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General Cleaning Of The House: Where To Start And How To Quickly Do It + Photos And Videos
General Cleaning Of The House: Where To Start And How To Quickly Do It + Photos And Videos

Video: General Cleaning Of The House: Where To Start And How To Quickly Do It + Photos And Videos

Video: Clean My ENTIRE HOUSE with Me | Whole House Cleaning Motivation 2022, December

Secrets and rules for general cleaning

General cleaning secrets
General cleaning secrets

Cleaning an apartment or house is a necessity faced by every hostess. Where to start and how to properly carry out spring cleaning so that the time and effort is minimal, and the result is amazing?


  • 1 Features of general cleaning of an apartment or house
  • 2 Where to start: inventory, supplies, and a positive attitude

    • 2.1 Getting in the mood for cleaning: the 20 minute principle - video
    • 2.2 Cleaning the bathroom with a steam cleaner - video
  • 3 How and how to properly wash different surfaces in the room and kitchen

    3.1 Handmade spring cleaning assistants - gallery

  • 4 Step-by-step general cleaning of bathrooms

    4.1 Bathroom Cleanliness: A Step-by-Step Guide - Video

  • 5 General cleaning plan after renovation works

    5.1 Cleaning tiles after renovation

  • 6 Traditional general cleaning of the home

    6.1 How to make an apartment clean: advice from a specialist in a cleaning company - video

  • 7 Fast and high-quality spring cleaning: tricks and tips
  • 8 Marie Kondo's Cleaning Method

    8.1 How to clean using the Mari Kondo system - video

  • 9 Tips and feedback from hostesses from forums

Features of general cleaning of an apartment or house

General cleaning is a large-scale event. It involves a complete cleaning of the home from accumulated dust, dirt, removal of stains, washing glass, cleaning carpets, etc. Depending on the time of cleaning, the cleaning is different:

  • periodic;
  • seasonal (organized twice a year - in spring and autumn);
  • postrepair.

Seasonal spring general cleaning involves washing windows, changing curtains and installing mosquito nets. Autumn general cleaning is distinguished by the insulation of window openings, basements, washing of heating radiators, cleaning of ventilation systems. The main thing in general cleaning after renovation is the thorough removal of construction dust and dirt remaining in the field of work.


A well-organized general cleaning can save the hostess's time and effort

For each type of cleaning, there is its own implementation technology, which includes the following steps:

  1. Removing dirt from all hard-to-reach places.
  2. Cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.
  3. Washing of mirrors and windows.
  4. Washing curtains, curtains and tablecloths.
  5. Cleaning of ceilings, walls and floors.

Where to start: inventory, supplies, and a positive attitude

For a competent organization of cleaning and getting a quick result, prepare the necessary equipment and cleaning products in advance. The procedure for cleaning premises is most often the following:

  1. Cleaning of living rooms.
  2. Tidying up the kitchen and common areas (bathrooms, hallways, storerooms and terraces).

This procedure is not accidental: the hostess uses the bathroom and toilet during the whole process, changing the water and throwing away the garbage. If you clean the bathroom at the very beginning, it may lose its cleanliness by the end of the general cleaning of the home.

A positive attitude plays a significant role in preparation. Start cleaning only in a good mood, then the result will surely please you.

Tuning in for cleaning: the 20 minute principle - video

Each type of surface requires its own cleaner, which can be liquid, powder or paste. Aerosols and liquid sprays are used to clean glass and mirrors. Air fresheners are the final touch to cleanliness and comfort.

An important helper in house cleaning is a vacuum cleaner, which has a set of attachments for different bases in the kit.

Also, for general cleaning, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • mop;
  • broom;
  • panicle;
  • rags;
  • paper towels;
  • bucket;
  • rubber gloves;
  • scoop;
  • microfiber napkins;
  • dust removal brooms;
  • brushes and brushes for cleaning plumbing;
  • other devices at the request of the performer.

Modern housewives often use steam cleaners to clean surfaces. These are new devices that perform steam treatment of any surface. In this way, you can clean tiles, windows, mirrors, furniture and even iron your linen.

Cleaning the bathroom with a steam cleaner - video

How and how to properly wash different surfaces in the room and kitchen

For general cleaning, different means are needed: cleaning, washing, polishing, etc. As part of general cleaning of the bathroom, many housewives start the "idle" mode of automatic washing machines. The purpose of the procedure is to cleanse the insides from scale and dirt.

Glass surfaces and mirrors are best cleaned with formulations designed specifically for this purpose. It is also recommended to clean the floors with the addition of specialized solutions, and their choice is based on the type of surface to be cleaned.

