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Doors From Solid Oak: Varieties, Features Of Installation And Operation
Doors From Solid Oak: Varieties, Features Of Installation And Operation

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Doors from solid oak: types and installation by hand

Solid oak
Solid oak

Solid oak is known for its high performance characteristics such as strength and durability. Therefore, doors made of such material will not only serve for tens of years, but will also retain their appearance, acquiring even greater solidity than at the beginning of operation.


  • 1 Properties of oak wood

    • 1.1 Design features of solid oak doors
    • 1.2 Photo gallery: a variety of solid oak doors
  • 2 Varieties of oak doors

    • 2.1 Bleached oak interior doors
    • 2.2 Interior doors made of gray oak
    • 2.3 Golden oak interior doors
    • 2.4 Dark oak doors
    • 2.5 Brushed oak doors

      2.5.1 Video: DIY wood brushing

  • 3 How to make doors from solid oak

    3.1 Video: how to make a door from an array

  • 4 Installing the door in the opening

    4.1 Video: how to install an interior door

  • 5 Possible malfunctions and their elimination

    5.1 Video: installation and adjustment of hinges

  • 6 Reviews of oak doors

Properties of oak wood

Oak wood has long been used for the manufacture of a variety of products: furniture, stairs, doors. This is due to the fact that oak wood is highly durable, uncharacteristic for many other species.

Solid oak products
Solid oak products

Solid oak products are durable and beautiful in appearance

The high density of the structure allows the use of wood for the manufacture of products that are subject to increased wear. Stair steps, furniture, doors and other elements made of such material are characterized by the fact that they retain their shape for tens of years, and no cracks appear on the surface even under insufficiently good operating conditions. At the same time, the color of unpainted wood changes and becomes darker after many years of using the products. And it is also possible to paint products with special compositions for wood.

Options for shades of oak doors
Options for shades of oak doors

Doors can be painted in different colors

Bog oak is especially valuable, which is obtained as a result of prolonged soaking in water. This material has a very dark color, a high level of strength compared to other hardwoods or fresh oak. At the same time, the structure is characterized by good flexibility, shock resistance, but difficult to process.

Design features of solid oak doors

Doors can be made of laminated veneer lumber or solid wood. In the first case, bars are used, connected together by gluing with wood glue and fixing between clamps. Solid material constructions are made from boards that have not been subjected to this procedure.

Glued laminated timber from oak
Glued laminated timber from oak

The glued bars are then cut into pieces of the required size

Interior doors require a wooden frame in which panels, glass inserts or other materials are installed. Entrance structures have a more powerful metal frame, and the outer and inner panels are made of wood. The space inside the frame is filled with heat insulating material. This structure is not universal; manufacturers also produce other options for entrance and interior doors.

Option of doors with panels
Option of doors with panels

Doors can be with panels or in the form of a sheet of boards

The lock and the door handle are installed in the frame of the canvas, which can be supplemented with platbands, and the door frame is necessarily included in the set of swing doors. There are also unusual options, stylized as medieval items. In such cases, the doors can be made from rough boards.

Photo gallery: a variety of solid oak doors

Solid oak interior doors
Solid oak interior doors

Doors with panels are suitable for both residential and office spaces

Solid wood entrance doors
Solid wood entrance doors

Metal details make the door stylish and beautiful

Arched doorway
Arched doorway

The shape of the opening can be any, but the correct installation of the box and the canvas is required

Double leaf oak doors
Double leaf oak doors

Double-leaf doors are suitable for large openings

Oak doors with glass inserts
Oak doors with glass inserts

Solid oak door is easy to paint in any color

Lacquered oak doors
Lacquered oak doors

Dense paintwork protects the wood

Door surface close
Door surface close

The structure of oak wood is dense and smooth

Varieties of oak doors

There are several options for doors, classified by type and color of material. Each type differs in operational properties, technical characteristics, cost and other parameters. Therefore, when choosing, take into account the following features of the doors:

  1. The material from which the doors are made. Low-cost structures assume a frame made of cheaper types of wood than oak, and the external finish is made of solid oak. Solid wood models are more durable than glued versions.
  2. Presence / absence of paintwork. Unpainted canvases quickly become dirty, and varnished doors retain their appearance for a long time and are practical in use.
  3. Movement type. Cloths can be sliding or swinging, as well as folding. Since oak doors are quite massive, swing options are most often found.
  4. Dimensions of a wooden canvas. They are selected depending on the size of the opening, which should be more than the door by about 5-6 cm in height and 3-4 cm in width. This is necessary to install the box.
  5. The appearance of the structure. Should match the overall interior of the room. Oak partitions go well with wooden furniture.
Solid oak doors in the interior
Solid oak doors in the interior

Oak doors blend harmoniously into many interior styles

Custom production allows you to create designs that meet all the requirements and meet the individual characteristics of the room. The cost of such products is higher than the finished standard options. But individual designs make it possible to make the interior unique and the furnishings as comfortable as possible.

