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DIY Master Class On Making Bar Counters: Step-by-step Instructions, As Well As Photos In The Interior And Video
DIY Master Class On Making Bar Counters: Step-by-step Instructions, As Well As Photos In The Interior And Video

Video: DIY Master Class On Making Bar Counters: Step-by-step Instructions, As Well As Photos In The Interior And Video

Video: How To Build and Install DIY Frameless Kitchen Cabinets // Home Bar Pt. 1 2022, December

Creative and stylish: do-it-yourself bar counter

corner bar
corner bar

The bar counter in your home is not only a functional piece of furniture. It is also a wonderful piece of furniture that will give the room a cosiness, the effect of a trendy cafe, saloon or Irish pub. Therefore, the creation of a bar counter in the interior of a dwelling is becoming more and more popular and in demand. This is also explained by the fact that the bar counter, both in the kitchen and in the living room, allows you to effectively delimit the space in the room. With the help of this element of the interior, you can divide the kitchen or dining room, separating the reception and cooking areas. The bar counter is also good to use as an auxiliary during serving: it will allow the chef to expand the work surface. We will consider several options for how to make a bar counter with your own hands easily, simply and quickly,without incurring special financial and time losses.


  • 1 Choosing the right bar counter: what you need to consider
  • 2 List of necessary materials and tools for the manufacture of bar counters
  • 3 Classification of bar counters: choosing the most suitable
  • 4 Small bar counter: the simplest classic version
  • 5 Assembling a small bar counter
  • 6 Video about making a bar in the house with your own hands

Choosing the right bar counter: what you need to consider

Before you start making a bar counter with your own hands, you need to choose which shape and size is optimal for the room in which this element will be installed. For this, there are certain traditional rules, to which you can add a little from yourself. First of all, you need to understand that in our conditions, using the bar counter as a dining table, as we are used to seeing in American and European films, will not work: we too often like to gather in large companies. Still, the kitchen interior with a bar counter is very convenient for evening gatherings with a couple of friends. And when making, you need to use general advice.

  1. The bar counter is not a dining table, its height is about 110-115 centimeters. Therefore, the chairs for her should be high, with footrests and low backs.
  2. Such a height of the structure just begs to be used with maximum effect. Under the bar counter, on its working side, make cabinets and drawers where you can easily arrange dishes, a collection of wines, baskets with vegetables and various little things.
  3. The top module of the rack can be fitted with a cup and glass hanging system and add-ons such as an integrated bottle opener and ice bucket. This will significantly save space.
  4. If you are installing a bar counter in the kitchen, but the footage of the room is very small, give up the fixed large structure. It is better to make a lightweight folding stand, which, if necessary, will become an extension of the table.
production of bar counters
production of bar counters

We will not engage in the installation of expensive chrome and natural wood structures, because our goal is a budget option that is easy to do on our own. Therefore, we will consider a list of materials and tools required in the work. In some cases, it can be supplemented.

List of required materials and tools for the manufacture of bar counters

Taking into account the fact that in the manufacture of bar counters you can use any available means and materials, and there are many types and forms of these interior items, we have included in the list everything that can be useful to create a simple but beautiful counter:

  • Chipboard sheets for the body and the top module (cover) of the bar counter;
  • Wooden slats;
  • Sections of PVC pipe for the support leg of the stand and the luminaire body, diameter 180 mm;
  • Steel pipe used as a horizontal leg support, 50 mm in diameter;
  • Varnish or acrylic paint;
  • Screws, dowels, dowels;
  • Putty;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Drill with drills;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Round file;
  • Grinding block;
  • Spatula and paint brush.
how to make a bar counter
how to make a bar counter

The elements from which you will make a bar counter with your own hands must be durable. Therefore, if you use chipboard, glue several sheets together with glue.

Classification of bar counters: choosing the most suitable

Now there are a lot of bar counters of any type and kind. You can use any of them, relying on your own taste, the area of ​​the room in which this piece of furniture will be installed, and the design of the room. Consider several types that will not only enliven the design of your home, but are also quite simple to manufacture.

