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Entrance Metal Doors: Varieties, Accessories, Installation And Operation Features, As Well As How To Choose The Right One
Entrance Metal Doors: Varieties, Accessories, Installation And Operation Features, As Well As How To Choose The Right One

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Entrance metal doors: types, features of manufacture, assembly and repair

Entrance metal doors
Entrance metal doors

For reliable protection of housing from thieves, as well as to ensure high heat and sound insulation characteristics of the house, metal entrance doors are the most reliable and effective solution. If the owner is not satisfied with the appearance of the steel door, there are many options for its interior and exterior, so this design will fit perfectly into any interior. The modern market offers a large selection of metal doors, but if there is a desire and opportunity, then it is not difficult to make them yourself.


  • 1 Types and designs of metal entrance doors

    • 1.1 Entrance doors to a private house
    • 1.2 Entrance doors to the apartment
    • 1.3 Double-leaf entrance doors
    • 1.4 Entrance doors with glass
    • 1.5 Fireproof metal doors
    • 1.6 Metal driveway doors
    • 1.7 Entrance doors with hidden hinges
    • 1.8 Three-contour entrance doors
    • 1.9 Soundproofed metal entrance door
    • 1.10 Video: how to choose an entrance metal door
  • 2 Dimensions of entrance metal doors
  • 3 Manufacturing of entrance doors from metal

    3.1 Video: creating metal doors with your own hands

  • 4 Installation of entrance metal doors

    4.1 Video: DIY installation of a metal entrance door

  • 5 Accessories for entrance doors
  • 6 Repair and adjustment of entrance metal doors

    6.1 Video: repair of entrance metal doors

  • 7 Reviews of metal entrance doors

Types and designs of metal entrance doors

In order to choose the right metal front door, you first need to know where it will be installed: at the entrance from the street or at the entrance. In addition, you need to decide on the requirements that you place on it: high heat and sound insulation characteristics, fire safety, large width, etc.

Types of metal entrance doors
Types of metal entrance doors

There are different types of entrance doors: street, fireproof, with glass, driveway and others

One of the main advantages of metal entrance doors is their high strength. There is a large selection of different finishing materials that are used to decorate a metal door from the inside and outside, so it will look aesthetically pleasing in any room. The presence of an anti-corrosion coating allows to increase the service life of such a structure and protects the surface from the negative effects of external factors.

The strength and reliability of metal doors depends on the thickness of the metal used for their manufacture. In the cheapest models, it is 0.5 mm, and in more expensive and high-quality ones - up to 3 mm. To improve the performance of the doors, the interior is filled with heat and sound insulating materials. Various natural and artificial materials can be used for decoration, for example, wood, veneer, decorative foil, MDF overlays, etc.

Entrance doors to a private house

At first glance, street entrance doors to a private house are no different from those installed in apartments, but this is not the case. The outer door should simultaneously not only protect the house from unauthorized entry, but also be its decoration, since it is constantly in sight.

When choosing a street door to a house, the following factors should be considered.

  1. Wear resistance and resistance to mechanical damage. Such structures must have an anti-vandal coating in order to be reliable protection of the house for many years.
  2. Heat and sound insulation. Entrance doors are a barrier between the street and the house, so their design must necessarily have a double-circuit seal and a thick layer of heat-insulating material.
  3. Fire resistance. An important characteristic, since metal street doors must provide high safety and practicality.
  4. Burglary resistance. Since the doors ensure the safety of the residents of the house and the safety of the property, the degree of their resistance to burglary must be very high. There are three classes of burglary resistance of metal doors:

    • Class I - a budget option that is not suitable for installation from the street side, since such doors can be opened with hand tools;
    • Class II is the most popular option, which is distinguished by high reliability and affordable cost;
    • III class - these are the most reliable doors, which are made of thick sheet steel, they have additional insulation, so they are ideal for installation from the street side. To open such a structure, attackers will have to work with a powerful grinder from 15 to 30 minutes, and they usually do not have this time.
  5. Appearance. Since the street door is visible, it must match the architectural design of the building. There are many finishing options, so this design can always organically fit into both the internal and external design of the house.
Outdoor entrance metal door
Outdoor entrance metal door

Outdoor front doors should fit in with the decoration of the home

If ordinary metal doors are installed at the entrance from the street without insulation or with its minimum layer, then such a structure will freeze. Frost and ice will appear on its inner surface, which will significantly reduce the thermal insulation performance of the house. In addition, such a door will not be able to shield the house from the sound of the street, so it will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable to be in it.

