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Sheathing The Front Door With MDF Panels, How To Choose The Material And Carry Out The Work
Sheathing The Front Door With MDF Panels, How To Choose The Material And Carry Out The Work
Video: Sheathing The Front Door With MDF Panels, How To Choose The Material And Carry Out The Work
Video: MDF VS. PLYWOOD (Which Is Better? Pros + Cons!!) 2023, February

Do-it-yourself door paneling with MDF panels

panel mdf
panel mdf

Each person tries to make a house or apartment as safe as possible, therefore metal entrance doors are installed almost everywhere. Although such structures reliably protect housing from the penetration of thieves, their appearance is not very attractive. The best and affordable option that will help correct this situation is finishing the entrance door with MDF panels. Such a solution will have a beautiful and attractive appearance, and all the work can be done independently.


  • 1 Features of different types of MDF linings

    • 1.1 Painted MDF overlays
    • 1.2 Veneered MDF panels
    • 1.3 Laminated MDF panels
    • 1.4 MDF panels with anti-vandal plastic
  • 2 How to sheathe a door with MDF panels with your own hands

    • 2.1 Finishing metal entrance doors with MDF panels

      2.1.1 Video: finishing a metal door with MDF panels

    • 2.2 Facing the doorway of the MDF entrance door

      • 2.2.1 Marking and cutting of MDF panels
      • 2.2.2 Installation of panels
      • 2.2.3 Video: creating a door slope from MDF panels
  • 3 Replacing the MDF panel on the door

    3.1 Video: replacing MDF panels in metal doors

Features of different types of MDF linings

In order to make the choice of MDF overlay for a metal door, you first need to figure out what it can be. In the manufacture, an MDF board is used, and its finishing is carried out by painting, veneering, laminating or covering with anti-vandal plastic.

Painted MDF overlays

Here, a special paint is used to protect the panel, which is resistant to chemicals, it does not fade in the sun and resists mechanical damage quite well. This is the most budgetary option, suitable for indoor entrance doors.

Painted MDF overlays
Painted MDF overlays

Painted MDF overlays are the cheapest

Veneered MDF panels

This coating allows you to completely imitate natural wood in color and structure. The doors trimmed with it acquire a solid and beautiful look, outwardly it is almost impossible to distinguish them from solid wood products. Both natural and eco-veneer can be used.

The advantages of such panels:

  • outwardly, they completely resemble natural wood;
  • several types of wood can be combined on the canvas, which makes the panel even more beautiful and unique;
  • after special processing, they normally tolerate temperature changes, moderate humidity and are not damaged by insects or microorganisms.

The disadvantage of this solution is that the panels are unstable to severe mechanical and chemical damage, and this coating is also afraid of abrasives. At constant high humidity, the panel can swell; prolonged exposure to sunlight will damage it. To restore its original characteristics, you will have to periodically open it with varnish.

Veneered MDF panels on the door
Veneered MDF panels on the door

Veneered MDF panels allow you to fully imitate solid wood

Veneered MDF panels are best used on the entrance doors of apartments located in multi-storey buildings

Laminated MDF panels

In this case, the MDF panel is covered with a special film. There is a wide variety of films that can simulate a wide variety of materials. Most often, they order wood-like lamination, it is cheaper than veneering, but this solution looks no less attractive.

Main advantages:

  • the possibility of implementing various solutions;
  • high indicators of wear resistance;
  • creating inserts of different colors;
  • ease of care;
  • affordable cost.

The disadvantages of this option are that at constant high humidity, the panels can swell and crack, in addition, they do not tolerate large temperature changes. Such panels are also not recommended for installation on doors facing the street, but they are an excellent solution for structures located in entrances, offices, entertainment centers.

Laminated MDF panels
Laminated MDF panels

Laminated MDF panels allow imitation of any materials

MDF panels with anti-vandal plastic

In this case, MDF panels are covered with durable plastic, so this option can be used for metal doors, both indoors and outdoors.

The main advantages of such panels:

  • the coating is highly resistant to mechanical damage;
  • panels are not afraid of direct sunlight, have high resistance to fire, various chemicals and abrasives;
  • can be used in combination with other finishing materials;
  • a large selection of colors;
  • are not afraid of high humidity and temperature changes;
  • affordable cost.

Since MDF panels, covered with anti-vandal plastic, resist damage well, they are usually used in shops, schools and other frequently visited premises. If you install them in your home, you can be safe from pets.

Usually, MDF linings are made on doors of standard sizes, but if you have a non-standard front door, you can always order an individual production

MDF panels with anti-vandal plastic
MDF panels with anti-vandal plastic

MDF panels with anti-vandal plastic are best suited for outdoor use

How to sheathe a door with MDF panels with your own hands

Sheathing a metal entrance door with MDF panels is not a very difficult process, so even a person who does not have special skills can cope with it.

To do the work with your own hands, you will need an MDF pad, as well as materials for degreasing and cleaning the surface on which the installation will be carried out. It is better to purchase an MDF panel ready-made. It will not work to cut it out of the sheet exactly according to the size of the door leaf, so such a solution will look ugly.

After preparing the necessary materials, you need to take care of purchasing tools. To complete the door trim you will need:

  • a hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • clamps;
  • tape measure and plumb line.

Finishing metal entrance doors with MDF panels

Please note that after installing MDF panels, the thickness of the canvas increases, so you will have to buy other ties and squares for the handles, as well as new lock cores.

