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Egyptian Mau Cat: Breed Photo, Description, Character And Habits, How To Choose Kittens, Owner Reviews
Egyptian Mau Cat: Breed Photo, Description, Character And Habits, How To Choose Kittens, Owner Reviews
Video: Egyptian Mau Cat: Breed Photo, Description, Character And Habits, How To Choose Kittens, Owner Reviews
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Egyptian Mau: from street cat to elite breed

Egyptian mau
Egyptian mau

Egyptian Mau are considered one of the oldest domestic cat breeds, and at the same time - one of the most mysterious. The ancestors of modern Mau, elite and very expensive, some a hundred years ago were ordinary mongrel cats, which enthusiasts of creating a new breed collected on the streets of Cairo. The result of selection and systematic breeding work has become a magnificent animal, which is admired by cat lovers around the world.


  • 1 History of the breed
  • 2 Features of the Egyptian Mau

    • 2.1 External data

      2.1.1 Video: mau - a cat with "polka dots"

    • 2.2 Behavior and character
    • 2.3 Predisposition to disease
    • 2.4 Breed disadvantages of the Egyptian Mau
  • 3 Choosing a kitten

    • 3.1 How to check breed affiliation

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  • 4 Maintenance of an Egyptian cat

    • 4.1 Hygiene and care
    • 4.2 Toilet training
    • 4.3 Feeding

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  • 5 Breeding work

    • 5.1 Preparation and performance of mating
    • 5.2 Nuances of breeding

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  • 6 Owner reviews

History of the breed

In Arabic, the word "cat" sounds like "mau" - simple, accurate and clear to everyone. The ancient Egyptians deified their Mau and buried them with the highest honors, mummifying them in precious sarcophagi. It is believed that the ancestors of modern Mau - wild African cats - were domesticated in Ancient Egypt over three thousand years ago.

Cats in Egypt
Cats in Egypt

Ancient Egyptians deified cats

About a hundred years ago, in several European countries at once, enthusiasts fired up the creation of a new breed based on the ancient Egyptian cats. Felinologists say that for breeding animals were taken literally from the Egyptian streets - wild aboriginal cats became the ancestors of elite Mau. This largely determined the peculiarities of the psychology of the representatives of the breed, and, what is especially important, their strong immune system.

Egyptian Mau on a light background
Egyptian Mau on a light background

Egyptian Mau owe their existence to the enthusiasm of Princess Trubetskoy

The exotic Egyptian cat attracted the interest of specialists, American felinologists joined the breeding work - their merits in shaping the image of the modern Egyptian Mau and creating the breed population are very great.

Features of the Egyptian Mau

This cat is considered the fastest of the domestic breeds. The structure of her body is very similar to a cheetah and the speed develops almost the same - more than fifty kilometers per hour. Where is this cute creature in such a hurry? Speed ​​is essential for the Mau in pursuit of prey - these are unsurpassed hunters. And in general, this cheerful, active cat always has a lot of activities - and everything needs to be done!

Egyptian Mau Jumping
Egyptian Mau Jumping

Egyptian Mau is the fastest domestic cat

External data

The exclusive feature of the Egyptian Mau, which distinguishes it from other cats, cannot be immediately seen. The skin on the abdomen forms a rather long and deep fold, directed from the middle of the abdomen to the knee joint. Perhaps it is this anatomical feature that allows the Mau to run so fast. The elongated hind legs also contribute to its speed of movement.

The subject of special pride of this breed is a wonderful silver coat with black polka dots. However, the standard allows for three colors of the Egyptian Mau:

  • silver;

    Silver color
    Silver color

    Silver color is most common in Egyptian Mau

  • bronze;

    Bronze color
    Bronze color

    Bronze color looks like dark brown spots on a reddish background

  • black smoke.

    Color "black smoke"
    Color "black smoke"

    Mau is the only breed that has smoke spotting

This spectacular color is also largely exclusive. Mau is the only cat breed in the world whose spotting is not of selective but of natural origin. It is curious that only the tips of the hairs are dyed, and their roots remain uniform. By the way, only Mau can have a spotted-smoky color.

Egyptian Mau muzzle
Egyptian Mau muzzle

Mau's green eyes are beautifully outlined with two black lines

No one will be left indifferent and the eyes of the Egyptian cat are huge, the color of a young gooseberry, they seem to be outlined in black pencil. Looking at them, one involuntarily recalls the charismatic make-up of Queen Nefertiti - just like the legendary Egyptian beauty “copied” it from her beloved cat.

Mau is very elegant, beautifully built and has a well-developed muscular system. The size of animals is average, the weight of even large individuals does not exceed seven kilograms. The triangular, slightly rounded head is decorated with large sensitive ears, rounded at the tips.

Egyptian Mau on beige background
Egyptian Mau on beige background

Egyptian Mau are unusually elegant

Video: mau - a cat with "polka dots"

Behavior and character

With this cat you have to negotiate in an amicable way - to force it to do something is almost impossible. Mau is strongly attached to her master, human society is pleasant and interesting for her, and loneliness is unbearable.

