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Cartesian Cat Chartreuse: Breed Description, Character And Upbringing, Maintenance And Care, Photos, Owner Reviews
Cartesian Cat Chartreuse: Breed Description, Character And Upbringing, Maintenance And Care, Photos, Owner Reviews

Carthusian cats are a national treasure of France

Chartreuse cat
Chartreuse cat

Chartreuse occupies a special place in a large number of different breeds of domestic cats. These are the true aristocrats of the feline world. The history of the origin of this rare breed is very interesting, but the cats themselves are of great interest to anyone who sees them at least once. Get to know the chartreuse better - and love at first sight is guaranteed.


  • 1 History of the origin of the Cartesian breed

    1.1 Video: Chartreuse is a national treasure of France

  • 2 Distinctive features of chartreuse

    • 2.1 Appearance
    • 2.2 Character and behavior
    • 2.3 Disadvantages of the breed

      • 2.3.1 Propensity to disease
      • 2.3.2 Breed defects
  • 3 How to choose a Chartreuse kitten

    • 3.1 What to look for

      1 Video: playful chartreuse kittens

  • 4 How to care for a Cartesian cat

    • 4.1 Hygiene
    • 4.2 Feeding
    • 4.3 Toilet
  • 5 Breeding issues

    • 5.1 Nuances of breeding
    • 5.2 Castration and sterilization
  • 6 Reviews

History of the origin of the Cartesian breed

There are many versions and even legends about the origin of the Cartesian cat breed. The bright and unique image of this animal attracts more and more interest, and stories and mysteries reinforce it many times over.

The beautiful name chartreuse comes from the French monastery of the same name, where cats of this breed were brought from Africa in the Middle Ages. According to one of the parables, the Cartesian monks imposed a vow of silence on these cats - this is where the amazing, stately calm of the Chartreuse came from. Carthusian cats soon became the darlings of the French aristocracy - they were pampered, adorned with jewelry and portrayed in portraits. It is interesting that the commoners willingly kept these elite cats, highly appreciated their hunting talents - the number of Chartreuse in France was very large.

Having seriously settled in France, chartreuse eventually became one of the visiting cards of this country, its national treasure. They made a splash in England, where in 1928 they were first presented at an authoritative international exhibition. From that moment on, interest in the breed is growing rapidly. Many celebrities have Cartesian cats - for example, chartreuse was the pet of the legendary General Charles de Gaulle.

General de Gaulle
General de Gaulle

Legendary Charles de Gaulle was the proud owner of Chartreuse

Close-up chartreuse
Close-up chartreuse

Only at first glance, the chartreuse resembles a blue British - these are completely different breeds

In the second half of the last century, Cartesian cats became very popular not only in Europe, but also in the USA - the result of painstaking breeding work was the breeding by American felinologists of very interesting and original breed lines.

Video: Chartreuse is a national treasure of France

Distinctive features of chartreuse

Live silver figurines with amber eyes - in the image of chartreuse, beauty and aristocracy, high intelligence and wonderful character are harmoniously combined. Cartesian cat owners consider their pets to be ideal - and this opinion is not far from the truth.

Chartreuse sits
Chartreuse sits

The Cartesian cat is almost ideal


The coat of the Cartesian cats can be of all shades of silver, up to quite dark - however, a light color is considered more preferable among breed breeders. The "corporate" bluish color should have not only the wool, but also the skin of the animal, the pads of its paws and the nose are painted in the same color. The undercoat is usually one tone darker than the outer coat six, which makes the Chartreuse coat especially beautiful.

This breed of cats has very expressive eyes - they are large, round and always yellow: from light golden to copper in color. The lugs are of medium size and set high and at a slight angle. The chartreuse is bright and memorable. He has strong, low paws, a massive body with a well-developed muscular system, a not too long, straight tail with a rounded tip.

Chartreuse lies
Chartreuse lies

Chartreuse's eyes can only be yellow

Character and behavior

These cats get along without any problems with adults and children, and with all pets. Chartreuse is ready to be friends with everyone, loyal to the owner, patient and very playful. They are unusually agreeable, but at the same time very independent.

Chartreuse relaxed
Chartreuse relaxed

Chartreuse will bring comfort and harmony to your home

Cartesian cats are monogamous: they are loyal to all family members, but choose from them one, the most important owner for themselves, to whom they are infinitely loyal. Such tender affection does not prevent chartreuse from being self-sufficient - left alone, they will not destroy the house out of longing, as, unfortunately, many other cats do. While waiting for the return of its beloved owners, your pet will most likely doze peacefully in a secluded corner.