  1. The most common type of bar is classic. Classics have always been a win-win in everything. The peculiarities of this style are the use of natural materials in natural colors, for example, wood in shades of white, beige, black, and adherence to simple, laconic forms. Chrome details are also used to create contrast.
  2. Bar counter used as a dining table. This option is valid only if the room is large enough. In this case, the counter performs not only its original function, but also structures the space, filling the void and delimiting the kitchen into sectors. Thus, the room does not look empty and easily accommodates several sections with different functionality, without requiring the construction of additional walls. This can be achieved by positioning the bar countertop perpendicular to the rest of the kitchen furniture.
  3. A combined composition that zones the room instead of a partition, separating the kitchen from the living room or dining room. Such structures usually have two heights. For example, the lower level is located on the side of the kitchen and serves as a dining table, and the higher level is on the side of the living room.
  4. A two-level counter in the center of the large kitchen. In this case, a sink, a stove and a cutting table on which the hostess will cook, and on the other hand, a table for serving and serving dishes, can be located at a low level.
corner bar
corner bar

Having chosen the option you like, get to work, and we will help you with practical advice.

Small bar counter: the simplest classic version

You don't have to spend a lot of time to make a simple small bar counter. This is the best option for any room size, even a small kitchen. Using this method, you can even make a corner bar, positioning it perpendicular to the kitchen wall. So, you need to cut out the following elements from chipboard sheets:

  1. Circle with a diameter of 175 mm. In the center of it, make a hole for the wiring;
  2. Floor circle, with a diameter of 500 mm;
  3. Circle 300 mm in diameter, for the thrust bearing;
  4. Ring with outer diameter 300 mm and inner diameter 180 mm, for ceiling hood;
  5. Rim for the bottom pipe, which consists of two identical rings: outer diameter 240 mm, inner diameter 180 mm;
  6. Wall between the worktop and the shelf, a strip 870 mm long and 240 mm wide;
  7. Top and bottom shelves. If you want to give the rack a smooth shape, take two slabs measuring 32 x 440 x 1150 mm and round them. Step back 190 mm from the rounded edge, 130 mm from the sides. In the designated place, cut a hole with a diameter of 180 mm: a vertical support pipe will be fixed in it;
  8. Table top. For it, make the same cut in one of the 16 mm wide slabs. You will get a blind hole in which the support pipe will be attached. Glue the workpiece to the second same plate, pull it off with clamps, wait until the glue is completely dry and cut out the countertop.
small bar counter
small bar counter

When you start making a bar counter with your own hands, the photos will help you in choosing and working.

Assembling a small bar counter

Thoroughly clean the ends of the workpieces, putty and sand. All round prepared parts and PVC pipes used in the work should be painted or varnished twice and wait until dry before starting the assembly. The process of making a bar counter is as follows:

  • Glue a vertical wall 240 X 870 mm between the bottom shelf and the table top, so that the wall passes in the middle of the table top, using dowels with a diameter of 5 mm;
  • Take a 450 mm pipe, which will serve as a lamp body, step back from its edge 20 mm and drill 6 through holes around the perimeter, each 3 mm in diameter;
  • Put a chipboard ring with a width of 30 mm on the prepared pipe, screw it through the drilled holes with screws. In this case, place the ring 12 mm from the bottom of the pipe;
  • Attach the ceiling hood from the opposite end of the pipe to complete the installation of the luminaire body;
  • To make the support leg of the stand, drill a hole in which the transverse leg support pipe will be located, stepping back 200 mm from the lower end;
  • Glue a template to the leg in the selected place (for example, a circle of paper 50 mm in diameter) and drill many holes around the perimeter with a 9 mm drill;
  • Remove the circle along the perforation and smooth the edges using a round file;
  • attach a circle with a diameter of 175 mm to the ceiling using dowels and screws, and through the hole in it, lower the wiring 50 cm long;
  • Put the lamp body on the circle, screw it in, install the ceiling hood and fix it;
  • Attach the top shelf to the chipboard ring, using glue and dowels, insert the lamp into the hole and mount it inside the structure;
  • Screw the support rails to the rectangular ends of the shelves - top and bottom, attach the rails to the wall that will hold the rack vertically;
  • It remains to install a support leg in the thrust bearing: insert a transverse steel pipe into it, attach it to the wall with a round sleeve.
small bar counter
small bar counter

The basic structure is ready. Place the countertop on it and fix it, do the same with the shelves. If necessary, open the parts with varnish or paint.

Video about making a bar counter in a house with your own hands

Your apartment will be significantly transformed when you install a bar in it and decorate it with imagination and creative thinking. By applying our tips in construction work, you can easily make a real palace even from a small space. Share with us your experience in the manufacture of such interior elements, suggest new topics, ask questions in the comments, and we will be happy to answer them. May the work be your joy, and the house will become cozy and beautiful!

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