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How To Peel Burbot And Cut It At Home + Video
How To Peel Burbot And Cut It At Home + Video

Video: How To Peel Burbot And Cut It At Home + Video

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How to peel and cut burbot

How to gut burbot
How to gut burbot

Burbot dishes are often served in expensive restaurants. The predatory representative of the cod family has tender and tasty meat, almost no bones. However, in home cooking, housewives rarely use this fish: the taste is unpleasant. This is because few people know the rules for cleaning and eviscerating a carcass. But if you wish, you can clean it at home. For this, it is important to know some of the nuances of the procedure.


  • 1 What are the features and value of burbot
  • 2 How to clean and cut burbot at home

    • 2.1 What you need to clean and butcher fish at home
    • 2.2 How to butcher fresh fish
    • 2.3 How to cut frozen burbot
  • 3 Secrets of cleaning and cutting burbot

What are the features and value of burbot

The burbot has an elongated body with a serpentine head, many sharp small teeth and three antennae. A thick layer of mucus covers the body of the fish. The color ranges from light, greyish-green to olive, with dark brown spots and stripes on the back.

The abdomen is yellowish or whitish. Young individuals are distinguished by a darker color than adults of the family. Burbot scales are very small. Because of this, there is an opinion that this fish has no scales at all. On the back and in front of the tail, there are long, low fins, practically merging with the caudal fin.

Burbot is an inhabitant of both fresh and sea waters. Marine varieties are less valuable than freshwater ones. The meat is more like cod meat: dense, white. But the most tender and fatty fillets are obtained from the inhabitants of the northern cold waters. Fish liver is considered a delicacy. The insides of predator fish are also used for the production of gelatin, glue.

Bump meat is a dietary product. Its regular use improves the general condition of a person. This fish is classified as a valuable source of fat-soluble vitamins, iodine, copper, zinc and manganese, useful trace elements.

Burbot is recognized as one of the best natural protein sources and a storehouse of essential amino acids.

It has been proven that the consumption of burbot meat at least once a week contributes to the development of intelligence, speech and spatial abilities of a person. Prevents the likelihood of stroke or heart attack.

Should be included in the diet of fish and pregnant women. Burbot strengthens the immune system during gestation.

The fish is also useful for babies:

  • meat accelerates the maturation of the brain;
  • has a positive effect on visual acuity;
  • increases the rate of formation of the fetal nervous system.

But there are also contraindications. In case of kidney stones, an increased content of vitamin D or calcium in the blood in the body, and if you are allergic to fish, it is prohibited to eat burbot.

How to clean and cut burbot at home

There are no difficulties in cleaning and butchering a burbot carcass. There are two known ways. The only difference between them is that in one of them it is customary to remove the skin at the beginning of cleaning the fish, in the other - at the end.

What you need to clean and butcher fish at home

To cut a fish carcass, you will need: coarse salt, a sharp knife, scissors, a towel, paper or a special cutting board, pliers, tweezers. Simple devices will eliminate the need for lengthy kitchen cleaning.

There are also special tools for removing fish skins, clamps and hooks. However, it is not necessary to look for them: special familiar devices will be successfully replaced.

It is better to take a fish knife. It is much more convenient for them to wield, because it is adapted for cutting fish.

It is advisable to take a glass board. It is easier to clean it from an unpleasant odor. But still it is better to use it only for fish. Then the problem of getting rid of it will not arise. If this is not possible, then you can use a sheet of paper instead of a board.

With the help of pliers, it is easier for housewives to grab the slippery skin of a washed fish. It's a good idea to use pliers. They firmly hold the burbot skin, making it easier to remove.

With the help of coarse salt, it is easy to wash the fish from mucus. Fine salt will not cope with this task.

Advantages and disadvantages of fish cutting tools

Name Benefits disadvantages
Clips and hooks Designed specifically to remove burbot skins. Unusual for a beginner, uncomfortable in field conditions.
Knife Allows you to easily butcher the carcass You will need a sharp and comfortable tool.

It is not easy to remove adhering small scales with mucus from the tip.

Cutting board It is convenient to work with fish on a flat surface. It is difficult to remove the fishy smell.
Paper Protects the board and table from dirt and odor, no need to wash after cutting. No.
Tweezers Captures the skin, skin. Helps remove bones. Slips out of hands with a lack of experience.
Pliers Conveniently grab the skin and remove it from the fish It will take strength, skill.
Scissors Cut fins effortlessly Do not completely rid the carcass of the fins.
Salt Prevents fish from slipping out of your hands, allowing you to fix the carcass.