Entrance doors to the apartment

For installation in an apartment, the safest and most reliable are hinged metal doors that open outward. This solution not only prevents the door from being knocked out, but also saves space in the hallway when exiting and entering the room.

Most often, single-leaf doors are installed in the apartment, but if there is an opportunity, then a one-and-a-half-leaf structure can be installed. In this case, one part of the canvas has standard dimensions, and the second strip opens when it is necessary to bring in or take out large-sized furniture or in other similar cases. For the front door, it is not recommended that the width of the leaf exceeds 100 cm - if wider is needed, then it is better to install a double-leaf structure.

Entrance metal doors to the apartment
Entrance metal doors to the apartment

Most often, single-leaf metal doors are installed in apartments that open outward.

When choosing entrance metal doors to an apartment, you should pay attention to the following characteristics.

  1. Sheet thickness. The outer sheet of the door must be solid, without welded seams, otherwise such a door will not be able to ensure the safety of the house. It is enough that the thickness is 1–2 mm. Thicker sheets make the structure heavy, and it will be difficult for a child or an elderly person to open it.
  2. Heat and sound insulation. If there is no heat-insulating layer inside the door, then it will not only not help to keep warm in the house, but will also let in extraneous sounds from the entrance, and this does not add comfort and coziness. There are these types of fillers:

    • Styrofoam;
    • foam rubber;
    • mineral wool.
  3. Additional protection. To strengthen the sheet steel, there must be at least two stiffening ribs on the blade in the vertical and horizontal directions. To exclude the possibility of removing the door after cutting the hinges, anti-removable pins must be installed in it. The presence of hidden hinges not only makes it harder to break into the door, but also makes its appearance more attractive. To exclude the possibility of removing the door frame together with the door leaf, strong platbands must be installed that close the gap between the wall and the frame.

    Metal doors with conventional and hidden hinges
    Metal doors with conventional and hidden hinges

    A metal door with hidden hinges (right) looks more beautiful and protects more reliably

  4. Lock. It is also an important element in the security of the front door.
  5. Finishing. The first thing that a person sees when entering an apartment is the front door. To ensure the aesthetics of metal structures, different materials can be used:

    • kozhvinil;
    • MDF panels;
    • self-adhesive foam;
    • natural wood;
    • paint.

Double-leaf entrance doors

If it is necessary to arrange a doorway more than 1 m wide in a house or apartment, then it is best to install a double-leaf metal door. Usually such a solution is used in public buildings where there is a large flow of people, but it can also be implemented in a private house or apartment.

Now there is a large selection of double-leaf entrance metal structures, which are distinguished by high reliability, strength and durability. The cost of such a door is influenced by the thickness of the metal, the type and thickness of the insulation, the presence of a reinforced frame and the type of lock used.

When choosing a two-leaf door, it is imperative to take into account the place of its installation, whether it will be the entrance to a country house or to an apartment. Outdoor structures, in addition to their beautiful appearance and resistance to burglary, must be adapted to the effects of moisture, sunlight and other adverse natural factors.

Double-leaf entrance doors
Double-leaf entrance doors

Double-leaf structures are recommended for use when the width of the doorway exceeds 100 cm

Double-leaf entrance doors differ in several ways.

  1. Sash width. There are two options: both sashes have the same width or one sash is narrower than the other. Usually, one half of the door constantly performs its functions, and the other opens as needed.
  2. The size. The standard leaf width is a multiple of 10 cm and is usually in the range of 40–100 cm. The combination of leafs of different widths allows you to design any doorway.
  3. Sash opening. It can be done both inward and outward, while each leaf can only open in one direction.

