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Women's Trimmer For The Bikini Area: Which Is Better To Choose And How To Use, Comparison With An Epilator + Reviews And Videos
Women's Trimmer For The Bikini Area: Which Is Better To Choose And How To Use, Comparison With An Epilator + Reviews And Videos

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Time to Shine: Choosing a Women's Bikini Trimmer

Smooth skin gives confidence
Smooth skin gives confidence

Summer, sun, sea, beach … I want to feel like Aphrodite emerging from the foam, and not shyly wrap myself in a pareo. Coco Chanel said: "Luxury is when the wrong side is as beautiful as the face." And even though Madame was talking about clothes, the beauty of the skin plays an important role in this. Well-groomed is also part of the style, even in secluded places that no one sees. She fills with inner strength, confidence in her irresistibility. Nothing that a salon master is not available to all of us. To put yourself in order, you can even do without a mirror, soap and water. You just need to use the ladies' bikini trimmer.


  • 1 Specificity of the bikini trimmer
  • 2 Choosing a female device for modeling the intimate zone

    • 2.1 Types of trimmer power
    • 2.2 Nozzles are needed
    • 2.3 Reviews of popular models
  • 3 Compare: trimmer or epilator
  • 4 We use and care for
  • 5 Video: how to use the device
  • 6 Safety instructions for battery models

Bikini trimmer specifics

If you are going to buy a trimmer for the intimate area, you should understand: this is not a razor, not a machine or an epilator. This is another hair removal tool. The razor and machine will cut off the hairs at the edge of the skin, the epilator will simply pull out by the root. It would seem, what else is needed? Perfect smoothness is obtained, the result is in the right place, as they say, there. Everything would be great, but for the skin it is a real shock. Remember the ad “it's me, your stomach, and I'm irritated”? She, too, is irritated and sends a signal in the form of pain, itching and nasty red dots. In addition, you can also cut yourself by opening the gate for infection.

With a trimmer, this will not happen. The blades of this small clipper do not touch the skin, so they will cut hairs with a small residue of 0.2-0.8 mm. Yes, perfect smoothness in this case does not work. But pain, irritation and ingrown hairs are absolutely excluded, which is a real gift for a sensitive delicate zone. The procedure is easy and pleasant. The Women's Bikini Trimmer is designed to make grooming in hard-to-reach places safe and comfortable. Therefore, the width of the cutting part is only 20–35 mm, and the handle is bent at a slight angle for maximum precision of movements. And believe me, skin with residual hairs of 0.2–0.5 mm looks aesthetically pleasing.

Bikini trimmer
Bikini trimmer

Bikini trimmer does not irritate the skin

Ease of use and fast results are the watchword of any trimmer. With its help, they carry out:

  • trimming;
  • shaving:
  • styling.

The principle of operation is simple. A bikini trimmer attachment is put on the basic shaving head. She trims hair to a predetermined minimum length. If the kit includes replaceable nozzles - combs, they are put on over the nozzle - trimmer and get other lengths, for example, 3 mm and 5 mm. The final stage becomes "the cherry on the cake", when the attachments are removed and the shaving head "zero" pass along the contours.

Comb attachment
Comb attachment

Attachment - trimmer comb does not scratch skin

Devices are distinguished by the type of care:

  • dry. It cannot be used on wet skin;
  • wet when the procedure is allowed to be carried out on wet skin.

Most often they produce female trimmers with a battery. They are included in the network for 12-16 hours, details are specified in the instructions. Charging is enough for an average of 30 minutes, which is enough for one haircut. Some models work 45-60 minutes without recharging. According to reviews, with frequent use, the trimmer copes in 10-15 minutes. Especially if it is designed for wet shaving when the procedure takes place in the shower. Steamed and pliable hairs are much easier to remove.

