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Homemade Apple Jam Recipes For The Winter With Lemon, Orange And Other Fruits
Homemade Apple Jam Recipes For The Winter With Lemon, Orange And Other Fruits

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Autumn tale: the secrets of making apple jam

Apple jam
Apple jam

Autumn is coming, and the apple harvest is already making housewives worry about whether they will have time to cope with the preparations. Drying, juices, compotes - we are already used to this, so we suggest you prepare something new, namely apple jam. This dessert goes well with tea, and also as a filling for pies, biscuits, puffs and other pastries.


  • 1 Useful properties of apples
  • 2 Apple jam recipes for the winter

    • 2.1 Classic apple jam
    • 2.2 Recipe "Economical"
    • 2.3 Jam in a slow cooker
  • 3 Jam from apples and other products

    • 3.1 Apples and pears
    • 3.2 Apples and oranges
    • 3.3 Apples and plums
  • 4 Video on making apple jam
  • 5 How to store the product correctly

Useful properties of apples

Apples are perhaps the most common fruit in our latitudes. Nature has made sure that we get many of the substances the body needs from available sources. Apples contain fructose, vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and many other compounds.

Fructose provides the body with fast energy and nutrients for the brain cells. Vitamin B5 is responsible for this, accelerating the absorption of fats and sugars. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and removes toxins from the body.

Pectins and fiber are responsible for the proper functioning of the digestive system, potassium - for the kidneys, iron - for hematopoiesis. Vitamins A, B, C, E, P in combination with manganese, copper and herbal antibiotics-phytoncides help to increase immunity, strengthening the body's defenses.

apples and jam
apples and jam

Apples are the most widespread fruit crop in our latitudes; many preparations for the winter can be made from them.

The English have a proverb: "Two apples a day will allow you to forget about the doctor's visits." Scientific research confirms that apples in your daily diet can help you rejuvenate your body and prolong your life. The epicatechin polyphenol contained in these fruits improves blood circulation, keeping the heart in good shape and maintaining vascular elasticity.

Apples are 85% water, so they will quickly help you replenish the lack of fluid in the body. In addition, a very important plus of these fruits is their low calorie content and quick digestibility. That is, you will not grow fat from apples, no matter how many of them you eat!

Apple jam recipes for the winter

Jam is also called confiture. Judging by its consistency, one might think that the preparation of this dessert is rather difficult and time-consuming, since gelatin must be added to it. Nothing of the kind: thanks to the content of certain substances and microelements, apples gel well themselves.

To add a special taste, spices, aromatic herbs, orange and lemon juice are added to the jam during cooking. If you have a lot of apples, you can experiment. We offer you several recipes that you can follow exactly or use as a basis for realizing your culinary fantasies.

Classic apple jam

You will need the following products:

  • juicy, not overripe apples - 1 kg;
  • water - 0.5 cups;
  • granulated sugar - about 1 kg, depending on the sweetness of the apple variety;
  • lemon - 1 pc;
  • cinnamon - 1 tsp;
  • ginger to taste.
apple jam
apple jam

When making apple jam, you can deviate a little from the traditional recipe and add something of your own

Boil a syrup from water and sugar. Wash the fruits, cut in half, clean the cores. If apples have a rough skin, they should be cut off.

Grate apples on a coarse grater. Dip the resulting mass in syrup and cook over low heat until smooth. Stir regularly to prevent the jam from burning.

The cooking time will be about 60 minutes. 10 minutes before the end, the jam will thicken, at this stage you need to add lemon juice, cinnamon and ginger to it. Mix thoroughly.

Put the finished jam in sterilized jars, roll it up under the lids and wrap it with a blanket for several days.

Recipe "Economical"

A very simple recipe, with a minimum amount of ingredients and a low cost and time consumption. You will need:

  • 2 kg of apples;
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • 0.5 cups of water.

For this jam, you can take a little unripe apples. Rinse and peel the fruit thoroughly and cut it into wedges. Do not discard the cut peel, but put it in another saucepan.

Add sugar to the sliced ​​apples, shake well so that the whole mass is evenly distributed.

Take a saucepan with the peel, add water, put on medium heat and boil for 10 minutes. After the peel has cooled slightly, pour the resulting liquid into a saucepan with apples. Put it on fire and cook until softened. This will take about 40 minutes. stir thoroughly, reduce heat and let simmer for about an hour.

sliced ​​apples
sliced ​​apples

Cut the apples into smaller pieces to make the jam boil down

After boiling, the total mass will be 2 times less than the original. At this stage, check the readiness: take a dry saucer, drip a little jam, let it cool for a couple of minutes, tilt the saucer: if the jam does not flow, then it is ready.

Jam in a slow cooker

The classic apple jam in a slow cooker does not take much of your time. It cooks much faster than on the stove. The water boils away during the cooking process, and the apples do not burn. If your multicooker has a temperature selection function, choose the one indicated in the recipe.