Egyptian Mau plays
Egyptian Mau plays

This cat is ready to play with anything

Mau are very active, mobile and playful. They have a very developed hunting instinct, so you should not leave them alone with smaller pets: birds, hamsters, etc. - the result, alas, will be quite predictable. Consider also the fact that smart, but overly curious "Egyptians" find ways to open almost all closed drawers and doors: near cabinets, dressers, even refrigerators. Then they play fun with trophies or hide in the most unpredictable places.

Egyptian Mau looks out the window
Egyptian Mau looks out the window

Mau's inquisitive mind pushes her to research

Among the many unique properties of this breed is the love of water. Mau love to walk on water, swim in water, play with water, look at the water and be sure to touch it with their paws before drinking from a bowl. Where did this passion come from? Another of the many mysteries of Egyptian cats.

Egyptian Mau in the water
Egyptian Mau in the water

Egyptian Mau loves water

For a Mau living in a small apartment, regular walks are very important. These cats love large spaces, and tightness oppresses them and can even lead to depression. In a human dwelling, your pet should have its own playground with a large number of all kinds of attractions. Try to keep changing toys so your cat doesn't lose interest in them.

If the house contains several Egyptian cats, then the relationship between them is friendly, without conflicts and clarification of the relationship. Mau, for example, never quarrel with each other over food and love to sleep not alone, but with the whole pride - it’s warmer.

Mau kittens
Mau kittens

Mau at any age like to sleep in a "warm" company

Predisposition to disease

Egyptian Mau delight their owners with good health, they have a strong immune system and are able to resist various infections. Their average life expectancy is fifteen years, and the genetics of the breed does not carry any serious hereditary ailments.

However, the predisposition of these cats to the following diseases should be considered:

  • allergies;
  • asthma;
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

    In hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the muscle wall of the heart thickens, making it difficult to work

Each of these ailments is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, regularly attend preventive examinations and strictly follow the veterinarian's recommendations for organizing the diet and lifestyle of your pet.

Egyptian Mau on the couch
Egyptian Mau on the couch

Mau love warmth and comfort

Breed disadvantages of the Egyptian Mau

Indistinctness or insufficient contrast of spots in any type of standard color immediately pushes the Mau into the category of a pet. Such animals are cheaper, do not participate in breeding and cannot count on high show marks. Sometimes in the litters, individuals of an almost black color with faint spots are split off - this is due to the fact that at the dawn of the formation of the breed, purely black cats were also used for selection.

Egyptian Mau in her arms
Egyptian Mau in her arms

The look of the Egyptian Mau is incomparable

A special point in the evaluation of a particular animal by exhibition experts is the unique look of the Mau. He should be dazed and dumbfounded - the breeders joke that the cat is asking with its eyes: “Mom, have I missed lunch again ?!”. At the exhibition, the judges formulate a specific expression of the eyes of the Egyptian Mau under the article "Expression" and for a wrong look can significantly reduce points.

An animal that has the following disadvantages will not receive the title at the exhibition:

  • too massive skeleton;
  • no fat fold between the hind legs;
  • small or misplaced ears;
  • eyes of any shade except green;
  • squared muzzle;
  • long or densely padded coat;
  • lack of clear round spots;
  • spots merging into stripes;
  • white "medallion" on the chest;
  • disqualifying faults common to all breeds.
Egyptian mau at the exhibition
Egyptian mau at the exhibition

Egyptian Mau - holiday cat

Choosing a kitten

The cost of a kitten of this rare and prestigious breed ranges from one to three thousand euros. The high cost and growing demand create the risks that, under the guise of a purebred animal, an inexperienced buyer can only be offered an outwardly similar individual.

Mau kitten on the palms
Mau kitten on the palms

This kid is very expensive

My friends have a gorgeous cat, in appearance - a typical silver Mau, with all the characteristics corresponding to the standard. The kitten was presented to them by a relative from Israel: he simply picked up a nobody's kitten on the street, issued the required veterinary documents and, on his next visit, delivered it to his relatives by plane. It is clear that this is a mongrel animal, but even an experienced expert, to whom the cat was shown out of curiosity, doubted its origin. Needless to say, when choosing a kitten, questions may arise about its breed.

How to check breed affiliation

A Mau kitten should be purchased no earlier than three months of age after full vaccination and appropriate quarantine. Before choosing your future pet, carefully study the breed standard and, if possible, consult with a felinologist about the exclusive features of the Egyptian Mau.

Mau kitten
Mau kitten

When choosing a kitten, pay attention to special breed signs.

Pay close attention to the kitten's face: it should be triangular, with the large ears set correctly. On the forehead, in the region of the "third eye", there should be a clear pattern in the shape of a capital M, and on the back of the head, just behind the ears - in the form of a W.

An important breed distinction is also the characteristic long fold on the skin between the hind legs - it is clearly visible in kittens already in infancy.

