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How To Choose A Beard Trimmer: Which Device Is Better, An Overview Of Types, How To Use It Correctly, A Comparison With An Electric Shaver
How To Choose A Beard Trimmer: Which Device Is Better, An Overview Of Types, How To Use It Correctly, A Comparison With An Electric Shaver

Video: How To Choose A Beard Trimmer: Which Device Is Better, An Overview Of Types, How To Use It Correctly, A Comparison With An Electric Shaver

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Choosing a good beard and mustache trimmer

Beard and mustache trimmer
Beard and mustache trimmer

Many men wear mustaches and beards for charm and solidity. To look good, you need facial hair care, this problem is successfully solved by trimmers - devices for cutting hair. In order to be able to correct the shape and length of the mustache or beard, you need to choose the right device.


  • 1 Mustache and beard trimmer: how it differs from an electric shaver
  • 2 Criteria for choosing a trimmer

    • 2.1 Types of mustache and beard trimmers

      2.1.1 Leading trimmer manufacturers

    • 2.2 Adjusting the cutting length
    • 2.3 Set with nozzles
    • 2.4 Vacuum cut hair removal system
    • 2.5 Type of power supply, charging time and autonomous operation of the device
    • 2.6 Machine blade
    • 2.7 Options, other device parameters

      2.7.1 Video: beard trimmer - which one to choose

  • 3 Reviews
  • 4 How to use the trimmer when caring for a beard and mustache

    4.1 Video: how to shave and care for a beard

  • 5 Caring for the trimmer: cleaning and washing

Mustache and beard trimmer: how it differs from an electric shaver

The trimmer is a handy small device that allows you to remove hair from different parts of the body. They get trims, haircuts and shaves. There are special devices for the care of a mustache, beard, sideburns and other areas. The main difference between an electric shaver and a trimmer is that the first one cannot work with long bristles. The working surface of the electric shaver has a round or rectangular mesh. The use of heads of this type does not allow you to make even and clear contours. The trimmer is equipped with a sharp comb that can do the job.

The features and compact dimensions of the working surface do not allow using the trimmer as the only device for hair care. This is because the appliance cannot shave properly. But it is indispensable for those who wish to have a beautiful mustache or beard.

Beard trimmer
Beard trimmer

The trimmer allows you to trim your mustache and beard to create your own unique look

This apparatus is used to a lesser extent for shaving, its main purpose is to create a "hair" for the face. Thanks to the appearance of trimmers, men have the opportunity to experiment on their appearance - to create a small stubble or a neat beard that is fashionable these days.

The disadvantage of the trimmer is that it requires careful maintenance for stable operation. Knife drive mechanisms require systematic cleaning and lubrication. With the help of an electric shaver, you can achieve a good clean shave, and the procedure itself does not take much time. In addition, the possibility of getting microtrauma is minimized. The conclusion suggests itself: fans of a well-groomed neat beard need a trimmer, and those who prefer a minimum of hair on their face need a razor.

For those who want to use the properties of both devices to model a mustache or beard, a combined device is suitable - an electric shaver with a trimmer.

Trimmer selection criteria

When choosing a trimmer, do not focus on the price and appearance of the device. These parameters still do not guarantee quality, sometimes a "penny" device works no worse than an expensive device of this type.

Experts advise to be guided by a number of simple criteria:

  • functionality and auxiliary options;
  • a set of replaceable nozzles;
  • maximum and minimum cut length and number of levels;
  • the presence of a vacuum system for removing cut hairs;
  • type of power supply, the possibility of autonomous operation and recharging;
  • the quality of the installed blade, the possibility of its replacement;
  • accessories for cleaning, especially the care of equipment;
  • ergonomics and comfort when using the device;
  • service services.

When choosing a tool, you need to take into account the stiffness of the hair and its density. For soft hair, an inexpensive device with average technical performance is suitable. Coarse and unmanageable hair requires a device with higher quality characteristics.

Mustache and beard trimmer types

Manufacturers offer three groups of devices:

  1. Homemade. In a number of parameters, they are similar to professional devices, but they are designed for more rare use and are cheaper. In home trimmers, a small-width knife with teeth is usually installed. Using such a tool is simple and convenient.
  2. Professional. Such devices are used in hairdressing and beauty salons. They are used to ennoble mustaches, sideburns, beards and other procedures. These tools are expensive and can work for a long time without recharging. They have a large number of functions, additional attachments, heads and a decent service life. In everyday life, they are rarely used due to the rather high cost.
  3. Universal. These machines are used not only for the care of the beard and mustache, with their help you can make a fashionable hairstyle. To trim the hair of the head, just install another head. When choosing a trimmer from this group, you should not purchase the cheapest model, most likely, its service life will be short.

    Beard Mustache Trimmers
    Beard Mustache Trimmers

    Manufacturers offer a wide range of mustache and beard trimmers, including tools for home and professional use, as well as versatile tools for trimming any hair on the head.

