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How To Build A Do-it-yourself Playground For A Summer Residence And A House - Step By Step Instructions With Photos, Videos And Drawings
How To Build A Do-it-yourself Playground For A Summer Residence And A House - Step By Step Instructions With Photos, Videos And Drawings

Video: How To Build A Do-it-yourself Playground For A Summer Residence And A House - Step By Step Instructions With Photos, Videos And Drawings

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Sports grounds for adults and children: do it yourself

do-it-yourself playground
do-it-yourself playground

A private sector, a summer house or a common city courtyard are the most suitable places where sports and playgrounds are simply needed. If in cities the construction is organized by management companies or developers, then on a private territory everything will have to be built independently.


  • 1 Sports grounds for adults and children: do it yourself

    1.1 Children's and adult playgrounds

  • 2 Preparation for construction

    • 2.1 Materials and components
    • 2.2 Material calculation and layout
  • 3 Construction of the sandbox: clearly and in stages

    • 3.1 Step by step instructions

      3.1.1 Video: DIY children's sandbox

    • 3.2 Correct location
    • 3.3 Universal elements for any site

      3.3.1 Video: do-it-yourself universal playground

Sports grounds for adults and children: do it yourself

Playgrounds for sports can be built by hand or purchased disassembled. Only primitive iron structures can be created with your own hands for a yard, a training center or a kindergarten. For a summer residence, private sector or an elite house, it is customary to buy universal playgrounds, various designs and even materials to cover large courts.

Playgrounds for children and adults

It is easy to guess that for adult playgrounds or entire complexes, several times a large territory is needed. For children, 3 or 4 square meters are enough. But the point is not even the size, but the purpose. So, playgrounds for adults are of the following types:

  1. Workout complex (horizontal bars, bars, crossbars).

    Workout complex
    Workout complex

    You can choose the most necessary elements for the workout site separately or combined into ready-made complexes

  2. Swedish stairs.

    DIY Swedish ladder
    DIY Swedish ladder

    The Swedish staircase takes up little space, is easy to make on your own and does not require large material and time costs

  3. Basketball rings.

    Basketball hoop
    Basketball hoop

    Basketball hoops can be made by yourself or you can purchase a ready-made set

  4. Mini-football court.

    Futsal court
    Futsal court

    To equip a mini-football court, you need a field with a width of 12 m and a length of 24 m, at the ends of the field you should install a gate

  5. Volleyball court.

    Volleyball court
    Volleyball court

    The size of the volleyball court is 9x18 m, the height of the net is about 2.5 m

It is customary for children to establish:

  1. Gymnastics complexes.
  2. Grounds for various ball games.
  3. Swing.
  4. Table tennis table.

It turns out that in the construction of any sports ground, individual preferences are taken into account, because all of the above is very difficult to fit, for example, in the backyard.

Preparation for construction

Before starting work, it is necessary to think over a plan or project, which should be guided by both workers and owners. The project drawing does not have to be done according to engineering standards, a simple sketch is enough. But at the same time you need to think about:

  1. Approaches to all shells. There should be no obstacles, for example, next to a swing. The safe distance is 3 meters or more.
  2. Compatibility. The playground is always crowded, and it is better to figure out how the children will share the space. Otherwise, problems and scandals cannot be avoided.
  3. Basketball basket location. It is desirable to place it in the corner of the court, but for a successful game you need to take care of the ball bounce. Otherwise, you will have to constantly jump over fences or ask polite neighbors to pitch the ball. The ring and shield must be attached at least 2.3 meters from the ground.
  4. Improvised court. It will need an area of ​​20 by 30 meters.
  5. Table tennis table placement. You cannot be stingy with the space around it, otherwise injuries may occur during the game. The table itself will occupy an area of ​​1.6 by 2.8 meters. But do not forget about the ball rebound - this is important.
  6. Pool area compatibility. It is advisable to make the project so that neither the game elements nor the players themselves accidentally fall into the water.
  7. Awnings. In case of bad weather, they will save the surface of the site and the equipment installed on it.

Materials and components

Playgrounds for adults require more investment and effort, because a large part of the site will need to be equipped with coverage:

  • lawn;

    • ground;
    • roll;
  • from special mixtures.

Don't forget about awnings and protective nets.

