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How To Get Rid Of Mold In A Washing Machine: Effective Cleaning Agents Inside And Out
How To Get Rid Of Mold In A Washing Machine: Effective Cleaning Agents Inside And Out

Video: How To Get Rid Of Mold In A Washing Machine: Effective Cleaning Agents Inside And Out

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How to get rid of mold in a washing machine

washing machine mold
washing machine mold

Many owners of a washing machine have once encountered the smell of rotten dampness coming from it. In addition, black spots appear that are difficult to wipe off. This means the appearance of mold, which has already begun its winning move on the "washing machine" and can harm both the mechanisms and your laundry. Today we will talk about how to get rid of this scourge and continue to prevent its occurrence.

Mold causes and consequences

Mold spores literally surround us. But in order to start growing, they need certain conditions: warmth and humidity. If you see the savings in using exclusively the quick wash at low temperatures, then the mold will quickly get used to your machine, and then you will fight it.

The situation can be aggravated by:

  • frequent use of fabric and fabric rinses;
  • refusal from washing powders and products containing bleach;
  • untimely cleaning of the machine from scale.

    mold in the washing machine
    mold in the washing machine

    Mold marks in the washing machine

Bleach contains chemicals that can kill mold spores. Fabric softeners, if rinsed poorly, leave a slimy coating on the walls of the machine, which is an excellent medium for new colonies

Most often, mold appears in such places:

  • dispensing tray for powder and rinse aid;
  • rubber seal on the door;
  • drain hose;
  • filter on the drain hose;
  • hose from the dispenser tray to the washing machine tub.

Mold is dangerous for us, first of all, because when it multiplies, it releases mycotoxins - pathogenic bacteria that cause various diseases. In contact with the skin - irritation, allergic reactions, in the lungs - bronchitis, in the stomach - problems with almost all digestive organs.

Ways to get rid of mold in a washing machine

If the case is not neglected, you can relatively quickly and easily remove mold from the surfaces of the machine with your own hands and with a rag. But more often than not, we see a problem because it is too big. If mold has developed in the hidden cavities of the tank and in hard-to-reach units, it must be taken seriously and thoroughly.

Heat and acid

Mold does not tolerate heat and acids. A dry environment is also uncomfortable for her.

  1. Turn on the washing machine for a long wash at a temperature of 95 degrees (without putting any laundry in it). Pour about a liter of chlorine bleach, such as Whiteness, into the dispensing tray.
  2. When the temperature is at its maximum, pause the wash cycle for a few hours.
  3. Turn on the machine again and wait for the wash to finish.
  4. Pour 3 cups 11% table vinegar into the dispenser tray. Turn on the machine for rinsing.
  5. After the process is complete, open the machine and dry it thoroughly. You can even rub it with a dry towel to speed up drying.

Some housewives prefer to use vinegar and bleach at the same time. But this method is too radical and can harm the parts of the machine.

washing machine cleaners
washing machine cleaners

Baking soda, citric acid, and laundry detergent with bleach can help you fight mold


If possible, take the washing machine outside in hot, sunny weather. Ultraviolet light is harmful to black mold. Leave the clipper open in the sun for one day and the fungal colonies will be destroyed.

Copper sulfate

Rub the rubber cuff from the inside with 50% copper sulfate solution. Leave it on for a day, then rinse with water and powder or detergent. If you do this after every wash, then the mold will no longer appear.

Lemon acid

A citric acid solution will help not only clean mold, but also eliminate unpleasant odors. Dissolve citric acid (400 g) in a liter of water, pour the solution into the powder tray and turn on the machine for the maximum wash time. Select the boil mode without adding laundry.


Mold often forms inside the cuff due to poor ventilation of the machine. Therefore, after every wash, be sure to leave the door open to prevent dampness.

Use of special equipment

If none of the above methods helped, then you will have to disassemble the machine and thoroughly wash all internal surfaces. To do this, you can use soda, domestos or special agents that destroy the fungus. Then hold the cleaned parts in the sun or under an ultraviolet lamp.

Preventing mold in the washing machine

Constant adherence to preventive measures will help you keep your washing machine out of trouble.

It is best to install the machine not in the bathroom, but in the kitchen, where dry air is constantly circulating. This contributes to its rapid drying. The bathroom is usually dark and humid, which creates a mildew-friendly environment.

If, nevertheless, you put a "washing machine" in the bathroom, improve ventilation in the room. Install a forced draft hood with a fan and make a hole for installing the grill.

After each wash, after removing the laundry from the machine, be sure to wipe the rubber cuff with a dry cloth. Do not close the machine door and powder tray completely.


Observing preventive measures, you will save the machine from mold

Incorrect connection of the washing machine can also cause dampness and mold. Water stagnates instead of going down the drain, and the consequences can be disastrous. If you suspect an incorrect installation, call a technician who will fix the problem.

Regularly (every 3–6 months) descale the machine using baking soda, vinegar or citric acid. We described the methods above. Have a boil wash at least once a month with bleach.

Do not use gel-based fabric softeners, rinses and conditioners unnecessarily. They are difficult to wash, therefore a favorable environment for many microorganisms is created on the walls of the tank.

After finishing washing, immediately remove the laundry from the drum, do not leave it in the machine, even for a while.

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It is not so easy to cope with mold that has appeared in the washing machine, but it is quite possible. We hope our tips will help you overcome this trouble and prevent it from happening in the future. Share with us in the comments your ways to remove mold. Good luck!

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