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How To Iron A Long Sleeve Shirt + Photo And Video
How To Iron A Long Sleeve Shirt + Photo And Video

Video: How To Iron A Long Sleeve Shirt + Photo And Video

Video: How To Iron A Shirt | MR PORTER 2022, December

All the ins and outs of smoothing a long sleeve shirt

Man ironing shirts
Man ironing shirts

There are many attributes of elegance, but one of the main ones is, of course, the shirt. Moreover, it should be in the wardrobe of both men and women. But here's the bad luck: sometimes a person even in a shirt looks untidy. So what's the deal? In fact, everything is simple: this garment must be properly ironed, otherwise the image will be damaged due to incorrectly smoothed arrows. And, of course, the hardest thing to cope with the iron is if the shirt is long sleeves.


  • 1 Fabrics and modes

    • 1.1 Artificial fabrics
    • 1.2 Natural
  • 2 Important nuances
  • 3 5 rules for ironing shirts

    3.1 Required tools

  • 4 How to iron a long sleeve shirt with good quality?

    4.1 Video: the intricacies of ironing a men's shirt

  • 5 Several alternative ways

    • 5.1 The simplest method
    • 5.2 Way for the lazy
    • 5.3 Using a steamer
    • 5.4 Steam ironing
  • 6 How to iron a women's shirt correctly

Fabrics and modes

Shirts with hangers
Shirts with hangers

To keep the shirts in shape, they need to be hung on a hanger ironed.

If you want the shirt to last longer, select the ironing mode for the fabric from which the item is sewn. (This rule, by the way, applies to all clothes).

Let's make a reservation right away: if the composition of the fabric is unknown, then we start with the lowest temperature, increasing it gradually

Artificial fabrics

For a polyester shirt, you can safely set 110 degrees, but it is better to refuse steam or set it to a minimum. Wrinkled shirts, fashionable for several seasons, also look at 110 degrees, but it is forbidden to turn on the steamer, since the folds will even out. For viscose, you can heat the iron to 120 degrees, add steam, but it is not recommended to turn on the spray gun. Otherwise, you will have to rewash the shirt due to the emerging stains.


Cotton shirts should be ironed at 150 degrees with the steamer turned on to maximum. If the fabric contains cotton with linen, then the temperature can be increased to 180 degrees and also steamed well. The maximum temperature - 230 degrees - requires flax. In this case, be sure to turn on the steam supply mode and the atomizer. Silk shirts are ironed at low temperatures, without steam, so that there are no streaks, and only from the inside out. Otherwise, the fabric will begin to shine.

Important nuances

The girl is steaming the shirt
The girl is steaming the shirt

The steamer is a very convenient function, but it cannot be used for all fabrics

When ironing, be sure to consider a detail such as the color of the fabric from which the shirt is sewn. If you need to tidy up a white shirt, you can iron it from the front side and make some effort to smooth out the creases. Colored ones are usually not difficult to care for. But it is better to iron them from the inside out, so that the drawing does not start to fade. Black shirts are also ironed, but this is done so that the fabric does not start to shine from the sole of the iron.

And one more thing: women also wear shirts - this is a fact. And, of course, there are a couple of moments associated with lovers of elegant shirts. If the style of the shirt is "male", then there are no nuances. But for neoclassical ones (with ruffles, folds) - this is a rebus that requires utmost care. And all because of the presence of finishing details. In this case, you need to start with small elements (trim, cuffs, collar), gradually moving on to large ones.

5 rules for ironing shirts

Stack of shirts
Stack of shirts

After the shirt is ironed, the buttons must be fastened

You can iron the shirt in different ways, finding one that is comfortable for you. But in any case, certain requirements must be observed.

  1. The first thing that flattens out is the collar.
  2. The cuffs are never wrinkled.
  3. The tip of the iron is guided so as not to melt the buttons.
  4. The pocket is ironed with special care.
  5. The easiest way to iron shirts is slightly damp, slightly dry.

Necessary tools

Before taking on the shirt, let's decide on the equipment that we need for this.

  • Ironing board. Of course, its absence may well compensate for the table, but this device still greatly facilitates the ironing process.
  • Small support for smoothing sleeves. Again, it cannot be said that this is a necessary attribute, although it is with it that you can smooth the sleeves without folds.
  • Water for filling the spray bottle.
  • White cotton towel. It has several functions: firstly, a substrate on the board, secondly, you can iron colored things through it so that the shade does not fade, and thirdly, it perfectly replaces a small stand for smoothing sleeves.
  • The iron itself. Preferably with a non-stick sole, a spray bottle and a steamer.

How to iron a long sleeve shirt with good quality?