Children's complexes are also differentiated by age. A child who has barely got to his feet will slide down the hill only under the supervision of an adult, so we select materials or ready-to-assemble complexes so that it is easy to help the baby in development.

Fortunately for a modern child, there are a lot of manufacturers of children's play and sports complexes. We choose according to availability and delivery time, and also pay attention to the following tips:

  1. We buy everything from one company. Components from different manufacturers are difficult to assemble accurately.
  2. We find out if it is possible to buy any element (additional equipment) in a few years.
  3. We require a certified product.
  4. Slides and rolls, ladders and volumetric elements - we check all this with the project described earlier.
  5. Pay attention to the composition of the material (preferably wood or iron in a casing).
  6. We select by age: for the smallest - simple elements, for schoolchildren - more difficult.
  7. We take into account the loads, we test with our own hands.
  8. Do not forget about safety: we remember about handrails, protective nets, sides.

    Complex site
    Complex site

    A small town of happiness for children at their own dacha. Stationary elements can be easily supplemented with a slide, swings, ladders and much more

Material calculation and layout

Let's start with playgrounds and courts for adults and teenagers. We exclude slides, swings and ladders, but thoroughly prepare fences and coverings.

  1. Ground coating. We put it directly on the ground. It is suitable for family play, for example, frisbee, picnic, kids catch-up. Requires careful maintenance.
  2. Roll coverings. We put it on concrete or screed. They can cover a concrete-filled space for a tennis court, mini-football or volleyball court.

The ground cover is an artificial sports turf. Of course, it must be sieved and sprayed with water every day.

Regupol is often used as a roll coating. It is a rubber compound that is applied to concrete. Regupol copes with an impressive load, but has a rather limited service life (no more than 10 years).

You can also make a self-leveling play floor right in the backyard. This approach will eliminate emerging seams. The self-leveling floor can be easily washed, restored and renewed.

The prices for materials for covering the adult playground increase in the following sequence:

  1. Sports lawns.
  2. Roll coverings.
  3. Self-leveling floors.

The listed types of materials can be arranged, but it is more convenient when a tennis court or basketball court does not require watering. Therefore, we take rolls or make a filling surface.

The children's part of an improvised sports complex is almost always built according to the following scheme:

Children's playground
Children's playground

A rough plan of a playground for calculating the required set of equipment

Explanations for the diagram:

  1. Greenery, trees and shrubs.
  2. Approaches: paths or paths. It can be left unchanged, but sometimes these elements are paved with clinker bricks or natural stone.
  3. Sandbox. This is the center of any children's play area, therefore it is being built in the very center.
  4. Places for benches, chairs or garden furniture. They are located closer to the trees to make it more comfortable in the summer.
  5. Positions for decorative flowers or, for example, large toys.
  6. Stationary game complex.

    Wooden game module
    Wooden game module

    A simple stationary design can be supplemented with elements that the child likes

  7. Swing. The number depends on the number of children.
  8. The swing is double.


    The swing can be either picked up in the store or assembled by hand

  9. A toy house for children. It's easy to do it yourself.

    Children's house
    Children's house

    The wooden frame structure is very easy to assemble yourself

  10. Improvised children's furniture. It is often played by sturdy stumps or plastic chairs for preschoolers. Can be protected with a canopy.
  11. Decor, place for inventory or small toys.
  12. Steps made of tires or stumps dug into the ground.

Sandbox construction: visually and in stages

The center of any playground and sports ground is a sandbox. Children of different ages often play and communicate in this place. Creating it with your own hands, you need to think about:

  1. Convenience. Kids should go into the sand on their own and without falling, without frightening their parents.
  2. Safety. It is necessary to ensure that direct sunlight does not penetrate into the sandbox. It is advisable to protect it from animals who like to use such places for their natural needs.


    Even a primitive canopy in a sandbox will keep your child healthy

  3. Benefit. Just playing in the sand is boring. There are benches nearby, stands for impromptu games and the like.

Here's what it takes to make a simple and inexpensive sandbox in-house:

  • boards (even cheap fence boards are suitable);
  • timber (5x5 cm is enough);
  • carpentry tools;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws (preferably hardened);
  • measuring instruments;
  • stain;
  • door hinges;
  • sandpaper;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • welding machine;
  • shovels.