The entrance double-leaf metal door has a number of advantages:

  • you can bring in and take out large-sized furniture or other items;
  • it is possible to design a doorway of a non-standard size;
  • a beautiful appearance is provided.

The only drawback of this solution is the high cost.

Front doors with glass

Entrance metal doors with glass are an excellent option for a private house. They provide him with reliable protection and at the same time look very stylish and let additional sunlight into the house.

Metal doors with glass replaced all-metal doors. Despite their seeming fragility, they are highly durable and reliable, so they can protect your home from uninvited guests, cold and street noise.

For their manufacture, special impact-resistant glass is used, and the metal part of the structure is no different from ordinary entrance doors. Often, such doors are supplemented with decorative forging, and stained glass is used instead of ordinary glass. Forged elements not only make it possible to create exclusive and unique canvases, but also act as additional stiffeners. For protection from prying eyes, you can cover the glass with a mirror film.

Entrance metal doors with glass
Entrance metal doors with glass

Glass inserts are highly durable, and the presence of forged elements provides additional protection against intruders

The disadvantage of metal doors with glass is in their higher cost, but they have many advantages:

  • high thermal insulation characteristics;
  • high strength and reliability;
  • the ability to fill the house with additional natural light;
  • attractive and unique appearance.

Such designs are considered premium products, therefore they are distinguished by a high level of safety and quality, as well as a long service life.

Fireproof metal doors

Modern metal fireproof entrance doors allow you to protect the apartment from the fire that has arisen in the entrance. Such designs can have different external finishes, so they fit perfectly into any interior.

The main requirement for such a door is fire resistance. When buying it, you must definitely pay attention to this indicator, which is designated as EI in the passport for the product. The number near the letter designation indicates how long the door can withstand fire, that is, if the marking is EI-60, then the door's fire resistance is 60 minutes.

Fireproof metal entrance doors
Fireproof metal entrance doors

Fire doors must withstand direct exposure to fire for at least 30 minutes

The fire resistance of such a structure is ensured not only by the thickness of the metal sheets, but also by the inner filling of the canvas. In addition, the door frame has a special design, which should ensure reliable fixation of the canvas.

  1. A door frame made of steel pipes can hold the door leaf when exposed to fire for 30–40 minutes. A more reliable option is considered to be a bent profile box, since it can withstand fire for 60 minutes, and during this time firefighters will have time to arrive.
  2. Basalt wool is usually used as a filler for fire doors. This is because it has a high flash point.
  3. Finishing is also of great importance. For example, leather is not suitable for a fire door. Some people think that wood is also not suitable for finishing such a structure, but this is not entirely true. For example, if it is an array of oak, then it is pre-treated with special compounds, which significantly increases its fire resistance. Tempered glass inserts can also be used, which withstands fire as well as metal.

    Solid oak street door
    Solid oak street door

    Applying a special coating to the door surface significantly increases its fire resistance

You can buy a ready-made fireproof metal door, or you can order its manufacture according to an individual plan and with specified characteristics.

A fireproof door is considered to have a degree of resistance of at least EI-30, that is, it can withstand fire for 30 minutes, but it is best to give preference to designs with EI-60 or EI-90

Metal driveway doors

Most apartment buildings have recently been installing metal access doors. Such a solution not only protects the entrance from the cold, but also prevents thieves, drug addicts, hooligans and other disadvantaged categories of citizens from entering there. The entrance doors to an apartment building, as well as street doors to a private house, must be strong and reliable. Their difference is that less requirements are imposed on the appearance, and they may not have or have a slight layer of thermal insulation at all.

When choosing an entrance door, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • the presence of a door closer is an important element that will not allow the door leaf to close abruptly, therefore there will be no extraneous noise;
  • the presence of a coded lock or intercom allows only residents of the house or those guests whom you are waiting for to enter the entrance;
  • trouble-free operation - since access doors are used very often, they must function flawlessly for a long time, therefore, special attention is paid to the quality of the hinges;
  • high-quality external coating, usually powder paint is used, which has high resistance to atmospheric precipitation, sunlight and perfectly withstands temperature changes.
Entrance metal driveway doors
Entrance metal driveway doors

Driveway doors must have strong hinges to withstand a large number of openings and closings

Since an entrance door to an apartment building must have high strength and reliability, metal sheets with a minimum thickness of 2 mm are usually used for its manufacture. If the entrance is not heated, then you should not worry too much about the insulation of the door. The main task of this design is not to let moisture inside, to protect it from drafts, therefore it is equipped with high-quality seals.