Cordless trimmer
Cordless trimmer

Battery trimmer works without recharging for at least 30 minutes

Another option is battery-powered devices, usually AA (R06, these are called finger-type). As a rule, the size of the cutting mesh is no more than 20 mm, which makes shaving take longer. This does not affect the quality, irritation does not remain. Such models easily fit in a cosmetic bag, and are always at hand at the right time. An example is the Veet Sensitive Precision trimmer for use on dry skin. Or the Philips BikiniGenie line of models, which differ only in the package. Unlike Veet, they support wet and dry shaving.

Trimmers Veet
Trimmers Veet

Battery operated trimmers fit easily in your purse

Battery-powered trimmers are convenient for travel enthusiasts. No attachment to the outlet, so it's easy to take care of yourself anywhere. These trimmers are equipped with a double-sided attachment for point hair removal on the face. In the bikini area, it is good to use it on the folds of the skin.

Choosing a female device for modeling the intimate zone

Before buying a trimmer, they determine what tasks it has to solve. Although someone chooses a typewriter because they liked the box or the appearance of the device. It always looks very beautiful, feminine. But it is better to approach like a man: consider in detail the type of food and equipment.

Trimmer power types

Based on the reviews, most of us choose cordless trimmers for the bikini area. First of all, because of the 25–35 mm wide shaving part. The bikini area is large. The trimmer is already quite time consuming, and with a narrow blade up to 20 mm, the procedure is even more delayed. And the battery model is also used to remove vegetation on the legs and armpits. In addition, there is a tangible difference in costs. Initially, this trimmer is certainly more expensive. But you will have to turn it on every 2-3 days. The cost of a rechargeable device does not change, and a device with a battery requires constant investments. It's one thing to turn it on for 5 minutes to touch up the eyebrows or shave off the antennae. Quite another is the treatment of the intimate area, which will take 30 minutes. Considering that expensive alkaline batteries are needed,with a high probability, a simple machine will soon take the place of the trimmer. And then - hello, red spots!

Trimmer Remington
Trimmer Remington

Cordless trimmer with accessory kit for all your bikini needs

For example, the Remington WPG 4035 Ultimate has received excellent reviews. This luxurious instrument with a rubberized handle is used in the shower, even with foam. A variety of attachments will cope with any task in the delicate area. The razor is particularly interesting - it has very sharp blades with an antibacterial nano-silver coating. The device weighing 120 grams is ready to work for 30 minutes without stopping to please the result. And all without pain, gentle and with absolute comfort.

If you still dwell on a compact battery-powered version, then you should consider the proposals of serious brands. In their models, the sharpness of the blades is part of the company's reputation, so the cutting process is faster. For example, Braun has launched the Silk-epil FG 1100 ballpoint pen-sized styler to create a neat and attractive bikini area. Continuous operation from a standard AAA battery (R03, they are also called little fingers) is 120 minutes. The special T-shaped attachment will help create clear contours in the bikini area. Also included is a special ultra-precise head for spot removal and 2 combs for hair lengths of 5 and 8 mm. Designed to remove hair on dry skin, does not cause irritation and subsequent ingrown hairs. And yes, 10 stickers are included to create a spicy drawing.

Braun trimmer
Braun trimmer

When choosing a model, it is better to trust a trusted brand

Inexpensive devices from batteries in the vast majority of cases are bought for facial hair removal. The reviews are enthusiastic, because you can make beautiful eyebrows in several movements. The bikini procedure is often criticized. It is noted that the haircut is long and of poor quality. True, many expect the effect of a trimmer, as after an epilator, but for a much lower price. They are not going to switch to such devices from other methods of depilation, but they admit: for a vacation, it is a win-win option. At the same time, you can please your husband by trimming the haircut line on the neck and temples.

Different nozzles are needed

The package bundle affects the price, so you should pay due attention to it.

  • For example, if you are only interested in a trimmer attachment, there is no need to pay for a model with advanced functionality. However, not all women (secretly, men too) love a completely smooth bikini area. Then choose the option with replaceable attachments - combs. They are easy to connect, and most importantly, to change the length of the haircut, for example, 2–4 mm or 3–5 mm. It is convenient when there is one such nozzle, but with adjustment. In this case, the length is changed during the procedure, simply by setting the desired step.

