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New Year's Home Decor: Decorating The Interior, Including Windows And A Table (photo, Video)
New Year's Home Decor: Decorating The Interior, Including Windows And A Table (photo, Video)
Video: New Year's Home Decor: Decorating The Interior, Including Windows And A Table (photo, Video)
Video: Home Decorating Ideas for New Year 2023, February

How to decorate a house for the holiday: New Year's interior decor

christmas decor photo
christmas decor photo

New Year is one of the most important holidays for every family, and it will come very soon. Of course, we want this celebration to become unforgettable, so that it will delight our family and friends not only with gifts, but also with the festive spirit that hovers in and around the house.

Therefore, we try to decorate our home according to tradition. Usually, Christmas decorations, garlands, streamers help us with this - everything that we have got used to over the years. But sometimes you really want to surprise your guests and loved ones with something new, original and unusual!

We will help you arrange New Year's decor at home with your own hands and show you a few simple and at the same time original ideas that will turn a familiar environment into a fairy tale and give you a New Year's mood for a long time.


  • 1 What is important to know about pre-New Year interior decoration?
  • 2 We make Christmas decorations with our own hands
  • 3 Handicraft techniques that will help make the holiday bright
  • 4 We use natural materials: wood in New Year's decor
  • 5 We lay the New Year's table: a holiday in every little detail
  • 6 New Year's illumination: candles are a traditional lighting option
  • 7 Video about interior decoration for the new year

What is important to know about pre-New Year interior decoration?

People tend to gravitate towards something mystical, mysterious, determining fate. Therefore, we so willingly adopted the so-called eastern calendar, which connects each year with some animal. These animals have their own characteristics, characters, hobbies, and all this should be taken into account in the New Year's interior decor.

For example, the coming 2015 is considered the year of the Sheep, and during this period the Sheep loves wood and blue. Therefore, we recommend to give preference to shades of blue in the clothes and decor of the New Year's table, and to use natural wood for interior decoration and toys - branches, spruce and pine cones, or boards from which you can cut thematic figures. Such improvised tools will easily provide you with everything you need, and with a little imagination and creativity, you will save money and time.

Don't use exotic chic and unusual methods this year. Our heroine prefers traditional decorations familiar to our area. And to make them original, we will make them with our own hands. So the decorations and decorative elements will look unusual, non-standard and amazing.

new year interior decor
new year interior decor

And, of course, the most important attribute of the New Year's holiday is a fluffy Christmas tree, which should be given the most noticeable place in the house. Therefore, it is very important that the tree is decorated in the same style as the rest of the interior.

We make Christmas decorations with our own hands

Surely, you have several sets of Christmas tree decorations that you have been using for many years. Many of them are passed down from generation to generation, and there may be real rare specimens. But even such a collection needs to be updated. New Christmas tree decorations are not difficult to buy, but they are expensive and are sold out very quickly. In addition, not everyone has the opportunity to go shopping before the holiday in search of the best options.

It is in this case that imagination and improvised means will come to our aid. In a short time, without leaving your home, with your family, you will provide yourself with magnificent original decorations that are guaranteed to make the style of your home different from others

christmas home decor
christmas home decor
  1. Fabric is a versatile material, and it is perfect for jewelry. Plus, it can be used in many different ways. Buy the cheapest plastic toys and cover them with pieces or strips of cloth. Most importantly, the colors should be bright and the patterns expressive. Beads, sequins, beads will be an addition.
  2. Bows are also an essential attribute of decorating a Christmas tree. For them, you can use both ready-made ribbons and pieces of fabric.
  3. Paper has been used for making Christmas tree decorations since time immemorial. Do you remember how you cut snowflakes from napkins as a child? They were used mainly for New Year's window decoration. But you can collect whole garlands from such snowflakes that will decorate the walls, ceiling, furniture and, of course, the Christmas tree! There are many techniques for cutting these snowflakes. In addition, use heavyweight paper and brightly colored cardboard to cut out sheep figurines and appliqu├ęs.

Handicraft techniques to help make the holiday bright

Hand-made has firmly entered our life and surrounds us everywhere, even if we do not notice it. Needlework is not just a fashionable hobby. This is a hobby that helps you relax, unwind, spend time with benefit, learn something new and even capitalize on your skills. Modern handicraft is a variety of methods and ways to decorate a house for any occasion. Well, how not to apply them for New Year's interior decor?

The most common and simple ways to help you make toys and decor items are:

  • sewing;
  • embroidery;
  • knitting;
  • Crochet.

Much more sophisticated techniques can be used. If you are passionate about needlework, then you will surely choose the most suitable and convenient way for you.

new year interior decor
new year interior decor

Needlewomen advise using fabric for more complex, but also original decorations. Make balls in the patchwork style or sew themed figures: Christmas trees, animals. A few simple patterns and a couple of evenings at the sewing machine will provide you with a set of original unusual toys.