Bleached oak interior doors

Bleached oak wood is obtained as a result of the influence of sea water and the sun on the material. The relief structure and light color distinguish such a base for doors and the products are not only beautiful, but also durable.

Bleached oak door option
Bleached oak door option

Bleached oak doors are light in color and can be varnished

Bleached oak is dried before processing, because the optimum moisture level of wood should be 8-12%, which will prevent deformation of finished products. After that, products are created and bleached with special compositions. Next, the elements are covered with transparent wood varnish. As a result, doors are obtained with such positive features as:

  • versatility of light color for both modern and classic interior styles;
  • the ability to combine with furniture and objects of color of any type of wood;
  • maintaining the original appearance over the years;
  • small scratches and chips are invisible on the surface.

The only drawback of bleached oak doors can be considered an impractical too light color. You can protect products from contamination with several layers of varnish.

Interior doors made of gray oak

One of the most expensive options is a greyish brown wood, often referred to as gray oak. This base is made from winter oak and is suitable for carpentry, parquet and door production.

Gray oak door
Gray oak door

Manufacturers often emphasize the natural shade of the material with light coloring.

Gray oak constructions are varied. For example, paneled options are relevant, and canvases made of straight boards are often sliding doors. Manufacturers sometimes emphasize the natural shade with wood dyes matched to the tone. Compositions for coloring protect the material from decay, darkening, cracking. Therefore, gray oak doors have the following advantages:

  • practical natural color, on which dirt and minor damages are hardly noticeable;
  • high level of strength and resistance to temperature extremes;
  • good flexibility combined with deformation resistance.

The high cost of material and products from it is the main disadvantage of gray oak. Doors serve for a long time and look solid, but the price often makes them unaffordable for many owners of houses or apartments.

Golden oak interior doors

The golden brown tint of the wood is often referred to as golden oak. Doors made of this material look luxurious, ideal for classic interior styles and are presented in a wide variety.

Doors from solid golden oak
Doors from solid golden oak

The shade of golden oak can be either dark or light

Golden oak products are often stained to create a wide range of shades. The classic option is the golden brown paneled doors. The advantages of such products are as follows:

  • a wide selection of rich shades;
  • classic design suitable for many interior options;
  • practical color on which dirt is invisible.

Golden oak is not always suitable for modern interior styles, scratches are visible on the surface, and they can only be eliminated with the help of special tools matched to the tone.

Dark oak doors

Bog oak has a natural dark color, but such a material is highly valued and rarely used for the manufacture of doors. Therefore, manufacturers resort to dyeing wood, which makes it possible to imitate ordinary oak under stained or other types of wood.

Dark oak doors
Dark oak doors

Doors in dark color look impressive even in modern environments

The palette of shades is quite extensive and includes colors from dark gray to black-brown. The design of the leaf can be of any kind, and the platbands, extensions and the frame must match the color of the door. The positive features of dark colored products are expressed in the following:

  • spectacular appearance;
  • variety of shades;
  • color retention for a long time;
  • demand in the interior.

Scratches and cracks are always visible on dark wooden surfaces, which is a disadvantage of such products.

Brushed oak doors

Various methods of artificial aging of wood are applicable to oak products. To obtain the aging effect, special alkalis are used, the material is fired or the surface is treated with hard brushes. As a result of each of these actions, part of the loose fibers is removed, and the structure of the wood becomes more pronounced.

Surface of brushed doors
Surface of brushed doors

Brushed oak doors look very impressive and give the impression of an old product

Various brushing technologies can be applied to oak products, but maximum naturalness of the result is important. This type of door is characterized by the following properties:

  • original and varied appearance of paintings;
  • easy maintenance during operation;
  • many shades of products.

The brushing technology is difficult to implement with your own hands, because you need special tools and tools. Therefore, the cost of finished products, which are often made to order, is high.

