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Thermal Curtain On The Front Door, How To Choose The Right One, As Well As Features Of Its Operation
Thermal Curtain On The Front Door, How To Choose The Right One, As Well As Features Of Its Operation

Video: Thermal Curtain On The Front Door, How To Choose The Right One, As Well As Features Of Its Operation

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Thermal curtain on the door: how to choose and install it yourself

heat curtain
heat curtain

Prevention of heat loss through the doorway is relevant in rooms where entrance doors are often opened. For this purpose, a thermal curtain is used, which is a modern and functional equipment. The correct choice of such devices requires taking into account many criteria, but as a result, the device will work correctly and for a long time.


  • 1 Thermal curtain on the front door: purpose and design
  • 2 Choosing a heat curtain for the front door

    2.1 Video: principles of choosing a thermal curtain

  • 3 How to install a heat curtain

    3.1 Video: overview of the air curtain design

  • 4 Correct use of equipment

    4.1 Reviews of air curtains from different manufacturers

Thermal curtain on the front door: purpose and device

A type of climatic equipment is a heat curtain, which is an elongated metal case with an internal fan, heating device, nozzle and other elements. A complex of such parts is connected into a whole system inside the body, which ensures prompt heating of the air, the flow of which enters above the front door, as if cutting off the cold outside.

The principle of operation of the thermal curtain
The principle of operation of the thermal curtain

Air inside the housing heats up and enters the room

Each component of the system performs a specific function. For example, a heating element in electrical models is presented in the form of a heating element, around which air is driven by a fan, and when heated, it is removed through the nozzles. The speed of this air circulation can be adjusted depending on the temperature required for the room. When driving, the air is cleared through the filter from dust, dirt and debris. All elements are enclosed in a housing equipped with mounting holes.

Thermal curtain device
Thermal curtain device

The design of the equipment includes elements with a simple principle of operation

There are water models of heat curtains. A heater is used as a heating element in such devices, and a connection to a hot water supply is required for operation. The noise level of the device is quite low compared to electrical options, which are in demand and are often installed in shops and public premises.

Heating curtain placement options
Heating curtain placement options

Horizontal placement of the heat curtain is in demand and convenient

If horizontal airflow is required, then the heat curtain is fixed on each side of the opening along its entire height. It is possible to install the element only on one side, but this requires a device of high power and high operating speed.

Choosing a thermal curtain for the front door

Modern electric type models can be used not only in the cold season, but also in hot weather. In the first case, the heat curtain prevents the cold from entering the room from the outside, and in the second, the device acts as a fan. Therefore, the purchase of such equipment is cost-effective, and a practical device will not remain unclaimed in any weather.

Indoor heat curtain
Indoor heat curtain

The thermal curtain does not take up much space and is easy to install

Since electrical models of the curtain are in demand, it is worth considering the features of the choice using the example of just such devices. You need to focus on the characteristics. One of the important indicators is the power or performance, which indicates how much air the device can heat up over a certain period. The installation height of the curtain influences the identification of the optimal performance required for a particular opening. For example, for a standard opening 1 m wide and 2 m high, a device with a capacity of about 900 cubic meters / hour will be required. At the top, the air flow speed will be equal to 8-9 m / s, at the bottom 2-2.5 m / s, due to which the entire opening is completely covered by the air veil.

Thermal curtains in public areas
Thermal curtains in public areas

In public areas, productive and high-quality thermal curtains are needed

The type of heating element matters when durable equipment is required. The air can be heated with a heating element or a spiral. The first part is a graphite rod in a steel tube. The design is characterized by complete safety, long service life and fast heating. The spiral is made of thick nichrome wire, and its operation requires a lot of energy. The element is short-lived, but heats up quickly.

Features of the action of the thermal curtain
Features of the action of the thermal curtain

Curtains with any heating element are practical, easy to use and effective

The control system can include only three buttons: general activation, fan regulation and activation of the heating component. Models with these basic controls are inexpensive and easy to operate.

Devices with more than three buttons are functional. Such equipment has a timer, adjustment of the angle and air flow rate, control of the installed thermostat. The cost of such devices is higher than with the main buttons and without a thermostat.

Simple Electric Heat Curtain
Simple Electric Heat Curtain

The modern thermal curtain is easily adjustable using buttons

In addition to the above criteria, when choosing a thermal curtain, such features as:

  • cost. Inexpensive and simple models are suitable for intermittent operation, and powerful options are optimal where good additional heating of the room is required and with frequently opening entrance doors;
  • length. This parameter is selected depending on the width or height of the opening. It is permissible to mount several devices in one row to provide a dense curtain of warm air;
  • manufacturer. Companies with many years of experience in the manufacture of climatic equipment are well known and provide a wide range of devices, a warranty period, and unpopular brands often produce inexpensive and insufficiently reliable products.

These criteria are basic and allow you to determine the device with the desired characteristics, which will be effective in operation. Having decided on them, they select a suitable model of climatic equipment.

Video: principles of choosing a thermal curtain

How to install a heat curtain

Installation of electrical type thermal equipment does not differ in complex technology, since all the necessary elements and holes are provided in the case. Water systems require connection to hot water supply and therefore are not in demand, and their installation is carried out by professional craftsmen.

Water heat curtain
Water heat curtain

Water models of the heat curtain require connection to the water supply system and the exact location of the pipes

Installation will require anchor bolts, brackets, a drill, a building level and a tape measure. First, you need to provide a power line for the equipment, the presence of safety and protective elements, that is, an RCD and an automatic device. After that, mark with a pencil the location of the device.

The main stages of work are expressed in the following:

  1. Points are marked on the wall where holes should be made for installing the brackets.
  2. Brackets are placed in the holes using anchor bolts.
  3. The device is suspended on fixed parts.

    Installation of a thermal curtain
    Installation of a thermal curtain

    It is better to entrust the installation of a thermal curtain to specialists.

  4. The equipment is connected to the protective elements and the power supply network.
  5. If the air curtain has adjustable louvers, they should be tilted vertically by 30 ° towards the entrance.
  6. The device is checked by setting the required power and adjusting the settings.

Video: overview of the design of the thermal curtain

Correct use of equipment

Climatic equipment is quite unpretentious in operation, but manufacturers recommend following certain rules for using devices, which is especially important for electrical models. Basic tips:

  • it is forbidden to operate the heat curtain in rooms: with an explosive, bioactive and dusty environment or with an environment that causes corrosion of materials. The thermal curtain must not be used in rooms with a relative humidity of more than 80%. Long-term operation of the curtain in the absence of personnel is prohibited. It is not allowed to operate the device without grounding. Do not turn on the device with the cover removed;
  • the devices are intended for use in areas with a temperate and cold climate, in rooms with an ambient temperature of -10 ° C to +40 ° C and a relative humidity of no more than 80% (at a temperature of +25 ° C in conditions excluding contact with it drops and splashes, as well as precipitation);
  • the device must be connected to the mains using a power cord equipped with a plug to ensure that the device is disconnected from the power source. If connected directly to a fixed wiring, a disconnector must be provided in it to disconnect the device from the network. Take special care when transporting the instrument. Its fall is not allowed;
  • It is strictly forbidden to eliminate coolant leaks on the fan heater, the water line of which is under pressure. The device must be connected only through a shut-off valve.

Reviews of air curtains from different manufacturers

Thermal curtains are convenient for both residential and warehouse or other space, where it is required to prevent the penetration of cold from the door into the room. This saves energy costs for the main heating, but to achieve this effect, it is important to correctly determine the required level of equipment performance.

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