Entrance doors with hidden hinges

To ensure the maximum level of protection for a house or apartment, sellers recommend using concealed hinge structures.

In addition to the fact that the hinges provide opening and closing of the canvas, they are also elements of anti-vandal protection. Let's see if hidden hinges really have an advantage over regular ones.

  1. Unlike conventional hinges, it is impossible to cut off the hidden ones when the doors are closed. But you need to know that almost all entrance doors additionally have anti-removable elements, therefore, even without hinges, it will not work to pull them out of the box. In addition, it must be borne in mind that it will take time to cut the loops, and a lot of noise is created, therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to implement such a solution at the entrance. It is much easier to break the lock to get into the house.
  2. Beautiful appearance of the door. This is also a controversial advantage, as some people like it when the loops are not visible, while others prefer traditional solutions.
Entrance metal doors with hidden hinges
Entrance metal doors with hidden hinges

The presence of hidden hinges increases the burglary resistance of the doors and provides a more attractive appearance

Hidden loops also have serious disadvantages:

  • they do not make it possible to fully open the door leaf, the maximum angle is no more than 130 degrees, which often makes it difficult to move furniture and other large items;
  • the cost of such awnings is much higher than ordinary ones;
  • they are not so strong and sag more at high loads, so you need to be sure of the quality of the hinges, otherwise there may come a moment when it will be difficult to get into the apartment;
  • there are restrictions on the size of the door leaf, it should be no more than 2100x980 mm;
  • you can install only one loop of the seal, which negatively affects the sound insulation of the doors;
  • it becomes more difficult to remove the canvas from the box.

Three-contour entrance doors

The thermal insulation characteristics of the door are especially important when installed in a private house, since there it is in direct contact with the street. To ensure improved heat and sound insulation characteristics of the house, there is such a solution as three-circuit metal doors. They not only have high thermal insulation performance, but also perfectly protect against street noise.

Two out of three contours are on the canvas, and one is on the door frame, in connection with which they ensure maximum adherence to each other. When creating a three-contour door, additional stiffening ribs are usually installed. This solution allows you to increase the thickness of the door, so you can lay a thicker layer of insulation and install more reliable locks.

Three-circuit metal entrance doors
Three-circuit metal entrance doors

The presence of three contours of seals increases the heat and sound insulation qualities of metal doors

A three-circuit metal door is usually installed at the entrance to a house from the street, when people live in it permanently, therefore, its high-quality thermal insulation is needed. In addition, such structures can be installed in apartments located on the ground floors of apartment buildings and at the entrance to heated entrances.

The main advantages of three-circuit metal doors:

  • high heat and sound insulation characteristics;
  • protection of the premises from the penetration of extraneous odors and smoke into it during a fire at the entrance;
  • high class of burglar resistance.

Soundproofed metal entrance door

When choosing an entrance door, many owners pay attention to its soundproof characteristics. This indicator is important both for the door in a private house and in an apartment. It is not very pleasant to hear children running down the staircase or a neighbor taking the dog for a walk in the morning. To improve the comfort and coziness in the house, it is enough to install soundproofed metal doors, which are also called acoustic doors.

Soundproofed metal entrance door
Soundproofed metal entrance door

Soundproofed metal door provides a more comfortable stay, because no extraneous noise from the street or from the stairs behind it is heard

Such designs have the following features:

  • due to the use of additional filling, the door weight will be greater;
  • Basalt wool is usually used to fill them and two layers of sound-absorbing membrane are installed;
  • between the metal sheet and the MDF finishing panel, a layer of cork is laid, which acts as a thermal break;
  • a special pattern is milled on the MDF finishing panel, which allows you to dissect the sound wave into many small reflections, after which the sound power is significantly reduced;
  • 4 circuits of sound-absorbing seal are used.