Products designed to eliminate fat are irreplaceable helpers in cleaning the kitchen. These include cleaners for gas stoves, ovens and microwave ovens, powders and pastes. They can wash tiles, metal and glass surfaces.

Many housewives use improvised means during general cleaning. These are old, time-tested recipes based on soda, ammonia, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard powder, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

  1. It is better to clean glass surfaces with a napkin soaked in the following composition: 2 tbsp. l. vinegar in 1 liter of water.
  2. Dirt from old mirrors is well removed by a microfiber cloth soaked in vodka.
  3. Scratches on dark furniture are treated with a cloth soaked in iodine solution (5-10 drops per 1 liter of water), and cracks in the wood are well masked by beeswax.
  4. Polished surfaces perfectly clean milk.
  5. Salt or baking soda, generously scattered over the carpet, collects all dust and dirt. The funds are left for half an hour, then the surface is vacuumed.

DIY spring cleaning helpers - gallery


Vinegar diluted with water cleans glass surfaces well


Vodka-rubbed mirrors become clean and shiny

Milk in a bag
Milk in a bag

Milk is suitable for cleaning polished furniture


Iodine solution masks scratches on dark furniture


Use coarse salt to clean the carpet

Step-by-step general cleaning of bathrooms

The intensity of the use of the toilet and bathroom is several times higher than that of other rooms. Cleaning here requires a special approach and is carried out in the following sequence:

  • garbage collection;
  • dust removal from all surfaces;
  • wet sponge cleaning of ceramic tiles, panels, painted walls;
  • wiping lockers;
  • washing doors and slopes;
  • cleaning mirrors;
  • rubbing shiny plumbing fittings (taps, mixers, shower heads, etc.) with special pastes or tooth powder;
  • cleaning plumbing and shower cabins;
  • wet cleaning of floors;
  • washing of rugs, curtains, bathrobes and slippers.

You can remove limescale from plumbing products with chemicals or soda. In addition to baking soda, soda ash is suitable for this purpose. Many compositions for cleaning bathtubs and shower cabins have the same principle of action: the agent applied to the surface to be cleaned is left for 20-30 minutes, after which it is washed off with a sponge and water.

Bathroom Cleanliness: A Step-by-Step Guide - Video

General cleaning plan after renovation work

Self-service general cleaning of premises after current or major repairs is a painstaking, responsible occupation that requires a lot of time and effort. In addition to cleaning debris and dust, you will have to deal with stains from paint, cement, glue and other materials.

How to properly carry out post-repair cleaning of a house or apartment:

  1. Waste collection (including construction waste) in large bags.
  2. Removal of dust from all surfaces (walls, ceiling and floor).
  3. Washing window and door openings.
  4. Cleaning of plumbing fixtures and fittings (handles, taps, pipes, etc.)
  5. Damp cleaning of surfaces free from dust and stains.

When picking up rubbish, you must use cotton gloves with rubberized palms and fingers. This will protect your hands from accidental cuts and splinters. The choice of footwear should also be based on safety requirements. Household slippers will not work in this case; the sole of the shoe must be strong and thick enough.

Cleaning surfaces is an equally important stage of general cleaning after repair work. Construction dust is perfectly collected by an industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with different attachments. Cured paint from ceramics, linoleum and plumbing can be wiped off with a cloth dipped in kerosene. Remains of glue from the scotch tape are well wiped off with vegetable oil or a solution of "White Spirit".

Cleaning tiles after renovation

It is on ceramics that builders and finishers most often leave the "results" of their labor - frozen drops of cement mortar, poorly distributed grout, etc. Dried grout is not easy to remove from tiles. Experts recommend using a sharpened chisel or a knife with a thin sharp blade for these purposes. Care must be taken when removing stains so as not to damage the finish.

Spots of hardened lime are well cleaned with vegetable oil or vinegar 9% solution. After processing, the surface must be washed with a cloth soaked in soapy water.

Cleaning tiles after renovation
Cleaning tiles after renovation

Contamination from ceramic tiles is well removed by ordinary vegetable oil

After repair, tiles can be cleaned with a special ceramic foam. The composition perfectly copes with the remains of putty, tile adhesive and silicone-based sealant.

When wet cleaning plastic surfaces and doors, do not use scouring powders with abrasive particles that leave scratches on the surface. As part of the general cleaning, plumbing products are necessarily disinfected, eliminating pathogenic microbes and bacteria, thoroughly wiping pipes and all fittings in common areas.

The final chord of general post-repair cleaning is wiping the floor surfaces throughout the house with a slightly damp cloth. At the end of cleaning, it is advisable to ventilate all rooms in order to get rid of the smell of household chemicals and disinfectants.

