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How To Properly Peel And Cut Pineapple At Home
How To Properly Peel And Cut Pineapple At Home

Video: How To Properly Peel And Cut Pineapple At Home

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We shared … pineapple - simple and beautiful ways to cut

Sliced ​​pineapple
Sliced ​​pineapple

“Eat pineapples, chew hazel grouses, your last day is coming, bourgeois,” says the famous poem of the great poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. Much has changed since this was written. First, the word "bourgeois" has turned from a curse into an honorary title. Secondly, the "hazel grouse" has ceased to be a mythical animal, but has become "something like a chicken", although it still did not go to the masses. And thirdly, pineapple is no longer a luxury item, but a means for losing weight, a delicacy and decoration of the festive table of any average family. It is worth learning how to peel this fruit and learn how to cut it beautifully to match the era.


  • 1 Is it difficult to cut pineapple at home
  • 2 Step by step descriptions with photos

    • 2.1 Properly peeling pineapple this way
    • 2.2 You can clean nicely too: spiral patterns

      2.2.1 Video: master class on cutting pineapple

    • 2.3 Female way: just cut into rings or circles

      2.3.1 Video: Experiment on speed cutting pineapple

    • 2.4 Boats for the holiday table

      2.4.1 Video: slicing pineapple in the form of boats

    • 2.5 Beautiful box with pieces of fruit
    • 2.6 Removing the pulp with a special knife
  • 3 Video: the principles of "pineapple cuisine" from Ilya Lazerson
  • 4 More tips from the forums

Is it difficult to cut pineapple at home

In fact, not everyone can clean and cut this exotic so as not to get dirty and not exhausted. But there are some general cutting schemes and rules, the observance of which will save you unnecessary trouble:

  • It is best to cut the pineapple before serving to keep it juicy and fresh.
  • Use a sharp knife.
  • If you find it difficult to hold a massive fruit in your hands, do not remove the green pineapple tail, but hold on to it.
  • During the cleaning process, it is worth making sure that no hard dark spots remain in the pulp, which spoil the taste and appearance of the fruit, ready to serve.
  • The hard fibrous core of the fruit must also be removed: it is not considered edible.

    a man with a pineapple harvest
    a man with a pineapple harvest

    The average weight of a pineapple is one and a half kilograms, so cutting it requires knowledge and skill

Step-by-step descriptions with photos

We've compiled a few simple but worldwide popular options for peeling and slicing pineapple. Try to master them, and soon this healthy and tasty fruit will take its rightful place on your table.

How to peel pineapple correctly

In fact, it is quite possible to cope with peeling a pineapple if you follow the generally accepted scheme for this, which must have been proven by the centuries-old experience of different tropical peoples, and not try to twist it in your hands and cut off the tough skin with a potato peeler.

Working process:

  1. We take a board, a large carving knife (aka "chef") and a small knife usually used to cut the eyes out of potatoes. Place the pineapple on the board and remove the bottom and leaves along with the top of the fruit.
  2. We put the fruit on the cut and cut off the tough skin, trying to "hook" as little pulp as possible.

    skinning a pineapple
    skinning a pineapple

    Cut off the skin from the sides of the pineapple

  3. The result is a yellow "barrel" with dark specks. With a small and sharp knife, we methodically remove these dark seals.

    removing eyes from pineapple
    removing eyes from pineapple

    With a thin knife, carefully cut off the specks, preserving the maximum pulp

  4. We cut the "barrel" lengthwise into four parts, after which we remove the dense and fibrous core.

    cutting pineapple core
    cutting pineapple core

    Remember to remove the inedible core

  5. We cut the fruit quarters into cubes or slices, depending on their further use.

    serving pineapple
    serving pineapple

    The core can be left with the pineapple tail and used as a stand for fruit canapes