    Trimmer with attachments
    Trimmer with attachments

    The trimmer package determines which maintenance tasks can be solved

  • Lovers of custom design in the bikini area cannot do without a razor attachment. With her, they achieve a perfectly clean shave and a complete look. Bikini art stencils will be a nice addition if you want to create an original intimate haircut yourself. Sometimes this is a serious performance in the form of plastic templates of various shapes. For example, the Remington WPG4010C trimmer has three such templates: heart, triangle and rectangle. It is better to trim the pattern in dry shaving mode, otherwise the hairs will stick to wet skin and make it difficult to work. Zero removal is easier with wet shaving.

    Trimmer with templates
    Trimmer with templates

    With special templates, it's easy to make an intimate haircut yourself

  • To care for facial hair, battery models are equipped with a vertical fine attachment or double-sided with different length settings. It is also convenient for trimming the contours in the bikini area or using it when creating an intimate haircut. Not all bikini trimmers come with this attachment.

    Battery Trimmers
    Battery Trimmers

    With a slim vertical nozzle, it is convenient to outline precise contours for an intimate haircut

  • The peeling attachment gives pleasant sensations. Its task is to raise the hairs in the treated area to prevent ingrown hairs. But it can only be used on damp skin. The soft, delicate brush rotates smoothly, therefore it is often used with a scrub.

Buyers note that it is highly desirable to have a storage case in the package. They do not immediately attach importance to this. Then it turns out that it is easier to fold the trimmer with attachments into a beautiful bag and hang it by the loop on the hook than to puzzle over where to put it all. Plus, the carrying case makes it easy to carry your trimmer with you wherever you go.

Braun trimmer included
Braun trimmer included

Easy to store trimmer with interchangeable attachments in a special case

There are models with a backlit working area, but this is more worrisome when removing facial hairs. For the bikini area, the function is not important.

Before buying, you need to hold the device in your hand. It should give a comfortable feeling, because you have to use it regularly. Wet shaving models often come with silicone grip inserts. These pads are pleasant to the touch and prevent the device from slipping out during the procedure.

As for the choice of a manufacturer, famous trade brands are still considered reliable. They continue to improve their products and release new models. For example, Remington introduced the WPG4020C, a pen-battery powered model that can be cleaned under water. Panasonic released the ES246AC trimmer in 2017, which has a 45-minute battery life. So far, you can buy new items only from foreign sellers. Quality products are sold under the Veet brand. Unfortunately, she has a lot of fakes. Therefore, the reviews are either very good (about the original models) or very bad. Buyers note that it is better to purchase new advertising items in the first months of sales, preferably in certified centers. Quality and safety in an intimate matter are important, it is better to use original products of trusted brands. Besides,such purchases are subject to an official manufacturer's warranty with the possibility of contacting a service center.

Reviews of popular models

Regardless of the quality, trimmers have a common drawback, unfortunately, inevitable - over time, the blades become dull, and the mesh wears out and breaks. The signal to replace them is skin irritation or hair pulling. Manufacturers in the instructions recommend regularly changing nets and knives, but in fact it is almost impossible to buy them. Consumers note that in such cases, the device is simply replaced with a new one.

Compare: trimmer or epilator

If a fan of the epilator is offered to replace it with a trimmer, most likely she will refuse. And it will give the main arguments:

  • the trimmer does not shave clean. The epilator pulls out hairs by the roots, leaving completely smooth skin. Therefore, the tiny remnants of hairs 0.5 mm long are terrifying, and with a figure of 0.8 mm, the brain paints a picture of an overgrown field with thick prickly stubble;
  • with a trimmer you need to shave constantly. With an epilator, you can forget about the procedure for 2-4 weeks, after repeated use the hair grows less. This will not work with a trimmer, you have to keep in shape every two days.