Step-by-step instruction

The approximate size is 2 by 2 meters. Even for three children, this will be enough. We make four shields. We simply attach the sanded boards to the bars, keeping the board level. We prepare four shields and fix the blanks in a square.

Sandbox frame
Sandbox frame

The frame is simply fastened with self-tapping screws.

Then we work according to the plan:

  1. Create the stiffening edges.

    Strengthening the corners of the sandbox
    Strengthening the corners of the sandbox

    We strengthen the corners with the remains of the timber

  2. We paint the sandbox in advance with a harmless protective agent.

    Sandbox parts protection
    Sandbox parts protection

    Protecting the sandbox: covering all parts with several layers of protective agent

  3. We equip a protective cover by nailing one or two boards onto the frame. From above, we simply fix the most common wicket hinges.

    Sandbox lid hinges
    Sandbox lid hinges

    We mount the lid or ceiling on the simplest cheapest hinges

  4. We simply fasten the improvised doors with a bar.

    Sandbox cover
    Sandbox cover

    The doors or the lid on the inside must be fixed with board scraps or short bars

  5. We are preparing the site. We dig the soil to the depth of the protruding legs.

    Sandbox installation
    Sandbox installation

    We mount the sandbox only after the structure itself is fully ready

  6. We fill in the dried and sifted sand to the very side.

    Sand filling in the sandbox
    Sand filling in the sandbox

    It is better to pour the sand gradually, carefully sifting from the debris

As you can see, the design is not at all complicated and affordable. Everyone decides for himself what kind of sandbox he needs, and determines its size. As for the financial side of the issue, all the material, including paint, will cost no more than 4 thousand rubles.

Video: do-it-yourself children's sandbox

Correct location

It is better to perform a playground for adults on the smoothest possible surface so as not to do landscape work again.

Children's sports and playgrounds are arranged according to the following rules:

  1. We need to arrange shading. Preschool children need constant supervision, even on their own playground it is better to make sure that direct sunlight does not penetrate into the area of ​​the sandbox or horizontal bars.
  2. You can put only equipment for sports, if the child is not fond of games.
  3. Kids under 7 years old need more elements to develop coordination, and those who are already in school need team play equipment or devices.
  4. No trees should be planted within the nearest 3-4 meters from swings, courts and horizontal bars.
  5. It is advisable to cover the floor or a small area of ​​the children's play area with crumb rubber. More precisely, a coating made of it. Then broken knees will be a thing of the past.

Universal elements for any venue

Any playground or sports ground can be equipped with:

  • horizontal bars;
  • swing.

The horizontal bar is best done for several ages. It is desirable to place in a cascade. In the work, they usually use a homemade steel structure or, which is quite expensive, they buy it in a specialized store. Of course, it's best to make your own reliable and durable sports equipment. For this we need to purchase:

  1. Two support pipes with a diameter of 120 mm.
  2. One steel pipe, easy to wrap with your hands (diameter 30–40 mm).
  3. Welding machine.
  4. Support material. Any piece of metal dug into the ground will do.

Let's do it very simply:

  1. We weld the crossbeam onto the supporting parts from above, or drill holes with a diameter of 30–40 mm in the pipes, so that later the element can be properly welded.
  2. At the very bottom of the two pipes, we make supports. Usually this is one or two pieces of iron that will be dug into the ground for overall structural stability.
  3. We dig the trench required in depth.
  4. We install the horizontal bar frame in it so as to withstand the vertical. For the adult version of the projectile, it is desirable to make the crossbar higher than two and a half meters, for the children's horizontal bar, the height starts from one meter.

    Children's horizontal bars
    Children's horizontal bars

    Crossbars are designed more often for school age

  5. It is advisable, but not necessary, to fill the horizontal bar with cement mortar.

You can arrange everything even easier:

Horizontal bar
Horizontal bar

For exercise, two trees are enough, on which it is easy to fix the crossbar

Video: do-it-yourself universal playground

The planning and construction of sports grounds includes the calculation of the free area, the correct arrangement of the playing elements and DIY work. Of course, a beautiful wooden or plastic complex that meets all standards cannot be built just like that. But that's the only item worth spending on besides coverage. After all, the health of the whole family and safe outdoor activities are more important.

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