By the way, if a Shartez has chosen a place in the house for himself, this is already forever; he will sleep here, no matter how much you try to lure him to another place that seems to you more suitable.

Chartreuse on the bed
Chartreuse on the bed

These cats will choose their favorite spot on their own.

Chartreuse on the shoulder of the hostess
Chartreuse on the shoulder of the hostess

Chartreuse are very attached to their owners

Despite the seeming imposingness, the Carthusian cats have retained the skill inherited from their distant ancestors - they are excellent hunters. Consider this quality and do not leave Chartreux alone with small pets - birds and rodents - after playing, your cat may mistake them for prey.

Disadvantages of the breed

The undoubted advantages of the Cartesian cat more than outweigh the disadvantages of this breed - but the future owner of the Chartreuse should definitely know about them.

Disease propensity

In general, chartreuse is endowed with good health and, with good maintenance, can live up to twenty years without being particularly ill. However, in the genetics of this breed there is a tendency to certain ailments, including:

  • dysplasia;
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • problems with the dental system.
Chartreuse stands
Chartreuse stands

Cartesian cats are very massive and prone to joint diseases

Dysplasia of the joints - both hip and elbow - does not manifest itself in childhood. At first the kitten looks absolutely healthy, but by six months it begins to limp, experience discomfort and pain. Early diagnosis is very important for the timely treatment of the disease. The disease requires a systematic approach:

  • strict special diet;
  • avoiding excess weight;
  • restrictions on physical activity;
  • supportive drug therapy;
  • the use of additives with chondroprotectors;
  • in some cases - surgical intervention.

Symptoms of a dislocated patella make themselves felt at an early age, and treatment approaches are similar to those indicated above. But in both cases, self-medication is unacceptable - only an experienced orthopedic veterinarian can prescribe and control all therapy regimens.

Chartreuse owners should also pay extra attention to caring for the pet's oral cavity. Cartesian cats are prone to tartar formation, so plaque that appears on the teeth should be removed immediately. In addition, some breed lines are distinguished by too small and close-set incisors, which creates certain problems when changing teeth.

Breed defects

Only purebred Cartesian cats are allowed to participate in exhibitions - representatives of other breeds should not be present even in distant tribes of the pedigree. The following are considered disqualifying faults:

  • tail crease;
  • White spots;
  • uneven color;
  • green eyes.
Chartreuse at the exhibition
Chartreuse at the exhibition

At the exhibition, very high demands are placed on the Cartesian cats

How to choose a Chartreuse kitten

Under the guise of a rare and expensive chartreuse, you may well be offered a blue short-haired British, Russian blue, or even an outbred kitten, suitable for color. There are more such cases than you might imagine. There are a lot of stories on the Internet about how a baby of a noble Cartesian breed was picked up on the street (found in a shelter, bought in the market for mere pennies).

Chartreuse kitten
Chartreuse kitten

A cute silver baby doesn't have to be a Cartesian kitten

However, the price can rise several times if you want to buy not just a pet, but a high-quality animal for exhibitions and breeding. In this case, experts strongly recommend paying attention to litters in reputable nurseries in France and the USA. But then, to the already considerable price of the kitten, you will need to add the cost of delivery and registration of all the necessary documents.

Chartreuse kittens
Chartreuse kittens

The cleanest lines of chartreuse are presented in nurseries in France and the USA

What to look for

Interestingly, a small kitten of a purebred Chartreuse may differ in color from an adult animal - in childhood, some individuals show tabby marks on the coat, which remain until six months of age. By one year, the wool of such an animal should completely pepper and become monochromatic.

Two Chartreuse kittens
Two Chartreuse kittens

The muzzles of Chartreuse kittens should resemble a trapezoid extended downwards.

Pay attention to the kitten's muzzle - it should be round, wide at the bottom, but not as "cheeky" as the Briton's. The eyes of a baby Chartreuse are grayish-blue in color until about three months, then gradually turn yellow. But both the nose and the pads on the paws of a thoroughbred animal should be only dark gray. Study the breed standard carefully before going to the bride show.

Chartreuse foot
Chartreuse foot

Pedigree Chartreuse pads should be dark gray

Video: playful chartreuse kittens

How to care for a Cartesian cat

Cats of this breed do not create many problems in their keeping - they are unpretentious in nutrition, although they require constant grooming.