Leading trimmer manufacturers

Trimmer manufacturers are ranked based on user feedback. On the positive side, the following brands have proven themselves:

  • Philips. It is a well-known company in the hairdressing equipment market. Philips BT 7210 and QT 4015 machines can work for a long time without recharging in any conditions;
  • Braun. A German company engaged in the production and development of hairdressing equipment. Its flagship product - Braun BT 5030 - is quite expensive, but of high quality, has a long service life. Therefore, this trimmer is often used in hairdressing and beauty salons;

    Braun BT 5030
    Braun BT 5030

    The Braun BT 5030 trimmer is mainly used in salons and hairdressing salons, because it belongs to professional models and is quite expensive

  • Panasonic. In the rating of devices, one cannot ignore the products of this company. For regular use, Panasonic products, for example, the ER-GB37 model, are suitable not only in terms of price, but also in terms of performance and quality.

The listed manufacturers supply products in which quality and price are in perfect harmony. It is also important that the trimmers of these companies are provided with the appropriate service.

Adjusting the length of the haircut

This is one of the parameters of the machine, on the size and limits of which the ability to create the desired image depends. Correction of the length of the hair to be cut depends on the capabilities of the device and can be in the range of 1–20 mm.

You can adjust the cutting height by installing different attachments, but this method is considered less effective. It complicates the selection of the required length and does not make it possible to remove all the hairs of the bristles. Most trimmers have a cutting height adjustment function. In modern cars, it changes with a switch. For example, in the Philips BT 7210, you can adjust the hair length in the range of 0.5-10 mm, with the adjustment step being half a millimeter.

Trimmer Philips BT 7210
Trimmer Philips BT 7210

Owners of the Philips BT 7210 trimmer have the ability to adjust the height of the hair cut within 0.5-10 mm

There are models with a pitch of 0.2 mm. The value of the adjusted length is visible on the body of the device. Depending on your desire, you can create the effect of a well-groomed stubble many days ago. By using the hair length level switch on the trimmer, you can achieve the desired degree of unshave. For example, some Philips hair clippers have up to 18 levels of hair cut length.

PHILIPS QG3335 / 15
PHILIPS QG3335 / 15

The Philips PHILIPS QG3335 / 15 universal trimmer has 18 cut length adjustments and can be used to trim mustache, beard and head hair

Thanks to this function, you can quickly process any, even hard-to-reach areas of the face oval.

Complete set with nozzles

The number of attachments in the kit characterizes the functionality of the device. Each replacement tip is designed for a specific task. Of course, if you are only going to trim your mustache, one nozzle will be enough, but for those who want to have a multifunctional apparatus, the presence of various nozzles and heads will solve many issues. True, the cost of such a device will increase significantly. Manufacturers offer nozzles and heads for the following tasks:

  • removal of hairs from the ear, nose;
  • correction of hair on the head;
  • creating the desired shape of a mustache, beard;
  • haircuts sideburns, eyebrows, etc.

    Philips MG 7730/15
    Philips MG 7730/15

    The Philips MG 7730/15 trimmer is one of the record holders for the number of attachments: with integrated blades, it has 16 different options for caring for vegetation all over the body

Adjustable nozzles are conventionally divided into the following types:

  • for beards up to 35 mm long;
  • for a short beard and mustache 1.5–18 mm;
  • for bristles 0.5–5 mm.

Cut hair vacuum removal system

On the latest models of trimmers, an interesting function for users has appeared - a system for removing cut hair. Vacuum suction makes the procedure more hygienic. Previously, trimming beards, sideburns and mustaches was accompanied by a chaotic scatter of hair. Now, thanks to the proposed option, they fall into the existing container. At the end of the cut, the container is opened and the hair is removed into a trash bag or bucket. This is at least convenient and saves time for cleaning.

Vacuum trimmer
Vacuum trimmer

Trimmers with a vacuum cleaning system have a special compartment through which, at the end of the work, you can remove all cut hair

Power type, charging time and autonomous operation of the device

The trimmers can be operated from the mains, accumulators and batteries.

  1. Electric cars are not limited in time. The disadvantage of this device is the small length of the power cord, which, no doubt, will interfere with cutting. When buying, pay attention to this parameter, the optimal size of the cord should be 2-3 meters.
  2. Battery and rechargeable trimmers are convenient in places where there is no power supply (fishing, hiking, etc.). In everyday life, it is inconvenient and unprofitable. Most often, preference is given to the combined option, when there are two types of power supply: from the mains and the built-in battery. Modern models can be used for battery life ranging from forty minutes to one hour.
  3. It will be even more convenient if you buy a device with a battery that will work immediately after connecting to the network. In this case, you do not have to wait until it is charged, since the time for a full recharge sometimes reaches four hours.

In recent years, cars have appeared that can work offline for up to 75 minutes. There is also a budget trimmer model, in which the battery capacity lasts for half an hour. An equally important factor is the charging time of the device. When choosing a device, you need to know if it is possible to quickly charge the battery.