The popularity of metal doors with sound insulation is constantly growing, this is due to the fact that they protect the house well from external noise, have high burglary resistance and a beautiful appearance.

Video: how to choose an entrance metal door

Dimensions of entrance metal doors

There is a state standard that defines the dimensions of the entrance doors. Their main parameters should be as follows.

  1. Door height. The standard opening height is considered to be from 2070 to 2370 mm.
  2. Width. For an entrance door, the width of the opening should be at least 90 cm, for single-leaf structures, the width of the leaf should not exceed 100 cm.For one-and-a-half entrance doors, the width of the opening can be 1310, 1510 and 1550 mm, and for double-leaf structures - 1910 and 1950 mm.

    Door width
    Door width

    The width of entrance metal doors must be at least 900 mm

  3. Thickness. This parameter is not strictly regulated. It all depends on the type of door. The thicker the leaf, the thicker the insulation layer will be and the better the door will be. It is the thickness of the door that is its main characteristic.

The standard width of the front door is larger than that of the interior door, this is necessary to ensure the free movement of people and bulky goods

Gradually, standards are becoming a thing of the past, since houses and apartments often have original design solutions, therefore, doors of non-standard sizes are required. This is especially true in private construction. Although doors can be made to order, experts recommend that their widths be in the range of 90-200 cm, and their height is 200-240 cm.

Manufacturing of entrance doors from metal

You can purchase a ready-made metal door in the store, but if you have the desire, capabilities and certain skills, then you can do it yourself. This solution allows you to create a door for your size and requirements, as well as save money.

To create an entrance metal door, you will need materials and tools:

  • metal corner or profile to create the frame of the door leaf and door frame;
  • steel sheets 2 mm thick;
  • at least two, and if the weight of the canvas is large, then 3-4 loops;
  • fittings;
  • electric drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine;
  • construction foam;
  • fasteners;
  • cladding material;
  • sealing materials;
  • insulation.
Tools for making metal doors
Tools for making metal doors

For the manufacture of metal doors, you will need a specialized tool that can be rented

Much will depend on where the metal door will be installed. If in the entrance, then only one sheet of metal is enough. For installation at the entrance to an apartment or house, you will need two sheets, between which insulation is laid.

When creating an entrance door, the work is done in several stages:

  • door frame manufacturing. There should be 2 cm between the frame and the doorway on each side;
  • assembly of the door leaf. There should be a gap between the canvas and the box, and the sheet should protrude slightly beyond the edges of the frame;
  • installation of accessories;
  • insulation of the structure;
  • covering the finished product.

The metal sheet must be welded with several seams no more than 4 cm long, located at a distance of no more than 20 cm from each other

The sequence of self-manufacturing of the entrance metal door will be as follows.

  1. Carrying out measurements of the door frame. It is necessary to leave a gap of 2 cm between the door frame and the frame, which is filled with mounting foam after the doors are installed.

    Carrying out measurements of the door frame
    Carrying out measurements of the door frame

    Before you start creating doors, you need to correctly measure the doorway

  2. Cutting a profile or corner 50x25 mm. From the parts obtained, lay out a rectangle on the welding table. Be sure to check the diagonals, which must be equal. After that, the door frame is welded.

    Metallic profile
    Metallic profile

    The frame of the box and the door leaf can be made from a profile or corner

  3. Carrying out measurements of the door leaf. To do this, measure the finished box and take into account the gap of 1 cm, which should be between it and the canvas.

    Door leaf measurements
    Door leaf measurements

    The size of the door leaf should be 1 cm smaller than the box to ensure normal door opening

  4. Cutting a profile or corner 40x25 mm to create a door leaf frame.
  5. Installation of the loop profile. Before this, the locations of the hinges are precisely determined in order to ensure the normal opening of the door. The upper part of the hinge is welded to the door leaf, and the lower part is welded to the frame.