Video: do-it-yourself wood brushing

How to make solid oak doors

It is possible to make simple solid oak doors with your own hands, but such a process requires significant financial and time costs, knowledge of wood processing technology and installation features. To work, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • manual frezer;
  • screwdriver and drill;
  • a sander with discs of different grain sizes;
  • ruler, building level, square, tape measure;
  • screwdrivers and chisels;
  • jigsaw or circular saw.
Door panel scheme
Door panel scheme

The door can include one or several panels

You can create a door with panels using such materials as boards with a section of 40x150 mm, wood glue, dowels or confirmations, wood for panels. If the structure will be painted, then a spray gun, stain and wood varnish will be required. Before starting work, you need to determine the dimensions of the doors. To do this, you need to measure the opening and take into account the following features:

  1. The thickness of the interior leaf should be 30–40 mm, for entrance doors the optimal indicator is 50–60 mm. In accordance with this, the thickness of the boards is also selected with a small margin.
  2. The canvas should be 50-60 mm less than the opening without a box, and 30-40 mm in width.
  3. The dimensions of the panels are determined individually, but the width of each frame post must be at least 200 mm.
Door and box scheme
Door and box scheme

You can make a drawing of paneled doors yourself or use a ready-made version

Manufacturing technology involves the following steps:

  1. The boards need to be cut into four pieces, two of which are equal to the height of the door and two to the width. The wider parts should be sanded with medium grit sandpaper. The corners of the ends are removed with a milling cutter and a groove of 20x16 mm is cut out in the middle and along the entire length of each board from one edge.

    Groove board option
    Groove board option

    The grooves are necessary for fixing the panels to the door frame

  2. The end ends of oak planks are cut at an angle of 45 ° for connection. Then the parts are applied to each other and corrected. After that, panels of the required sizes are cut from solid wood.

    Sectional door panel
    Sectional door panel

    The panels are installed in the grooves of the frame and fixed well with glue

  3. After that, the door is pre-assembled. Based on its results, deviations are identified that will need to be eliminated before final assembly. If everything is done correctly, the door is finally assembled using dowels or confirms. Before that, all connecting parts are coated with wood glue. The final stage is the installation of fittings. The hinges must be installed at a level of 25 cm from the floor and stepped back the same amount from the upper edge of the door. The third hinge is mounted 50 cm from the top of the door.

    Installation of door hinges
    Installation of door hinges

    One canvas will need three loops

Video: how to make a door from an array

Installation of a door in the opening

Oak doors are mounted in the opening using the same technology as other canvases. Pre-necessarily align the walls, which will facilitate installation. Then the following actions are carried out:

  1. The door frame is assembled and installed in the opening, fixing with wedges. The structure is leveled by adjusting the wedges and checking the quality of work with a level and square.

    Door frame installation
    Door frame installation

    The door frame is installed in the opening, temporarily fixed on the wedges and leveled

  2. The slots between the wall and the flat box are treated with polyurethane foam, hinges are attached to the rack.

    Fixing the box with foam
    Fixing the box with foam

    Keep in mind that the foam will increase in size as it dries, so fill the vertical seam from below by one third of the total volume of the seams.

  3. The canvas is hung on the hinges, and the evenness is adjusted by loosening / tightening the self-tapping screws of the hinges.

    Double leaf solid wood doors
    Double leaf solid wood doors

    Installing double-leaf doors is more time-consuming than installing single-leaf doors

The installation technique is universal for any swing doors, and the accuracy of the actions is determined by the choice of the type of hinges, the massiveness of the canvas, and the version of the movement mechanism.

Video: how to install an interior door

Possible malfunctions and their elimination

Wooden structures are durable and practical in operation, but any door options are prone to breakage. There are the most common situations in which actions such as:

  1. Hinges creak can be easily eliminated by lubricating the mechanisms with grease, machine oil, WD 40.
  2. If the canvas touches the floor covering, then tighten the self-tapping screws of the hinges on the box or slightly move them up. To do this, you need to remove the door, and raise the hinges a few millimeters up.
  3. To clean the door leaf, use a soft cloth and a solution of 15% alcohol and 85% water. It is optimal to use special products for wood products.
  4. Small scratches can be easily removed if you rub the damaged area with fine-grained sandpaper, and then grease with furniture colored wax.
  5. If repair work is being carried out in the room, then it is best to remove the doors from the hinges or simply close the canvas with a film.
Carved oak door
Carved oak door

Proper maintenance will help to maintain the functionality and attractive appearance of the doors

Oak is a durable material, but the structure is still subject to some deterioration, for example, as a result of strong impacts from sharp objects or inappropriate operating conditions with sudden temperature changes. Timely elimination of malfunctions and dirt allows you to preserve the appearance of the canvas and the functionality of the mechanisms.

Video: installation and adjustment of hinges

Reviews of oak doors

Solid oak is durable and resistant to many negative factors, retains its qualities for many decades. Compliance with manufacturing technology, proper care of wooden products will significantly extend the service life of structures.

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