Traditional general cleaning of the home

The scale of general cleaning of a one-room apartment differs from the same manipulations in a large private house. The hostess may lose heart from the huge volume of upcoming work, but you should not despair. The main thing is to draw up a cleaning plan, which greatly simplifies the process.

Any dwelling, regardless of its size, is cleaned in the following order:

  • bedroom;
  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • bathroom;
  • hallway.

Rooms are cleaned according to the following principle: everything unnecessary - in a trash bag in the middle of the room, everything you need - in its place. Then you can move on to washing windows and doors. After that, upholstered furniture and carpets are cleaned. The next step is getting rid of dust.

Cleaning the kitchen begins by sweeping cobwebs from corners and from the ceiling. The surfaces are cleaned from top to bottom: first, the hanging cabinets are washed, then the apron with the countertop and, finally, the modules of the lower tier. Bathroom cleaning also covers all surfaces: walls, ceiling, floors, doors. Hanging cabinets are carefully wiped with a damp cloth and soapy water. Final general cleaning of living rooms - wet cleaning of the floor.

How to make an apartment clean: advice from a cleaning company specialist - video

Fast and high-quality spring cleaning: tricks and tips

There are many tips on how to save time and make cleaning a pleasure. Below are secrets to simplify not only cleaning your home, but also many daily household chores:

  • for express cleaning of a mattress or sofa, spray vodka on its surface, then collect dust with a napkin;
  • Clean the microwave with lemon and water. It is an affordable tool with no additional cost. Cut the lemon in half and place in a pot filled with water (water should cover at least 50% of the lemon halves). From the moment of boiling, wait 1.5–2 minutes and turn off the stove. Wait 1 minute more and remove the dirt with a napkin;
  • dry wet shoes or boots by stuffing crumpled newspapers from the inside. As the paper swells, change it to dry;
  • to collect wool from the carpet in a short time, use a rubber spatula or a telescopic glass mop instead of a brush;
  • You can clean the blender in a few seconds - just fill it with water, put a few drops of dishwashing liquid in it and turn on the mixing mode for 15 seconds. The composition poured into the bowl will wash the device from the inside by itself;
  • White rice will help you remove the unpleasant musty smell from the grinder. It needs to be ground for 2-3 minutes, and the smell will disappear;
  • so that carbon deposits and dirt on the walls of the oven go away without problems, place a can of ammonia inside overnight. In the morning, wipe the walls of the oven with a damp cloth;
  • you can clean the shower head from limescale with a plastic bag with vinegar. Pour vinegar into a bag, place on a watering can, secure with an elastic band and leave overnight. In the morning, plaque is easily cleaned with an iron brush or knife;
  • to remove the blockage in the pipes, use 4 tablets of the drug "Alka-Seltzer" and 1 glass of 9% vinegar. Pour the solution into the drain, leave for 10 minutes and rinse with hot water, the blockage will disappear;
  • the surface of the bath cleans the grapefruit well. Dip half of it in coarse salt and wipe the surface. This method guarantees not only purity, but also an amazing citrus aroma;
  • Use a baking soda paste to remove vomit and urine residues from carpets and upholstered furniture. Dilute it with a little water, put it on top of the problem area and leave it to dry completely, then vacuum the surface.

Marie Kondo's cleaning method

An important step in any general cleaning is the disposal of unnecessary items. Chipped dishes, worn-out towels, torn bags, unpaired socks, running out of tubes of cosmetics - all this "good" is a place in the landfill.

The KonMari system, developed by the Japanese woman Mari Kondo, has become a fashionable way to restore order in the house. The author of the technique gives things mystical symbolism, assuring that a person's bad or good memories arise after visual contact with a particular piece of interior.

The Japanese-style general cleaning algorithm is divided into 2 stages:

  1. Getting rid of things that do not bring joy.
  2. Distribution of the rest of things in the freed up space.

For all its apparent simplicity, the method works and has found many followers in Russia. KonMari cleaning is not divided into separate rooms, but into categories:

  • clothes;
  • Books and magazines;
  • documentation;
  • different.

The principle of sorting is simple: it makes a thing happy - we leave it, no - we throw it away. When all unnecessary things are sent to the landfill, Marie offers to distribute the remaining things for storage. The way things are arranged vertically may seem unusual to many at first, but then they evaluate the degree of convenience. The magic of Japanese cleaning brings harmony and more order to family life.

How to clean using the Marie Kondo system - video

Tips and reviews of hostesses from forums

The correct organization of the general cleaning is half the success of this event. Using the tips and secrets listed above, the hostess will be able to put things in order in her house without unnecessary costs and efforts.

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