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Christmas Divination For The Betrothed
Christmas Divination For The Betrothed

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Christmas tradition: guessing at the betrothed

Christmas divination
Christmas divination

Despite the diligent efforts of the church, she did not succeed in eradicating the girl's fortune-telling on Christmas Eve. With the advent of Christianity, the girls continued to look behind the curtain of the future, hoping to find out the name of their betrothed. The churchmen gave up and decided that, since the evil spirits lose their power on Christmas night, then fortune telling at this time can be considered just harmless fun.

Preparing for fortune telling

All the fortune-telling listed below must be done on Christmas Eve - the night between January 6 and 7. So that no extra vibrations interfere with the prediction, you need to prepare:

  • remove all jewelry. Bracelets, earrings and rings serve as amulets and protect against the influence of otherworldly forces. If they are left in place, the spirits will not be able to tell the girl the secrets of the future, no matter how hard she tries;
  • dissolve the hair;
  • untie all the knots on the clothes (for example, the belt of the robe);
  • wash your face;
  • focus on the image of the betrothed. It is very important not to imagine someone specific, otherwise fortune telling will not work.

Christmas divination for the betrothed

There are a lot of fortune-telling that will allow you to find out something about the future lover:

  • fortune telling with a shoe is the most famous. The slipper, of course, can be replaced with a shoe or even a slipper. Throw the chosen shoes over your shoulder (check in advance that there is nothing fragile behind your back). The toe of the shoe will indicate in which side the betrothed lives;
  • divination with wax will require you to be able to recognize images and symbols. Take a glass or bowl of cold water. Light a candle over it and drop a few drops of melted wax into a container, saying: "Burn, burn, candle, drown, drown, wax." In the outlines of a frozen figure, you can see the image of the betrothed or see symbols that are directly related to him. It could be the first letter of his name, a sign of his profession, or just a swirl that, for some reason, will remind you of a particular person;

    Divination with wax and water
    Divination with wax and water

    Drip as much wax as you think is necessary - intuition will guide you during fortune-telling

  • fortune-telling with an egg is similar to the previous version with wax. An egg is broken over a transparent container with water and the protein is poured into it. Protein swirls can be interpreted as a symbol or image. For example, the shape of the church can tell a young girl about an imminent wedding. If the squirrel in a shapeless mass immediately sank to the bottom, it means that the fortuneteller is destined for the fate of the old maid.

How to see the groom in the mirror

Fortune telling with a mirror has always been rightfully considered the most creepy. It is believed that devils can come instead of the betrothed. If the unclean person likes the house, she will stay with the careless fortune-teller.

Divination by the betrothed with a mirror
Divination by the betrothed with a mirror

It is best to guess with a mirror in an uninhabited room so that the evil spirits do not want to stay

The girl is wondering with a mirror all alone, in a dark room, lit only by candles:

  • mirrored corridor. Place two mirrors of different sizes opposite each other (the smaller one should be closer to you), and a lit candle between them. Say: "Come to me, my betrothed," and gaze deeply into the depths of the mirror corridor. Soon you will be able to make out the outline of the groom's face. As soon as you look at it, say: "Chur me!" So that the image disappears;

    Mirror corridor with a candle
    Mirror corridor with a candle

    To make fortune telling, you need to take two immaculately clean mirrors

  • fortune telling with a mirror and a candle. Place a lighted candle in front of the mirror on the table. Sit opposite and gaze silently at the reflection of the room behind you. The betrothed will appear behind your shoulder and begin to come closer. Don't turn around. Say: “Keep away from this place!” Until he came close to make the image disappear. It is believed that the vision can leave some kind of gift on the table. You can look at it and take it only after the image has completely dissipated;
  • divination on the water. Take a wide, shallow bowl of water. Place it in front of a mirror, and place three candles around the container. Look into the reflection of the mirror in the water surface. Soon you will see the face of the betrothed there. When finished, say: "Chur me!";
  • fortune telling at the intersection. For this prediction to work, the weather must be clear and the month must be visible at midnight on Christmas Eve. Take a pocket mirror and go to any intersection. Stand with your back to the moon and look at it in the mirror. He will say, “The betrothed, the disguised, appear to me in the mirror,” and soon you will see the image of your future husband over your shoulder. As always, when finishing your fortune-telling, say: "Keep me out!"

Divination in a dream

Traditionally, all dreams on Christmas Eve are considered prophetic, therefore fortune-telling in a dream can be called the most reliable:

  • if you spend the night with your mother on Christmas Eve, you can secretly put a flat frying pan under her bed, saying at the same time: "The betrothed, disguised, come to the mother-in-law for pancakes!" The next morning, the mother should be asked if she dreamed of any men;
  • choose an action that the betrothed will have to do with you in a dream. It must require some kind of object or tool. For example, brushing and washing will be good actions. Place the item that your betrothed will need under the pillow (such as a hairbrush or soap). Going to bed, say: "The betrothed, the mummer, come …" and add why he should come and what you want him to do. In a dream, a man will appear who will perform this action;
  • if you have cockroaches, you can use them for fortune telling. Catch one pest, plant it in a box and place it next to the bed. Before going to bed, say: "Tarakashka-many-legged, lead to the terem-teremok." In a dream, you will see a cockroach that will show you the way. Follow him and try to remember the place where he will lead you. This will be the home of your future husband;
  • Eat something salty before bed to make you thirsty. When you go to bed, ask your betrothed to come and give you water. In a dream, a man will appear who will fulfill this request - he will be your spouse. Note that this method of divination can lead to restless dreams and awakening in the middle of the night from thirst.
Divination in a dream
Divination in a dream

Even without special preparation on Christmas Eve, you may dream of a future groom, if, going to bed, you tune in to meet him

Fortune telling on the betrothed can be fun girlish fun or a serious prediction. To interpret it correctly, you need to let your intuition guide you, relax your mind, and perceive signs and symbols as something deeper than simple images.

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