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What Infuriates Manicurists In Clients The Most
What Infuriates Manicurists In Clients The Most

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What infuriates manicurists in clients most of all: 9 "sins"

Performing a manicure
Performing a manicure

In the beauty industry, a lot of time and attention is paid to training employees to communicate politely with customers. That is why in any salon with a good reputation they will be glad to you, and they will only make any remarks as a last resort. But you need to understand what moments annoy the masters in order not to be disappointed with the result of the procedure. Let's see what pisses off the manicurist.

What annoys manicurists about clients

There are certain qualities of customer behavior that annoy the manicurist. Try to take them into account when you come to the next procedure.

Trying to teach work

Some clients make remarks to the master from the first minute. Most often, a specialist in this case will explain why he acts this way. But a particularly stubborn visitor will continue to bend his line. For example, he will stick his hand into the lamp several times, although it has long been switched off. He does not understand that the coating does not become stronger this way. This and similar actions can lead to a poor-quality result of the procedure.

Drying nails in a special lamp
Drying nails in a special lamp

Listen to the master and do not overexpose your hand in the lamp for drying nails, so as not to spoil the result of the procedure

Are capricious

A similar problem most often arises at the first stage of the procedure and concerns girls. They cannot decide on the design of nails, hesitate and hesitate for a long time. It also happens that in the process of work the client decides to change the color of the manicure, and the master has to start all over again.

Talking too much

Manicure is painstaking work. The procedure requires good concentration and, if possible, silence. Constant conversations can throw off the focused mind of the master, making the result worse than expected.

Slow down the work

For example, without looking, they stick their hand into the lamp and touch the device with their fingernail. The coating that has not yet dried is lubricated, and the master has to redo the work.

Master removes the coating from the nails
Master removes the coating from the nails

Often, due to the negligence of the client, the master has to redo the work

Confused by the time or not coming

Both being late and arriving in advance make the master nervous. In the first case, the specialist languishes in anticipation of whether his client will appear or not (it is important if the client does not get through). The second option is bad because the master may not be ready to meet the visitor. For example, finishing nails or being outside the salon.

If the client does not come to the session at all (and does not warn about it), then he risks being blacklisted. This means that he will no longer be able to enroll in this salon (or to this master).

They do not take care of the manicure, and then they complain about its quality

The duration of wearing a manicure depends not only on the professionalism of the master, but also on the accuracy of the client. Wear gloves when doing housework, keep your hands cool, and follow other advice from your healthcare professional.

They demand an expensive manicure for minimal money

It is necessary to understand that the cost of the procedure consists of several main factors:

  • type of procedure (extension, classic manicure, gel polish, etc.);
  • the level of professionalism of the master,
  • the degree of promotion of the cabin,
  • the cost of materials (their quality),
  • the complexity of the design.

The specialist announces the cost of the work in advance, so indignation at the end of the session does not make any sense.


Some clients require the wizards to complete the extension in an hour, for example. Of course, such visitors do not know about the intricacies of the work of specialists. The latter, in turn, begin to get nervous, fuss and make mistakes. It must be understood that the master will not deliberately hesitate in any case. After all, this means working at a loss.

Take noisy children with them

Noisy children will be a source of negative emotions not only for specialists, but also for all visitors of the salon. Clients usually want to relax and get the most out of their treatments. Noise, shouting and running around will obviously not contribute to the atmosphere of relaxation.

Video: a problem client at a manicure

Manicurists communicate daily with a wide variety of clients, performing difficult and painstaking work. Warn in advance about delays or delays, do not take noisy children with you to the salon, and if possible, do not interfere with the process. Try not to deliberately provoke a specialist and make comments only if his actions really raise doubts.

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