  • 1 kg of apples;
  • 0.5 kg of sugar;
  • 1 glass of water.

For this jam, you can use any apples, even the "carrion".

apples in a slow cooker
apples in a slow cooker

The slow cooker will help you make jam faster

  1. Peel the apples by cutting them into wide strips. Fold the peel into a multicooker bowl, pour a glass of boiling water, turn on the "Steam cooking" mode and let it boil for 10 minutes. During this time, pectin, the very substance that jells your jam, will boil out of the peel.
  2. Catch the skins from the bowl with a slotted spoon and discard. Put apples cut into slices in the remaining broth, add sugar. Turn on the "Extinguishing" mode, the time is 1 hour. Close the cover.
  3. Mix the resulting mass, turn on the "Baking" program for 40 minutes. Do not close the lid tightly. Stir the jam a couple of times during the cooking process.
  4. After the jam is cooked (you will determine this by its thickness and rich, bright color), arrange it in dry sterilized jars.

Jam from apples and other products

We have already said above that apple jam can be “diluted” with various ingredients to obtain an unusual taste. Try making an assorted jam using other fruits and berries besides apples - you will not regret it!

Apples and pears

In this combination, apples give their sourness to pears, and pears give apples a peculiar aroma. Be sure to add oranges or lemons.

You will need:

  • 1 kg of pears;
  • 1 kg of apples;
  • juice of 1 lemon or orange;
  • 1-2 kg of sugar.

These proportions allow you to make your choice. For example, the amount of sugar depends on the sweetness of the apples and whether you like sweet or sour jams. You can also add more lemons and oranges if you want a strong citrus flavor.

pears and apples
pears and apples

Apples and pears are a great combination for jam

Peel apples and pears. Cut the fruit into slices and puree with a blender or food processor.

Put the mass in a deep bowl. Add lemon juice or puree.

Place the saucepan over low heat. Cook, stirring frequently, until the jam thickens, sticking hard to the sides.

Put the finished jam in the jars.

Apples and oranges


  • 1 kg of apples;
  • 1 kg orange;
  • 1.2 kg of sugar;
  • 2 glasses of water.
  1. Wash the oranges thoroughly. Peel the peel, divide into slices, remove the white films. Grate the orange peels without touching the inner white layer.
  2. Wash apples, peel and core, grate on a coarse grater. Cover with water and cook until the apples are soft in puree.
  3. Rub the hot puree through a sieve. Add sugar, orange wedges and zest.
  4. Stir the mixture and cook for 15 minutes. Remember to stir constantly. Once the jam is ready, place it in the jars and close the lids.
sliced ​​lemons and oranges
sliced ​​lemons and oranges

When making apple jam with oranges and lemons, try to keep the proportions of sugar

Similarly, you can make apple and lemon jam. The only difference is that you need to take more sugar (for example, 1.5 - 2 kg) so that the sour taste of lemon does not prevail in the dessert.

Apples and plums

This jam is sure to please your family. Its little secret is cinnamon, which will add spice to the taste.


  • 1 kg yellow plums;
  • 1 kg of apples;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar;
  • 1 cinnamon stick

Plums make a great addition to apple jam

  1. Wash the fruit and let it dry. Remove the peel from the apples, remove the core and damaged areas, cut into slices.
  2. Jam plums should be ripe or slightly overripe, not rotten or wormholes. Remove the seeds from the plums.
  3. Place the prepared fruits in a suitable saucepan and cover with sugar. Leave it on for 6-7 hours to let the juice stand out.
  4. Place the saucepan over medium heat. Add a cinnamon stick to the mass, bring to a boil. After boiling, reduce heat and boil until tender, stirring constantly.
  5. After the apple and plum jam has thickened, remove from heat, remove cinnamon and place in jars.

Apple jam video

How to store the product correctly

So that your jam is stored for a long time and does not deteriorate over the winter, fill it in clean, sterilized jars, carefully dried. The metal lids with which you will roll up the cans must first be boiled and dried. This jam can be stored both in cold rooms and at room temperature.

If you plan to store jam under nylon lids, wash them thoroughly.

apples and a jar of jam
apples and a jar of jam

Observe the storage rules so that the jam does not lose its taste and quality

You can store jam at room temperature, when cooking, the proportions of fruit and sugar 1: 1 are observed. If the sugar is significantly lower, store the jam in the refrigerator or basement.

The storage area must be clean, dry and well ventilated. Otherwise, the jam may become sugary, moldy or fermented.

The recipes for these wonderful desserts are sure to become some of your favorites. Be sure to delight your family and friends with apple jam. Share your recipes and secrets of cooking such dishes in the comments. Bon appetit and comfort to your home!

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