Easily relieve burbot from mucus.

Only coarse salt is required. Small is not so effective.

How to carve fresh fish

The cutting procedure begins with getting rid of the mucus from the carcass. To do this, rub the burbot with salt and wash the fish under warm water

Fins are cut. To do this, make small cuts along them and pull them out with force using a towel. Scissors do not require such efforts. The fins are simply cut off with them.

Above the gills, on top of the fish's head, the junction of the body and the skin of burbot is found. On both sides, the skin is pierced with fingers. Difficulties will not arise: it leaves the meat in this place without difficulty.

A knife is inserted into the resulting hole, the skin is incised above the gills and around the head.

For the incisions obtained, the skin is picked up with pliers or tweezers and removed in one motion, like a stocking. The main thing is to securely fix the tool so that the skin does not slip off.

How to clean burbot at home
How to clean burbot at home

Cleaning fish. Step by step photos

Under the anal fin, below, a neat shallow incision is made to the base of the head. Through it, the insides are carefully taken out. You cannot make any sudden movements. There is a risk of damaging the gallbladder. Then all efforts are wasted: the fish will have to be thrown away. It is imperative to remove the inner film by prying it with the tip of a knife. The carcass is rinsed with cool water.

Next, the tesha is cut off and the liver of the fish is separated from the head.

How to cut burbot at home
How to cut burbot at home

Cutting fish. Step by step photos

If you plan to cook a liver or burbot fillet, then it is better to use the second method of preparing the fish, with the removal of the skin at the end.

Without removing the skin, an incision is made from the anus on the fish carcass to the head. The insides are carefully taken out. The carcass is cut into two halves. The head is not separated.

From the half, to which the head is attached, the latter is separated. The bones are cut out with a sharp knife or removed with tweezers.

To remove fillets, burbot is placed on its side. An incision is made with a knife along the spine from the head to the tail. Deepen it gradually, until the moment when the knife rests against the ribs of the fish. They cannot be cut.

The flesh, cut from the front, is gently lifted by cutting off the fillets from the tail. The meat is cut with a knife edge along the ridge. The fish is then turned over to fillet the other side.

You can gut the carcass and separate the fillets after skin removal, but there is a high risk of damage to the peritoneum. Then the further procedure will become more complicated.

Only large fish are skinned without much effort. It is easier to salt, dry or smoke small burbot.

How to cut frozen burbot

If the fish is freshly frozen, then the above methods are also appropriate.

Professional cutting methods

Experienced fishermen advise not to skin frozen fish. After defrosting, it is enough to rinse the carcass with cool water, while simultaneously removing the scales with a knife under its stream. Then they gut and cook according to the selected recipe.

There is another option. Frozen large fish is cut into pieces with a hacksaw. True, there is a great risk of damage to the gallbladder. However, it is this method that experienced fishermen recommend. Then the pieces are processed. The insides are carefully removed, the skin is removed, separating the pulp from the bones. The processing method is suitable for preparing burbot fish soup.

Secrets of cleaning and cutting burbot

If you cover the board with paper, then the fish will not slip, and you will not need to wash the table after the cutting procedure.

With repeated freezing and defrosting, burbot meat loses its benefits and taste, turning into a kind of rubber. Therefore, the best option is to cook fresh or chilled fish

If the skin of the burbot comes off with difficulty on either side, then it is necessary to additionally trim it with a knife and continue to tighten. But such an operation will require considerable effort. And you can't do without special skills.

The main condition for the successful preparation of the fish is to cut the skin evenly and deeply. Then there will be no problems with its removal.

How to peel burbot (video)

There are special requirements for the speed of reaching the entrails during cutting and the depth of the cut. Too large an incision depth or a sharp and quick removal of the viscera with a jerk - damage to the gallbladder. Then the fish will have to be thrown away. Even repeated washing and exotic spices will not help. Such burbot is not suitable for consumption.

To remove mucus without much effort, so that it does not remain on the knife with small scales, the fish is thrown into boiling water for a couple of seconds. The mucus will coagulate. It is easily removed with a knife.

Not so much effort is required to make a tasty and healthy fish. And after applying the recommendations in practice, it is very easy to obtain a dish that can satisfy even a sophisticated gourmet. And burbot copes with this task as well as possible.

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