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How To Choose The Right Pillow For Sleeping For An Adult And A Child, Including For Cervical Osteochondrosis
How To Choose The Right Pillow For Sleeping For An Adult And A Child, Including For Cervical Osteochondrosis

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How to choose the right pillow for sound and healthy sleep

Ostrich pillow
Ostrich pillow

Sleep quality is directly related to bedding. But how to choose the one that suits you from the huge assortment of pillows of various shapes and sizes? First, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the types that the stores offer us, and then choose the product according to your needs.


  • 1 Types of pillows

    • 1.1 Form
    • 1.2 By filler
    • 1.3 Purpose of the pillow
  • 2 How to choose the right pillow

    • 2.1 For an adult
    • 2.2 For a child
    • 2.3 Pregnant
    • 2.4 With cervical osteochondrosis

Types of pillows

Globally, all pillows can be divided into decorative and bedding. We will not dwell on the first ones - they are clearly not suitable for healthy sleep. But the latter can differ from each other in form, content and purpose.

The form

In terms of shape, all sleep pillows can be divided into two categories - classic and anatomical.

The first group is represented by ordinary bedding, rectangular (for example, 70x50 cm) or square (most often 70x70 cm). Such pillows are double-sided, they are convex on both sides, so in a dream they can be turned over and hugged. They are soft and differ in the type of filler. Classic products are the most common, because they are most in demand, because they suit the vast majority of people.

Classic pillows
Classic pillows

Almost everyone is accustomed to such pillows since childhood.

Anatomical pillows are characterized by a one-sided shape - they are flat from below, and from above they repeat the curves of the human body. For the best support of the spine, they are made of relatively rigid materials: polyurethane, latex. Anatomical pillows ensure optimal body position during sleep, maintain healthy blood circulation and reduce stress on the cervical spine.

Unlike classic ones, such products are not universal. If an ordinary pillow 50x70 cm will most likely suit any family member, but the anatomical one must be selected taking into account the structural features of the human body. For example, there are special pillows for newborns, for people with osteochondrosis.

Anatomical pillow
Anatomical pillow

Anatomical pillows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes

By filler

Classic pillows are often filled with natural materials of animal origin: wool, down, feathers. They relieve static stress well, have a pleasant, comfortable weight. The disadvantages of these materials include the high risk of allergies.

Sometimes pillows are filled with plant materials such as bamboo fiber. It is light, keeps its shape well and allows air to pass through, slightly wrinkles over time. The only disadvantages are the high cost. The risk of an allergic reaction is minimal.

There are also pillows filled with buckwheat husks. They are heavy, unaccustomed to the touch and quite expensive. On the other hand, such products do not accumulate dust and dirt, so they can be used by those who suffer from dust mite allergies.

Buckwheat husk
Buckwheat husk

Pillows with buckwheat husk do not even need to be washed

Synthetic fillers with hypoallergenic properties are very popular - holofiber and ecofiber. They are relatively cheap, easy to wash, and dry quickly. The disadvantages include reduced air conductivity, as well as the occurrence of static stress.

Latex and polyurethane are commonly used in anatomical pillows. These materials are relatively hard, but quite comfortable to sleep in. Among their advantages are the ability to maintain a given shape, environmental friendliness, hypoallergenicity. The disadvantages include a rather high price and a specific smell.

Latex pillow
Latex pillow

The “aroma” of latex will disappear within a couple of weeks

Purpose of the pillow

Pillows can be used for:

  • massage. These types include models with a small and hard filler in the form of buckwheat husks, peas, cherry pits. Such pillows during sleep make a light massage of the scalp, improving blood circulation;
  • pregnant women. While carrying a child, a woman experiences increased stress on the spine and legs, which means that she needs a better night's rest. Pillows for pregnant women are sometimes presented as a set of two products - one is located under the head, and the other supports the legs. Such pillows are most often made in the shape of the letter U. Often there are models with a length of about 150 cm, which are a kind of "donut" - it is comfortable to sleep in it with your foot on the pillow, and the peculiar shape reduces the load on the spine and pelvis;

    Pillow for pregnant women
    Pillow for pregnant women

    This pillow additionally protects the fetus during sleep

  • babies. Special horseshoe-shaped pillows provide a small child with support from all sides, as if his parents were holding him in his arms. Sometimes there are also smaller versions intended only for the head. In this case, the pillow is a variant of the orthopedic product - a rectangle with a recess in the middle, which is ideal for the newborn's head.

