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How To Overcome Sleepiness While Driving
How To Overcome Sleepiness While Driving

Video: How To Overcome Sleepiness While Driving

Video: How To Overcome Sleepiness While Driving
Video: 5 Tips To Stay Awake While Driving-Avoid Drowsy Driving 2023, April

How to stay awake while driving: 10 tips from experienced truckers


On a long journey, sometimes an irresistible dream attacks. The reasons are different: feeling unwell, weather, out of order, dark time of day. And the consequences can be the most sad. About 25% of accidents happen when the driver falls asleep while driving. To overcome sleepiness and get to your destination safely, there are several ways that those who drive professionally are familiar.

Talk to a fellow traveler

Experienced drivers sometimes sit down a fellow traveler themselves in order to chase away the piled drowsiness by talking. During an interesting conversation, time flies by and the sleepy state dissipates. The passenger can notice that the driver is falling asleep and wake him up in time. The main thing is that the fellow traveler himself does not fall asleep. When a person sleeps next to him, sleep takes over more.

This method also has a negative side. Carried away by conversation, the driver can pay less attention to the road.

To listen to the radio

The songs on some “driver's” radio stations are selected with the idea that cheerful, rhythmic music helps to overcome the relaxed state. Music and news drive away the monotony. If it is not possible to listen to the radio, you need to stock up on recordings with music or audiobooks.

If the music doesn't work, you can sing songs. Singing stimulates the brain. In addition, more oxygen enters the lungs, which helps to activate the wakefulness mode. For the method to work, you need to sing loudly enough.

Drink coffee or tea

The caffeine in these drinks has an invigorating effect. Even the smell of coffee helps wake up. The downside is that coffee has diuretic properties, and you will have to drink it often, every 1.5 hours, as the effect weakens. Don't drink coffee after meals - it won't work.

Energetics act for a longer period of time and their effect is stronger. This is due to the large number of different additives and extracts in the drink. Doctors warn that drinking more than three servings of energy drinks a day is unhealthy. However, if you have heart problems, it is also better to refrain from a large amount of coffee and strong tea.

The energy tablets are based on the fact that they contain taurine, vitamins and caffeine. But they must be taken strictly according to the instructions, not exceeding the dose.

All of these funds operate individually. Someone is suitable, someone is not. It is necessary to know exactly how this or that energetic influences the body.

Install modern electronics

Fatigue alarms are reminiscent of a Bluetooth headset. Such a device reacts to head movements. If the driver starts nodding off, a beep sounds.

Modern electronic systems themselves warn the driver about the need to rest. This is due to the signals from sensors that track eye movements.

The lane change warning system is now popular. If the car drives into the oncoming lane, the machine that follows the guides gives a sharp signal. This makes it possible to quickly return to your lane and not move into a ditch.

Change the air temperature

An ancient, proven remedy. A jet of fresh air in your face drives away the urge to take a nap. But it is better to turn off the stove, as the heat relaxes.

Stop and stretch

There should be time for stops in the traffic schedule. It is necessary to warm up - by resuming proper blood circulation, you can drive away drowsiness, and give rest to muscles tired from a static position. Vigorous movements, waving hands, squats will help you quickly bounce back. Turning the head from side to side will cause blood to flow to the brain. To cheer up, such a warm-up in the fresh air should be done every 1.5-2 hours.

Wipe your face with a damp cloth

A pack of wet sanitary napkins on the road is irreplaceable. It's good if they are citrus-scented - the smell of lemon invigorates as well as coffee.

Washing with cold water helps - the colder the better. It is worth taking with you on the road a thermos with water in which ice pieces float. It is necessary to wash not only the face, but also the neck - this way the effect will be stronger.

Use scents

It is known that chemical fragrances are weaker than natural oils. The scent of lemon and grapefruit invigorates the best. The cut fruit is sniffed when drowsy. If you don't have fresh citrus fruits on hand, you can use pharmacy oils. The smell of pine, juniper, bergamot invigorates.

Do not eat too much

It is difficult to keep a clear head on a full stomach. A heavily eaten person falls asleep easily, so there is no need to fill up before a long journey. Experienced drivers are advised to take fried sunflower seeds on the road. They will not let you fall asleep. Man is made so that he cannot eat and sleep at the same time. But seeds are too easy food to fill. You can also stock up on chewing gum, lollipops with mint or sour flavors.

If you do not have the strength to fight sleep, it is better to allow yourself 15 minutes of sleep. It will refresh, drive away fatigue, and it will be easier to continue the journey. Do not sleep longer, as the phase of slow sleep will come and it will be difficult to wake up.

There are many ways to stay awake while driving. But there is one, the most reliable and sure way - to sleep well before a long journey. It works flawlessly.

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