You can also clean it beautifully: spiral patterns

  1. The beginning is the same as for the "barrel": we put it on the board, cut off the bottom and the hat with leaves.

    topped pineapple
    topped pineapple

    Cut off the bottom and cap of the pineapple

  2. We put the pineapple on a cut, peel it.

    semi-peeled pineapple
    semi-peeled pineapple

    Peel the tough skin

  3. We put it on one side and cut out the “eyes” diagonally, so that we end up with a solid spiral line.

    spiral on pineapple
    spiral on pineapple

    Remove the "eyes" with a knife, moving diagonally

  4. We divide the "egg-box" into four parts.

    cutting pineapple
    cutting pineapple

    Divide the capsule into 4 parts

  5. Remove the lighter and harder core.

    pineapple quarters
    pineapple quarters

    Remove hard core from each quarter

  6. Divide the quarters in half.

    pineapple slices
    pineapple slices

    Divide in half every quarter

  7. We cut the resulting blanks at our discretion, for example, into small pieces.

    pineapple slices
    pineapple slices

    You can grind the fruit further, or you can leave and serve in long slices with a grooved edge, we have 8 of them

Video: master class on cutting pineapple

Female way: just cut into rings or circles

An extremely simple method that does not require skill and great strength. It will be especially good when you need to quickly grind pineapple for salad or roast.


  1. Cut off the bottom of the pineapple.
  2. Cut into circles without first cleaning the fruit.
  3. Remove the skin from each circle in a thick layer, making sure that the dark spots remain in the cleanings. If you need to preserve the pulp as much as possible, peel the peel with a thin layer and cut out the seals with a knife with a sharp end or a special knife for peeling potatoes.
  4. Cut the tree-like core with a circle. Or we leave and inform the guests that you only need to hold a piece for it.

    pineapple mugs
    pineapple mugs

    The core can be left, but only as a "holder"

  5. If the fruit is served to children, then it is better not to cut it too small and it is also better not to touch the core. Just cut the mugs in two: children will eat the wedges with their hands, holding on to the firm and non-slip center.

    pineapple semicircles
    pineapple semicircles

    "Children's" way of cutting - semicircles with a core left

Video: experiment on speed cutting pineapple

Festive table boats

One thing can be said about this method of peeling and slicing pineapple: "First, it's beautiful …".

serving pineapple with boats
serving pineapple with boats

Pineapple “boats” are one of the most beautiful ways to cut and serve

  1. Cut the unpeeled pineapple lengthwise into four parts.
  2. Remove the hard core from each part.
  3. Separate the pulp from the skin in one piece, avoiding dark seals.
  4. Cut into slices, 1 cm thick.Slightly shift the pieces in a checkerboard pattern. The result is elegant boats that rightfully decorate and refresh the festive table.

Video: we cut pineapple in the form of boats

Beautiful box with pieces of fruit

It is quite simple to make such a pineapple box, but it looks original and beautiful.

  1. Cut the unpeeled pineapple into two halves. It is possible along, it is possible across, depending on the size of your fruit.
  2. Cut out the whole pulp from each part with a rectangle, without damaging the bottom. To finally cut the cube of pulp from the skin, an incision must be made on the outside of the fruit parallel to the table surface.
  3. We remove the hard core.
  4. Cut the remaining pulp into cubes and lay it out in slides on "boxes" made of hard peel.
pineapple cubes in skin
pineapple cubes in skin

The "box" can be used as a form for roast, salad and, of course, as a fruit bowl

Removing the pulp with a special knife

To peel and cut pineapple really quickly and stay dry and clean at the same time, you can use a special knife, in the English-speaking people called the pineapple slicer. With this miracle of technique, the middle and dark pimples are removed with a slight movement of the hand.

pineapple knife
pineapple knife

Peeling and slicing with a special knife will save time and effort

There is, however, bad news: such a knife is rare in domestic stores, and its use requires skill acquired at the cost of the death of several fruits. So if you don't eat pineapples every day, think for yourself, decide for yourself whether to have this device in your kitchen or not.

Video: the principles of "pineapple cuisine" from Ilya Lazerson

Some more tips from the forums

In general, pineapple can be peeled or left as Mother Nature created it, chopped or served in large chunks, used as an ingredient or as a stand-alone dish. The main thing is to have it on your menu, because this fruit is beautiful, tasty and very healthy.

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