The process of installing the door leaf with your own hands consists of the following stages:

  1. Preparatory stage. It is necessary to remove the handles, lock covers and other elements that will interfere with the installation. The surface of the door is well cleaned and degreased, and in order for the lining to better contact with the canvas, it is recommended to paint it or stick a vinyl film.

    Removing fittings
    Removing fittings

    Before installing the MDF overlay, you must remove all the accessories from the door leaf

  2. Making holes for self-tapping screws. The MDF strip is attached to the door leaf with self-tapping screws. In order for them to spin normally, it is necessary to make through holes in it using a drill and a drill of the appropriate diameter in the places where the screws are installed. They are made around the perimeter of the lining in increments of 10–12 cm. To prevent the hats from sticking out above the panel, you can make small sweats in it.
  3. Fixing the inner lining. To obtain a stronger connection, first, liquid nails are applied to the door leaf, after which an overlay is installed and fixed with clamps. After that, it is additionally fastened with self-tapping screws, which are screwed into the prepared places. Make sure that the length of the screw does not exceed the thickness of the door.

    Internal escutcheon
    Internal escutcheon

    Internal MDF plate is attached to the metal door with glue, self-tapping screws are used for additional fixation

  4. Installation of the outer cover. Its fastening is carried out in almost the same way, but holes for self-tapping screws are made along the edge of the sheet and the distance between them is 40-50 cm. In order not to spoil the appearance of the door, a seal is then installed in these places. On this side, more glue should be applied, it is recommended not to do this on a continuous basis, but often. Then the panel is fixed with clamps, screws are tightened and the clamps are removed.
  5. The final stage. It remains to install handles, locks and other accessories, after which the door can be used.

In addition to attaching the linings with self-tapping screws, this can be done using screws or moldings. The use of moldings (fasteners that can be metal or wood) allows you to make a more aesthetic door. Such strips serve not only for fastening the lining, but also are decorative elements. The edges of the moldings press the edges of the lining, and the strips themselves are fastened with screws or self-tapping screws.

Video: finishing a metal door with MDF panels

Facing the doorway of the entrance door MDF

Carrying out sheathing with MDF panels of a doorway begins with its release from construction debris. In order not to damage the door, it can be removed or covered with a protective film.

It is necessary to seal up all the cracks; for this, use a sealant or polyurethane foam. For additional heat and sound insulation of the doorway, it is insulated. Usually they take mineral wool, but you can also use polyurethane foam, izolon or other heat-insulating materials.

Insulation of the doorway
Insulation of the doorway

To correctly make door slopes, it is imperative to fill all the cracks with foam

Marking and cutting of MDF panels

At this stage, the doorway is measured, using a tape measure and a square. First, the space for the initial panel is measured and only after its installation the following fragments are measured and assembled.

Cut out MDF panels
Cut out MDF panels

Cutting MDF panels can be done with a circular saw

For cutting MDF it is best to use a jigsaw, but you can also do this with a circular saw or a hacksaw with fine teeth.

Panel mounting

This part of the work consists of several stages:

  1. For fixing the panels, it is best to make a frame, it can be made of wood or metal profiles. If the walls are even, then the panels can be attached directly to them with glue.
  2. When choosing the level of installation of panels, it is necessary to take into account that they do not interfere with the free opening of the door leaf.
  3. The frame is fixed to the wall with dowels.

    Frame for finishing the doorway
    Frame for finishing the doorway

    The frame can be made from wooden beams or metal profiles

  4. Prepared panel fragments are attached to the frame. The top element is usually mounted first, and then the sidewalls. Installation is carried out with glue or small nails without heads.
  5. At the junction of the fragments, protruding parts are removed, and since at home it is impossible to make perfect edges, the corners are made out using decorative corners.
  6. At the final stage, platbands are installed and the panels' attachment points are masked. If you used nails, then they are covered with mastic that matches the color of MDF.

    Ready doorway
    Ready doorway

    Exterior view of a doorway sheathed with MDF

Video: creating a door slope from MDF panels

Replacing the MDF panel on the door

A situation may arise when the MDF plate on the entrance metal door has been damaged and needs to be replaced. This process is simple and you can do it yourself.

It is necessary to measure the canvas, after which it can be purchased at any specialized store, in addition, you will need a solution for degreasing a metal door and means of protecting it from corrosion.

Replacement sequence:

  1. Preparing the door leaf. At this stage, the old cover is removed, after which the surface is degreased, and then it is painted or a protective film is glued.
  2. Holes for self-tapping screws are made on the canvas along its perimeter.
  3. Lubricate the surface of the lining with glue, after which, using clamps, fix it on the door leaf.
  4. Fix the pad with self-tapping screws. The inner panel is mounted first, and then the outer one.
Replacement of MDF overlays
Replacement of MDF overlays

Before replacing the MDF lining, you must remove all the accessories

Such a simple procedure allows you to completely renew the metal entrance door, giving it a beautiful and aesthetic look. In addition, the presence of MDF overlays can significantly increase the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the entrance doors, so living in such a house becomes more comfortable and cozy.

Video: replacing MDF panels in metal doors

Covering the entrance door with MDF panels is an excellent solution that allows you to give the door leaf a beautiful and attractive look. In addition, its heat and sound insulation characteristics are improved. MDF panels can also be used to decorate a doorway. If everything is done correctly, then you will create a beautiful entrance to your home with your own hands.

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