Of course it's true. But if you ask the doctors what is better, the choice will be unambiguous in favor of the trimmer. The consequences of the epilator are irritation, ingrown hairs and hellish pain during the procedure. With the trimmer, everything is soft, pleasant and absolutely painless. In addition, nature has not in vain endowed us with vegetation in such a place - this is a shield from infections in the holy of holies. Ingrown hairs turn into pimples and threaten to cause trouble. Minimal hair growth after trimmer leaves skin calm, healthy and protected. As for the length, the Remington BKT4000, for example, leaves only 0.2 mm, which is almost invisible.

Someone chooses a compromise option: an epilator with a shaving attachment - a trimmer. However, making yourself an intimate haircut will be difficult. The epilator's dimensions will not allow you to maneuver with pinpoint precision. And with a trimmer it's easy.

Leading manufacturers know that these two devices can complement each other perfectly. For example, Braun has added its own bikini styler to the Silk-épil 7 7-561 waterproof epilator with all attachments. The owners of the epilator can do the same - replenish their beauty arsenal with a small mobile tool.

Epilator and trimmer
Epilator and trimmer

Epilator and bikini trimmer complement each other perfectly

We use and take care of

There are no difficulties in using the trimmer. For example, on battery powered Veet models:

  1. Turn the lower part counterclockwise, remove the cap.
  2. Insert the battery and close by turning the cap clockwise until it clicks.
  3. If the kit comes with several attachments, use the widest one for the bikini area. A nozzle is put on top of it - a comb for trimming hair to the desired length.
  4. Turn on the trimmer by turning the body. There are other options for switching on, for example, from Philips. Then just put the button on the body in the "On" position. Like all battery-powered devices, it will be noisy.
  5. Apply the attachment to the skin and move the trimmer against the direction of the hair, slightly pulling the skin. Afterwards, for the best result, they are passed in different directions, because the hairs grow in different ways.
  6. Then the comb is removed to finally remove the remaining hairs with a trimmer attachment.
Using the trimmer
Using the trimmer

Trimmer movements are initially directed against hair growth

In the rechargeable model, they do the same, just do not insert the battery into the case. If the package includes a razor attachment, it is gently passed over the skin after using the trimmer for maximum smoothness.

Video: how to use the device

Cleaning rules are simple and must be specified in the operating manual. It all depends on how water-tolerant the device is. Three types are conventionally distinguished:

  • for dry cleaning. Only dry skin can be shaved. Comes with a small brush to remove hair from the blades. She has stiff bristles to do this quickly and easily;
  • for wet cleaning. May be used on damp skin. After cleaning with a brush, remove the cutting head and rinse with warm water. After drying, add a drop of lubricating oil to the blades. In this case, you cannot immerse the body in the water;
  • waterproof. You can use it in the shower using foam, and then just rinse under running water and dry well. Ideal, but the most expensive for the price.

Plastic attachments - the combs are washed with warm water and dried. For hygiene, they are treated with an antiseptic. You need to do the cleaning procedure after each use of the device.

Attachments - combs
Attachments - combs

Plastic attachments - wash combs well with warm water

Battery Models Safety

There are a number of small safety requirements when using cordless trimmers:

  • when plugged in to charge the hand, the trimmer and the mains adapter must be dry;
  • connection is allowed to the power supply with a voltage of 220-240 V, unless other conditions are specified in the instructions;
  • do not charge the trimmer in close proximity to water;
  • turn off the device before connecting the network adapter;
  • use the trimmer only with the power cord unplugged. Do not do this while the battery is charging;
  • do not twist, bend the cord, do not twist it around the device;
  • do not leave the trimmer plugged in unattended.

In fact, the main advantages of trimmers over other means for depilation are the lack of irritation and mobility. It is important and pleasant for a woman to know that she is well-groomed in all places. Always. And if an emergency arises, a device has been created for it, which will allow you to bring yourself into perfect condition in a matter of minutes. A true lady always puts it in her purse - just in case.

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