canvas for an apartment or private house.

The design of the entrance door assumes a greater thickness than the wooden interior door. This parameter ranges from 5 - 6 cm. Doors can have glass inserts, but this significantly affects the heat-saving ability of the product and therefore deaf options made entirely of wood are popular. In such cases, the canvas has a frame and panels that create a strong and reliable product.

Wood entrance door option
Wood entrance door option

Entrance doors often do not have glass inserts and are blind

The advantages of solid alder entrance doors are expressed in properties such as:

  • the hardness of the material, which provides resistance to mechanical stress, decay, moisture and ultraviolet light;
  • aesthetic and solid appearance;
  • high thermal insulation properties.

Of the shortcomings, it is important to take into account the fact that wood can crack, deform under the influence of temperature extremes, strong shocks. Therefore, for the treatment of entrance wooden canvases, high-quality paints and varnishes are used, which provide a durable coating. This is reflected in the cost of finished products, which is quite high.

Glass doors

Wooden structures can have inserts in the form of panels or glass. The first option is optimal for both interior and exterior doors. Glass is suitable for indoor canvases in rooms. A door can consist of a frame and a large insert, or a frame, lintels and several panels or glass. A lock is mounted on one of the vertical posts, and hinges are located on the opposite.

Options for wooden doors with glass and panels
Options for wooden doors with glass and panels

Glass doors have a variety of designs

Doors with glass have the following positive qualities:

  • a variety of design options and the ability to choose the optimal product for any interior;
  • easy care of the canvas during operation;
  • high light transmittance.

The main disadvantage of doors with glass inserts is a low level of noise and heat insulation compared to deaf options. If used improperly, gaps can form between the glass and the wooden elements and repairs will be necessary.

Features of making doors from solid alder

High-quality alder doors can only be made using professional equipment in a workshop. Therefore, creating doors on your own is not cost-effective, because the material and equipment are expensive, and the work requires skills in wood processing. Custom-made wood doors are the optimal solution for obtaining a structure that matches the interior, dimensions and other requirements.

Alder interior door options
Alder interior door options

It is difficult to make wooden doors with your own hands

The difficulty of self-manufacturing wooden doors is that it is important to know the technology for preparing and drying edged boards, as well as to be able to splicate elements. The creation process requires calibration, milling and grinding of parts. All this is done using professional equipment.

Before ordering or making your own canvas, it is important to determine the dimensions of the product. The dimensions of the door depend on its type: interior or entrance. The standard dimensions of interior canvases assume a height of 1900 mm and a width of 550 or 600 mm. If the door height is 2000 mm, then the width can be 900, 800, 700 or 600 mm. The parameters of the entrance doors often correspond to the indicator 210x90 cm.

Video: making a wooden door

How to install wooden doors

Making doors from solid alder with your own hands is a difficult process, but it is quite possible to independently install such products. For installation, you will need such mandatory tools as a building level, a tape measure and a pencil, plastic or wooden wedges, a mallet, accessories (hinges, lock, handle), a screwdriver, a gun with polyurethane foam.

Wooden door installation diagram
Wooden door installation diagram

The installation technology is the same for doors made of any wood

The method for installing natural wood doors is the same for all types of material. Therefore, the main stages of installation are expressed as follows:

  1. The opening is pre-leveled, checking the geometric clarity of the corners with a building level and a square.
  2. The assembled box is installed in the opening, fixed with wedges, leveled and adjusted by turning the wedges.
  3. The door leaf is hung on the hinges installed on the rack of the box. Check evenness.
  4. The cracks between the box and the wall are treated with polyurethane foam, wedges are removed.
  5. After the foam has dried, a lock, handle and other accessories are installed on the canvas.
  6. The ease of movement is checked, and if the door touches the box, then the self-tapping screws of the hinges on the box are tightened.
  7. Platbands are installed by fixing them to small studs.

This technology is universal and is suitable for the installation of solid wood doors. It should be borne in mind that the entrance structures require careful sealing of the cracks, because the thermal insulation of the room depends on this.

Video: installing an interior door

Restoration and repair of alder doors

Long-term or improper use of a door made of solid alder leads to the formation of cracks, breakages, and loss of the appearance of the product. In such cases, you can independently eliminate defects using simple materials and tools.

The following situations often arise that require repair and restoration of the door:

  • scratches and minor paintwork defects can be easily removed with colored furniture wax. It is applied to a dry and clean surface, rubbed in with a soft cloth. A colored furniture marker will also help;
  • small cracks can be repaired with acrylic filler, which can be tinted with natural wood or colored. The composition is neatly rubbed into the gap, the excess is removed with a napkin, and the dried surface is covered with varnish or other coloring component;
  • the sagging of the canvas is eliminated by twisting the self-tapping screws of the hinges. To prevent the door from slamming when closing, a closer is mounted. For a dense vestibule, a rubber seal is installed around the perimeter of the box;
  • when the wood swells, remove the product from the hinges, lay it horizontally and remove irregularities with a grinder. After that, the treated area is painted;
  • the broken lock, handle, door closer are carefully unscrewed and removed, and a new one is installed in place of the old one, having the same parameters as the damaged product;
  • creaking hinges are treated with grease or WD-40, applying a small amount of the composition to the door mechanism, and the excess is removed with a napkin.

Reviews of alder doors

Alder is known as an environmentally friendly, durable material for making doors. When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality of the product's paintwork, because the wood is quite soft and scratches can quickly form on it. Therefore, the durability of the protective layer in the form of varnish or paint is an important factor that ensures the aesthetics of the door for many years.

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