    Newborn pillow
    Newborn pillow

    Such a product will help the baby to take the most comfortable sleeping position.

How to choose the right pillow

The choice of pillow largely depends on the physical condition of the person, as well as on his habits and lifestyle. Do not forget about the usual sleeping position. But there are general principles to follow when choosing a pillow for any person:

  • the softer the mattress, the lower the pillow should be;
  • on average, men require higher pillows than women;
  • square pillows in general should be discarded.

For an adult

In most cases, adults should choose a regular classic pillow with natural filling (animal or vegetable). If a person has an allergy, then it is worth choosing a hypoallergenic synthetic padding.

Choose the height of the pillow based on your usual sleeping position. If you sleep on your back or stomach more often, then a thin product is suitable for you - up to 8 cm.If you prefer sleeping on your side, then choose a pillow from 10 to 15 cm depending on the length of your shoulder (the longer, the higher pillow). For those who often change their position during sleep, it is worth purchasing a medium-sized product - 9–12 cm high.

High pillows
High pillows

The height of the pillow largely determines its comfort.

If a person is sedentary and works in an office, then by the end of the day they may have a headache. To relieve this syndrome, you can purchase a massage pillow with a hard filler (buckwheat husk, bones, and so on). This massage will not only eliminate pain, but also improve blood circulation so that you wake up in the morning refreshed and refreshed.

For a child

The smallest households should purchase special pillows for newborns, such as those discussed earlier. In this case, the filler of the pillow must be natural, because synthetic materials are poorly ventilated and cause sweating and diaper rash. Bamboo fiber and down work best.

The pillow should ideally support the baby's head so that the neck does not bend back or forth, so pay particular attention to its height. Pediatricians recommend purchasing low flat pillows for children under 2 years old. The width of the product should correspond to the width of the crib, so that, tossing and turning in a dream, the child does not slide off it.

Baby pillow
Baby pillow

A newborn pillow should not be too soft

From 2 to 7 years old, it is best to purchase pillows 50x40 cm in size and with a height of up to 10 cm. The material and shape should be such that a fossa forms under the head and a roller under the neck. Most high-quality natural fillers do this, but it's best to do a little inspection and test your pillow before buying.


For pregnant women, it is best to purchase large, almost growth pillows to support not only the neck, but also the entire spine and legs. These pillows come in various shapes:

  • U-shaped;
  • C-shaped (also called "bananas");
  • L-shaped;
  • bagel pillows.

The main advantage of all these pillows is excellent support for the whole body. The expectant mother will be able to give rest to the spine, pelvis, and legs. Among the cons, it is worth noting that these pillows require a fairly large bed. And sleeping in an embrace with a loved one will be difficult.

Banana pillow
Banana pillow

A common feature of all these pillows is that you can comfortably throw one leg on them, which allows you to provide proper support for the pelvis and legs.

With cervical osteochondrosis

If a person has cervical osteochondrosis, then this is a direct indication for buying an anatomical pillow. The disease restricts blood circulation in the cervical spine, which can cause pain, confusion, and decreased performance. A properly selected anatomical pillow will help improve blood flow, at least during sleep. This will help get rid of some of the symptoms and improve overall well-being.

Experts recommend people with osteochondrosis to sleep on their backs with bent legs, on their side or in a fetal position. Choose your favorite position and choose the shape and size of the pillow so that during sleep your neck does not bend, your head does not "sag" and does not lie too high. The height of the pillow is chosen according to the general rule - if you sleep on your back, then it should be low. If you prefer to lie on your side, then the pillow should be chosen higher so that the lower shoulder is freely located and is not squeezed by the rest of the body.

Orthopedic pillow
Orthopedic pillow

With cervical osteochondrosis, it is important to choose such a pillow so that the back experiences a minimum of stress

When choosing the right pillow for the first time, you will surely be surprised at how deep and sweet you can sleep. The wrong bedding can cause fatigue, ailments, headaches and loss of vigor, but these can be easily remedied if you know which product suits you best.

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