Egyptian Mau kitten
Egyptian Mau kitten

The children's fluffiness of the Mau will pass with age, but the drawing in the form of the letter M on the forehead will remain

The only guarantee that you are buying a truly high-breed animal is buying a Mau not by hand or by advertisement, but in a professional cattery. Not many breeders are still engaged in breeding work with this rare breed in our country, each of them values ​​their honest name and authority - they will definitely not deceive you in the cattery.

Video: Egyptian Mau kitten

Keeping an Egyptian cat

The Egyptian Mau is a problem-free breed for keeping in a city apartment. The short, undercoatless coat is very easy to care for and does not litter the rooms with fluff, even during moulting periods, as is the case with most other domestic cats.

Hygiene and care

Cleanliness Mau are good at handling hygiene and grooming issues on their own. But at the same time, Egyptians simply adore the procedure of combing - give them this pleasure as often as possible. And to care for short breed wool, it is quite enough to comb it with a furminator a couple of times a month and, of course, more often - during periods of seasonal molting.

Egyptian Mau stands
Egyptian Mau stands

Smooth Mau fur needs minimal maintenance

Roughly the same is the case with bathing - there is no particular need for it, except in those cases when the cat gets too dirty. But Mau love to swim and swim well. Give them this opportunity - not so much for hygiene as for entertainment and exercise.

The nails of these cats grow back rather quickly, and it makes sense to check their condition from time to time, trimming if necessary. It is also advisable to monitor the cleanliness of the eyes, teeth and ears at least once a week in order to timely prevent the development of inflammatory diseases.

Toilet training

Accuracy and cleanliness are the indisputable advantages of the representatives of the breed. Egyptian Mau never have toilet problems. The mother herself is engaged in training the kids to the litter box - she simply takes her children by the scruff at the right time and carries them to the toilet or persistently beckons them there, explaining in an accessible feline language what and how to do here. Usually, by the age of one and a half months, kittens already perfectly know how to use the tray and in the future they will not cause any problems to their owners.

Four Mau kittens
Four Mau kittens

By the time of the move, Mau kittens have already been trained in all the intricacies of living in an apartment.


The tendency to overeat is characteristic of many Mau, so the task of their owners is not only to provide a correct, balanced diet, but also to organize sufficient physical activity for their pets. For the prevention of obesity, regular walks on a leash will not interfere.

Three mau
Three mau

Don't overfeed your Mau - they should always be in good shape.

These cats are gourmets and sometimes even gluttons. The daily menu of the Egyptian Mau should include the following foods:

  • beef;
  • lean bird;
  • sea ​​fish;
  • cottage cheese and kefir;
  • fresh or boiled vegetables;
  • quail eggs (two to three per week);
  • fish oil (the veterinarian will tell you the dosage).
Egyptian Mau on a walk
Egyptian Mau on a walk

Outdoor activities are essential for UIA as a means of staying fit

An adult animal needs two feedings a day, kittens and pregnant cats are fed in fractional portions four times a day, adolescents - three times. If your cat shows signs of obesity, switch to a low-calorie diet, reduce the serving size, and increase the number of feedings.

Video: content features of the Egyptian Mau

Tribal work

The parental instincts of this breed are highly developed - so much so that many cats help cats during childbirth, and then take on part of the care of the upbringing of the younger generation. For representatives of the feline family, such behavior is very rare. But for the owners, watching the relationship in a large family of Egyptian Mau is a great pleasure.

Preparation and carrying out of mating

If you are the proud owner of a breeding cat, prepare it for mating in advance. Egyptian Mau, like all cats of aboriginal origin, grow up early enough, so you can knit an animal on the third heat. A mandatory requirement for admission to breeding is participation in club shows and receiving high breeding marks at them.

On the eve of the proposed mating, both manufacturers are supposed to be examined by a veterinarian. Expectant parents should be promptly vaccinated and treated against all types of parasites.

Mau tribal couple
Mau tribal couple

Correct selection of producers is the basis of breeding work

The cat for mating is brought to the territory of the cat's residence, where he feels especially confident. Mating games can last from three to five days. There is no need to help animals in any way - they will perfectly find a common language themselves, without human intervention.

Breeding nuances

The Egyptian Mau, trouble-free in all respects, do not create any particular difficulties in breeding issues. Mating is mostly effective, and the process of pregnancy and childbirth takes place in a regular manner, the help of a veterinarian is usually not required.

Mau with a kitten
Mau with a kitten

Mau cats give birth without problems and raise children well

To maintain the purity of the breed and to improve the gene pool in the future, sterilization of pet-class animals is a common condition for their sale. The operation is most often performed at the age of eight months, preferably not at home, but in a veterinary clinic, followed by medical supervision and observation of the sterilized animal during its rehabilitation.

Video: Egyptian Mau with kittens

Owner reviews

The Egyptian Mau is the perfect companion cat. This breed is most often recommended for either single people or families with children. But before deciding to have such an animal, think carefully: do you have enough strength and time to give it enough attention. Communication with the owner, his love and affection are vital for the representatives of this breed.

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