Threads and thin strips of fabric can be used to create three-dimensional shapes such as balls. Take a simple balloon, inflate it to the desired size, cover the surface with glue. Gently wind the threads and strips of fabric in random order and leave for a few hours. After the glue dries, blow off the ball, remove it from the composition. Use office glue or PVA, they hold their shape firmly enough and do not leave visible marks after drying.

Cross stitch is very popular now. Using simple patterns, you can embroider bright New Year's patterns and decorate toys, garlands, napkins and tablecloths, sofa cushions with them. Of course, embroidering will take you a long time, but it will be worth it!

new year interior decor
new year interior decor

Knitting is a real klondike for handmade lovers! With knitting needles, you can knit cushion covers with themed designs very quickly. And the magic hook will create for you many figurines that can be used as Christmas tree decorations and functional decorative elements. For example, small knitted sheep will not only decorate your home, but also become a good gift for guests. And crocheted snowflakes can be used both for New Year's window decoration and as garlands.

We use natural materials: wood in New Year's decor

The Christmas tree is not the only element that will add a festive atmosphere to your home. It is necessary that as many things as possible remind that this fluffy forest dweller is the mistress of the New Year. Therefore, we use cones and Christmas tree branches so that the coniferous aroma and traditional decorations remind us of the celebration every minute.

christmas wreath of branches
christmas wreath of branches

The most common way to decorate New Years from branches is to create a Christmas wreath. Such decoration is traditionally used by Catholics, but in our country it is also increasingly used in the design of festive interiors. For such a wreath you will need:

  • spruce or thuja branches;
  • decorative ribbons;
  • Christmas balls;
  • bells;
  • cones;
  • threads;
  • glue or stapler.

Making such a wreath is quite simple. Fasten the branches with threads to each other, connect them in a circle. In order for the composition to acquire the necessary rigidity, you can use thick copper or aluminum wire as a frame. Wrap tape around the branches, secure from the inside with a stapler or glue. Arrange the balls of the same size evenly and strengthen them. Instead of balls, you can use cones colored with glitter. If you want, alternate cones and balls. The bells are hung on the upper center point of the wreath.

A small driftwood or a thick curved branch, peeled, carefully polished and varnished, can also be a great decoration. Use ribbon, candles and a couple of toys to decorate it. Such a branch can simply be placed in the middle of the festive table as a central element.

christmas decor from cones
christmas decor from cones

Pine cone decorations aren't just limited to being used in a Christmas wreath. Cones, painted in different colors and sprinkled with glitter, can be used as Christmas tree decorations, window decorations, and a festive table. Arrange cones under the tree in a chaotic manner, or fill vases and candy bowls with them and place them in corners, on shelves, coffee tables.

We lay the New Year's table: a holiday in every little detail

On New Year's Eve, it is the festive table that will become the main one in your home. Guests will gather behind it, the best dishes and champagne will be on it, toasts and good wishes will be pronounced behind it. Therefore, the design of the table must be treated responsibly and creatively.

As we pay attention to which animal the coming year belongs to, we will use appropriate colors and elements. Our sheep loves the color blue, so tablecloths, napkins, chair covers should be kept in contrasting white and blue colors. Images of trees may predominate as pictures. For example, spruce or spruce branches embroidered with a cross.

Use the Christmas theme to decorate dishes such as glasses, wine glasses, and bottles. Paints, beads, beads, fabric, ribbons will help you with this.

christmas decor bottles
christmas decor bottles

New Year's decor of champagne bottles is very popular and quite simple. Here's what you can do:

  • tie the bottle with ribbons or strips of fabric, fasten a bow on the neck;
  • stick a New Year card instead of a label;
  • decoupage the bottle;
  • paint the surface with acrylic paints and sprinkle with glitter;
  • sew an original cover, decorating it with embroidery, beads or knitted toys.

Ikebana or small bouquets of fresh flowers will be an excellent addition to the decor of the New Year's table.

New Year's illumination: candles are a traditional lighting option

Is it possible to imagine a festive table without the romantic flickering of candles? A real fire, enclosed in a beautiful form, will decorate the interior and give a special spirit to this solemn night. You can make candles with your own hands, it is very simple and fun.

christmas decor photo
christmas decor photo
  1. Prepare the molds to use for your candles. You can purchase ready-made forms in the store, or take old figures of animals, Christmas trees, Santa Claus. Cover the surface with a greasy cream and place in a cast.
  2. For wax, melt regular candles in a water bath. Take paint or crayons for coloring and glitter.
  3. Pour the prepared wax into plaster molds, insert the wick and place in the freezer for several hours until it solidifies completely.
  4. After the candles are solidified in the molds, remove them and paint. You can add paints to the wax beforehand, before filling the molds. In this case, you need to carefully control the mixing.

Photos of New Year's decor presented in this article will help you choose the most suitable interior decoration options.

Video about decorating the interior for the new year

There is very little time left until the New Year, and we hope that our easy-to-follow recommendations will help you decorate your home quickly and easily for this wonderful holiday. Share with us in the comments your decor ideas that you have used before. Let's make this wonderful event extraordinary, original and fabulous together! Good luck, happiness and comfort to your home in the New Year!

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