    Installation of hinges
    Installation of hinges

    The hinge is welded to the box, after which the hinge profile of the door leaf is fixed to it

  6. Checking the parallelism of the profile of the canvas and the box. After exposing all parts of the canvas frame, they are welded to each other.

    Wireframe Canvas
    Wireframe Canvas

    The rest of the frame elements are welded to the loop profile of the canvas

  7. Laying a sheet of metal on a canvas. It is necessary to leave 10 mm of the sheet on each side of the canvas for the clap. The sheet is first welded near the hinges, and then along the perimeter of the canvas.

    Installation of sheet metal
    Installation of sheet metal

    The metal sheet is applied to the frame of the door leaf and welded

  8. Installation of a mock strip. It is welded on the inside of the web. To strengthen the canvas, you can weld on several ribs.
  9. Weld cleaning and door painting.
  10. Installation of the lock. A slot is made under it in the end plate of the canvas.

    Installation of the lock
    Installation of the lock

    A slot is made in the end plate of the door leaf for installing the lock

  11. Cladding installation. This can be foil, wood panels, leather, etc.

    Door trim
    Door trim

    Sheathing of a metal door can be made with clapboard, solid wood, veneer or other materials

  12. Warming of the canvas. Insulation is first laid on the sheet, and then everything is covered with another sheet of metal.

    Door insulation
    Door insulation

    If necessary, the metal door is insulated

Video: creating metal doors with your own hands

Installation of entrance metal doors

If you were able to make metal doors yourself, then there will definitely not be any problems with their installation. The installation process of such a structure is not difficult - you just need to adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

  1. Preparing the doorway. This stage consists in adjusting the dimensions of the doorway to the standard ones. For this, the remnants of the old plaster are removed, if there were other doors in this place before. The gap between the frame and the opening should be 1.5–2 cm. This will allow the door frame to be properly positioned.

    Preparing the doorway
    Preparing the doorway

    The doorway is cleaned of mortar and plaster residues

  2. Door installation. If possible, it is better to remove the canvas, but you can carry out the installation and so. The box is inserted into the prepared opening, while the canvas is opened to 90 o and fixed with a support.

    Door installation
    Door installation

    If possible, then the canvas is removed from the hinges, but you can install the box together with the canvas

  3. Leveling the door frame. With the help of wooden wedges, the box is set in the vertical and horizontal directions.

    Leveling the door frame
    Leveling the door frame

    The correct installation of the door is checked using a building level

  4. Fixing the box in the doorway. It is fastened with anchors through special lugs. At first, the anchors are not fully tightened, they again check the correct installation, after which everything is clamped well.

    Fixing the box
    Fixing the box

    The box is fixed with special anchors

  5. Performance monitoring. Check how easy the door is to close and open. If necessary, adjust its position.
  6. Sealing the gap between the wall and the box. For this, polyurethane foam is used. The gap between the threshold and the box is filled with cement mortar.

    Sealing the gap between the wall and the box
    Sealing the gap between the wall and the box

    After installing the door, the gaps between the box and the wall are filled with foam

In order for the foam to completely freeze, after applying it, it is better not to use the door for six hours

Video: DIY metal entrance door installation

Accessories for entrance doors

In order for an entrance metal door to be a truly reliable protection of the house, it must be equipped with high-quality fittings

For entrance metal doors the following components are usually used.

  1. Pens. They can be steel, aluminum, copper, silumin or alloy. The shape can be either rectangular or curved, various coatings are used to protect the metal, but most often it is chrome or nickel. Pens are:

    • push;
    • swivel;
    • stationary.


      Door handles can be stationary, push or rotary

  2. Loops. Depending on the weight of the door, there can be two or three hinges. They are of the following types:

    • without bearings, are used with a web weight of up to 70 kg, a ball can be installed in them to improve sliding;
    • on support bearings, they can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg;
    • hidden, they are not visible when the doors are closed.

      Door hinges
      Door hinges

      Door hinges can be simple, ball, or support bearing

  3. Closers. This device ensures smooth closing and opening of the door. When choosing a closer, one must take into account the weight of the door, as well as the conditions of its operation, since not all of them can withstand temperature changes.