Machine blade

The blade is an important part of the trimmer. Its service life depends on the quality of the material from which it is made. Usually blades are made of titanium or diamond coated stainless steel, ceramic or a mixture of ceramic and titanium. Knives made of ordinary steel will quickly become dull, and it is impossible to sharpen them yourself. It will be difficult to acquire spare ones due to the high price and periodic absence from sale.

Self-sharpening blades are considered the best option. They serve for a long time and do not require practically any maintenance other than standard cleaning.

Self-sharpening blades
Self-sharpening blades

Self-sharpening blades are made from non-uniformly hardened steel so that the cutting edge is always sharp

Options, other device parameters

There are quite a few additional options, and we are not talking about those available for some money, but about the built-in functions of the device. In their essence, they are all useful and provide additional usability. Therefore, when choosing, you need to know whether you need them or not, since it is impossible to refuse them within a specific model.

Among them are:

  • built-in backlight;
  • laser pointer;
  • indicator for determining the degree of battery charge;
  • used voltage step switch and other functions.

Others include the ability to power from the cigarette lighter. This is especially convenient for those traveling and spending a long time in the car. It is also convenient and comfortable if the model is equipped with replaceable blades, wet cleaning is possible and there are other functions that facilitate the use and maintenance of the trimmer.

Video: beard trimmer - which one to choose


How to use the trimmer when caring for a beard and mustache

The trimmer is an important element of men's everyday life. It makes it possible to take care of the overgrown beard and make the appearance well-groomed and respectable. In addition, there is no need to waste time and money at hairdressing salons, especially since using the trimmer is quite easy. The operating procedure for this device is as follows.

  1. Decide on the length of the mustache and beard you want. Then set the trimmer to the desired cutting level or select the attachment. If there is no vacuum collector for cut hair, you must put a container in front of you to collect them. Lubricate the device with oil if provided in the instructions. To do this, put a few drops on the blade of the knives and let the apparatus work. Use the grease supplied in the kit, if it is not available, you can use WD-40.

    Preparing the trimmer
    Preparing the trimmer

    Prepare the trimmer for work and set it to the desired cutting height

  2. Start shaving with long hair. To remove them, start the procedure with the nozzle No. 3 or by setting the regulator to the maximum required height. If the change in the length of the mustache or beard has stopped, go to attachment number 2 (reduce the cutting height to 3-4 mm). To achieve the desired result, the trimmer must be held at an angle to the flat part of the face. After giving the facial hair the required shape, change the attachment to a short one and proceed to shaving the neck. We start from the Adam's apple and move to the chin. Using attachment # 1, you can leave a small beard under the jaw. Shave the neck in the Adam's apple with the zero attachment of the device.
  3. We carry out shading. It is produced with a trimmer without attachments:

    • we take the comb with our left hand, the index finger is located on the teeth, while the thumb lies on the back;
    • we introduce a comb at a certain angle into the hair on the neck;
    • Cut off the hair protruding along the surface of the comb through the teeth with a trimmer.

      Beard shading
      Beard shading

      To carry out shading of the beard, a special comb is required, which limits the range of the trimmer

  4. We make the edging. Edging or trimming the lower hairline is an important element of any haircut. Depending on the type, she is responsible for the "torn" or flowing hairstyle. In addition, with its help, they smooth out the shortcomings and imperfections made during the haircut. They do it, as a rule, at the finishing stage, however, in some cases it is required at the beginning. The machine is held in such a way that the knives are perpendicular to the processing area. Hair can be cut at the root using a shaving head. A prerequisite is that you need to shave against the growth of hairs.

    Beard edging
    Beard edging

    When making edging, the trimmer must be held perpendicular to the area to be treated.

  5. At the end of the mustache and beard trimming, turn off the device and clean it with the brush that comes with the kit.

When working, the trimmer must be held at one angle to the skin, the movements must be smooth, slow and long

Video: how to shave and care for a beard

Trimmer care: cleaning and washing

In order for the equipment to serve longer, it must be disassembled and cleaned from hairs, if recommended by the manufacturer. The instructions detail the disassembly and assembly of parts of the device. To care for the trimmer, you need to perform a number of simple operations:

  1. Shake fine hairs from the trimmer into a bucket or waste bag. To do this, you need to remove the plastic attachment and the head with knives.
  2. With a brush (in the set), remove the remaining hairs in the head, clean the grooves of the knives with a cotton swab.
  3. Wash the attachments with soap and warm water.
  4. Reinstall the blade head.
  5. Grease the trimmer blades with oil, remove excess grease with a dry cloth or cloth.

A good trimmer should have a combined power type, preferably with a quick recharge function. The battery life must be at least 40 minutes. Preference is given to devices with self-sharpening blades. The length adjustment should have a minimum tuning step. These parameters are enough to purchase a machine of normal quality and average price. The rest of the options are at your discretion and financial capabilities.

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