The very first step is the collar.

Collar ironing
Collar ironing

The collar is ironed from the inside out first

  1. On the seamy side, iron the collar from the edges to the middle (if you do the opposite, folds will appear in the corners, which cannot be eliminated).
  2. We turn the shirt over.
  3. We repeat step # 1 from the front side.

Next, we move on to the sleeves. And yes: arrows on the sleeves are considered bad manners - this needs to be understood once and for all.

Ironing sleeves
Ironing sleeves

Be careful not to wrinkle the sleeve

  1. Fold the sleeve in half, focusing on the seam.
  2. We straighten it on the board.
  3. We begin to iron from the shoulder to the cuff, without bringing the nose of the iron close to the edge.
  4. Raise the sleeve, straighten it and lay it out so that the seam is at the bottom in the middle.
  5. Smooth it out again.
  6. We repeat the previous manipulations with the second sleeve.
  7. We put a stand or a towel and iron the sleeve on top several times.

Having coped with the most difficult, we move on to the shelves.

Ironing the placket between buttons
Ironing the placket between buttons

Iron the bar between the buttons with the iron spout

We start with the one with the buttons.

  1. Carefully bend around the buttons (if the shirt has cufflinks, then they must be removed before ironing) and iron the plank fabric, but you cannot put the entire sole of the iron on it - traces will remain.
  2. We iron the shelf, starting from the shoulder. If there is a yoke - insert, then iron it first.
  3. The one with the loops, we iron from the bar, and then the rest of the part.

In conclusion, we work with the back.

Ironing a shelf draped over an ironing board
Ironing a shelf draped over an ironing board

Like the shelf, the backrest can be thrown over the edge of the board for convenience

  1. We lay out the shirt on the board so that one sleeve is parallel to the long edge of the board.
  2. We move from top to bottom, starting with the shoulder seams and ending with the hem.
  3. Change the position of the shirt so that the second sleeve is now parallel to the board.

That's all, it remains to inspect the shirt for the presence of poorly ironed areas. As a rule, this is the zone in the center. We fix errors by ironing the problem areas again.

Video: the intricacies of ironing a men's shirt

Several alternative ways

Do you hate standing with an iron or are you afraid to burn the light fabric of your shirt? Or maybe you just don't have an iron at hand? And yet this is not a reason to wear wrinkled clothes. You can use one of the popular ironing methods.

The easiest method

  1. Turn off spinning during washing.
  2. We hang a clean shirt on a hanger and let it drain.

A way for the lazy

  1. From a spray bottle we spray on the shirt.
  2. We put on ourselves while still wet. When dry, it will straighten without an iron.

If there are many folds on the shirt, then process them with a mixture of 2 tbsp. l. table vinegar and 1 tsp. rinse aid for linen. And also let it dry on the body.

We use a steamer


The steamer is a great alternative to the iron

If you often travel on business, you are probably familiar with the steamer. It is especially useful for ironing delicate shirts.

  1. We hang the shirt on a hanger or lay it out on a flat surface.
  2. We set the steamer mode in accordance with the recommendations in the instructions for the device.
  3. We process the shirt according to the same principle as with the iron - from small parts to larger ones.

Steam ironing

  1. We hang the shirt on a hanger.
  2. We place it in the bathroom, close the door.
  3. Direct a hot stream of water onto a cold wall. If you don’t want to spray on the wall, you can simply fill a wide basin with water or type a bathroom and hang the shirt over the steam.
  4. Under the influence of steam, a kind of bath, the fabric will quickly straighten.

How to iron a women's shirt correctly

Women's shirt with drawings on sleeves and chest
Women's shirt with drawings on sleeves and chest

The difficulty of ironing women's shirts is that they have a lot of finishing details

The presence of finishing elements requires maximum patience when ironing.

  1. On the seamy side, iron the collar from the edges to the center. If there are wrinkles, place them with your fingers, and then fix the result with the tip of the iron.
  2. We unfold the cuffs, smooth them out without folds and arrows.
  3. Iron the sleeves with a stand, moving from the seams to the middle.
  4. Iron the back from the inside out. We expose the fold in the middle so that it is parallel to the side seam, fix the result with an iron.
  5. We proceed to the shelves. We smooth out all decorative details with the iron nose, directing the iron from the top to the bottom of the product.
  6. We hang the ironed shirt on a hanger.

The ironed shirt is part of the look. So the ability to quickly and efficiently iron a long-sleeved shirt will definitely come in handy in life. And in case of unforeseen circumstances, for example, a power outage or lack of an iron, there are a couple of proven ways to smooth out the wrinkles on the shirt with improvised means. So the crumpled clothes have no excuse now.

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