The coat of Carthusian cats is two-layered and very thick. This makes it virtually waterproof. It will take time, patience and certain skills to always keep your pet's beautiful silver coat in a well-groomed condition. The owner's grooming arsenal must include the following tools:

  • small soft slicker;
  • furminator;
  • silicone glove.
Chartreuse is watching
Chartreuse is watching

Beautiful Chartreuse fur requires proper care

But if you need a furminator and a silicone mitten during periods of seasonal molting, then the slicker will have to be used daily or at least three times a week. When choosing this tool, pay attention to the fact that the tips of its teeth are not too sharp - you can easily scratch the delicate skin of your pet. You can bathe it no more often than once every two to three months, or as it gets dirty. Take this procedure responsibly - a very thick undercoat has water-repellent properties, therefore it is important to completely wet the animal's fur to the skin, massaging it and pouring it with warm water.

Weekly brushing of teeth and ears is a must for Cartesian cats; you must also monitor the cleanliness and health of the eyes. Chartreuse claws grow rather slowly, but it is necessary to trim them in time.

Chartreuse "tans"
Chartreuse "tans"

Chartreuse fur coat can burn out in direct sunlight


Most chartreuse are lazy and lazy. After a hearty meal, they love to lie around and take a nap on a soft pillow. This cute habit can lead to undesirable consequences:

  • obesity;
  • excessive stress on internal organs;
  • joint problems;
  • the development of chronic diseases.
Chartreuse slumbers
Chartreuse slumbers

Physical inactivity can lead to obesity in Cartesian cats

Therefore, the nutrition of cats of this breed should be balanced and dosed - an adult animal should be fed in small portions three or even four times a day. In order not to develop hypodynamia, you need to provide your pet with sufficient physical activity - play with him more often and regularly walk on a leash.

Competently selected ready-made food of high quality is convenient in order to solve the problem of cat nutrition. If you are a staunch supporter of natural, then do not forget about which products are strictly prohibited for chartreuse:

  • any fatty meat, especially pork;
  • salted or dried fish;
  • sausages;
  • smoked meats;
  • sweets;
  • bakery products;
  • any food rich in carbohydrates.

All Cartesian cats are pathological cleanliness, they constantly lick their beautiful fur. For this reason, whole lumps of dead six and fluff can accumulate in the animal's stomach. To prevent this from interfering with normal digestion, you need to regularly cleanse your pet's stomach. There are many ways to cleanse the stomach of wool deposits; among them:

  • special feed;
  • cleansing paste;
  • Vaseline or liquid paraffin;
  • phytomines;
  • grass for cats.
Chartreuse gets licked
Chartreuse gets licked

Chartreuse are famous for their cleanliness

Talk to your veterinarian about which of these cleaning techniques will work best for your pet and how often you should use it.


The sooner you start educating your pet, and in particular, toilet training, the better results you will be able to achieve. However, all Cartesian cats are very smart and clean - even small kittens usually do not have problems with the litter box, they very quickly understand how to use them.

The type of tray for Cartesian cats does not really matter, but more spacious models should be preferred. When it comes to fillers, breeders generally recommend silica gel or mineral pellets. It should only be remembered that it is undesirable to use mineral fillers for small kittens.

Breeding issues

Cartesian cats remain a very rare and problematic breed for breeding. A competent and responsible approach is especially important in chartreuse breeding. Therefore, only those breeders who have deep theoretical knowledge and great practical experience should be engaged in it.

The nuances of breeding

Like all heavy cats, Chartreuse fully matures later than puberty. Therefore, in no case should you rush with mating. Only after reaching the age of two or three years and finally having formed, animals can give full offspring without harm to their own health and development. By the way, some especially large and slow-growing cats of this breed can be considered adults only by the age of five.

Pair of Chartreuse
Pair of Chartreuse

Correct selection of a parental pair is the basis of breeding work

It is very difficult to choose the right breeding pair - and this is exactly what is the key to obtaining high-bred and healthy offspring. It is necessary to carefully study the pedigrees of the alleged parents - if, for example, British cats were present in any of the tribes, then we cannot talk about the birth of purebred high-class kittens. It is very important to closely monitor the genetics of the producers - whether there were cases of hereditary diseases along their lines.

Cat with kitten
Cat with kitten

Cartesian cats are very caring mothers

Castration and sterilization

Sterilization is often a condition of breeders when selling a Chartreuse kitten. This is due to the fact that responsible reputable breeders strive to prevent breeding animals with imperfect origins or risks of hereditary diseases. Often, breeders perform the operation before the sale, and you get an already spayed animal.


As soon as it appears in the house, a small chartreuse will take a huge place in your heart and immediately become a full member of the family. Carthusian cats are renowned for their ideal temperament, intelligence and quick wits. And if you consider that all these wonderful qualities are also accompanied by a rare beauty, then the best breed is simply not worth looking for.

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