    Closers are chosen taking into account the weight of the door and the conditions of its operation

  4. Padlocks for locks. They are armor plates that protect the lock from burglary. The cut-in covers are located inside the canvas, they are invisible and cannot be removed.

    Lock pads
    Lock pads

    Armored pad for the lock can be mortise or overhead

  5. Peephole. These devices can have different viewing angles. The minimum is 120 °, and the maximum is 180 °. The body of the peephole can be metal or plastic, and the optics can be glass or plastic.


    Recently, eyes have been supplanted by modern video surveillance systems

  6. Locks. They can be overhead or mortise. There are several types of locks:

    • cylindrical - although it is quite difficult to open it with a lock pick, the cylinder can be drilled out, therefore, an armored lining is required;
    • crossbar - such a lock has high strength, but it is quite easy to find a key for it, therefore it is better to use it as an addition to the main lock;
    • lever - a universal solution that provides a high level of security, the lock is locked when the plates are combined, of which there must be at least 6 pieces;
    • electronic - it is highly reliable, but due to its high cost, it is not yet very popular.

    Locks for entrance doors are mechanical, electromechanical or electromagnetic

Repair and adjustment of entrance metal doors

Despite the high strength and reliability of the entrance metal doors, after a while it becomes necessary to adjust or repair them.

The main reasons for the breakdown:

  • damage to the door leaf by corrosion;
  • misalignment of the canvas, this malfunction is eliminated by adjusting the loops;
  • loose fit of the web due to wear of the seal;
  • jammed or broken lock.

The remedy depends on the cause.

  1. Breakage of the lock. An ordinary door lock without repair can withstand from 7 to 15 thousand opening and closing processes. Often, the owners do not lubricate it during the entire period of operation of the lock, which after 5-7 years can lead to breakdown. Depending on the type of lock, repairs are carried out as follows:

    • the cylinder lock is repaired by replacing the larva; to remove it, it is enough to unscrew the screw at the end of the web, the lock is also replaced after unscrewing the screws that fasten it;
    • the lever lock is repaired in the same way, but here you can still recode the lever lock with a new key.

      Lock replacement
      Lock replacement

      To replace the lock, it is enough to unscrew the screws at the end of the blade

  2. Web skew. Because of this, the doors cease to close tightly. Repairs are carried out by adjusting the hinges. If the hinges are badly worn, they may need to be replaced.

    Buttonhole adjustment
    Buttonhole adjustment

    If the hinges are fixed with screws, then with their help you can slightly change the position of the door leaf

  3. Damaged seals. After a while, it is necessary to replace the sealing elements.

    Replacing the seals
    Replacing the seals

    If necessary, the old seals are removed and new ones are attached in their place.

  4. Damage to the coating. After a while, the protective coating of metal doors can be damaged, which leads to corrosion of the door leaf and frame. In this case, the repair consists of renewing the coverage. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned, the fittings should be removed and the doors should be painted with anti-corrosion paint, this should be done in 2–4 layers.

    Surface restoration
    Surface restoration

    To restore the paintwork, the doors are cleaned, degreased, primed and painted in several layers

  5. Damage to the skin. If the doors are finished with artificial or natural leather, then if it is damaged, the trim will have to be completely changed. Powder spraying cannot be restored at home, so the doors must be carried to a specialized workshop.

If the hinges are standard and they are welded, then the adjustment can be done by installing additional washers, with which the door leaf is lifted. If the hinges are fixed on screws, then it is necessary to loosen the screws and slightly displace the blade in the desired direction, and then tighten everything again.

Video: repair of entrance metal doors

Reviews of metal entrance doors

Metal entrance doors are the most common solution. There is a large selection of such structures, and when buying them, one must take into account the conditions in which they will be operated, as well as the requirements for them. When choosing, you need to pay attention not only to the appearance of the doors, but also to the quality of the installed fittings, finish and safety. This is the only way to purchase excellent metal entrance doors that will ensure the safety of your home and serve as its decoration.

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