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What Not To Do In A Cemetery And Why
What Not To Do In A Cemetery And Why

Video: What Not To Do In A Cemetery And Why

Video: What Not To Do In A Cemetery And Why
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What not to do in a cemetery and why


The cemetery has always been considered a special place. It accumulates negative energy associated with the pain and sadness of people who come here to remember their loved ones. Therefore, there is a number of superstitions that prohibit doing certain things on the churchyards so as not to harm oneself.

Cemetery rules

Behavior at the cemetery is also stipulated at the legislative level. So, in places of burial of the deceased it is prohibited:

  • erect, rebuild, remove tombstones and monuments, without coordinating these actions with the administration;
  • destroy monuments and buildings of the cemetery;
  • litter;
  • breaking trees and plucking flowers and plants;
  • walking dogs and other pets;
  • burn a fire;
  • take out earth or sand;
  • enter the territory by car and other transport (including by bike, skiing, sleigh, etc.);
  • drink alcohol;
  • visit the territory outside the cemetery's opening hours.

Signs and superstitions

Since ancient times, there have been signs and superstitions associated with prohibitions on certain actions in the churchyard. All of them are based on the observations and personal experience of our ancestors.

Alcohol consumption

Most of those who come to the cemetery are sure that there is nothing wrong with remembering the deceased with an alcoholic drink. However, signs say the opposite. Our ancestors assured that drinking alcohol can greatly anger a deceased person. After such actions, you can find serious problems in life, as well as lose peace of mind.

A shot of vodka
A shot of vodka

Esotericists claim that the aura of a drunk person weakens, becomes open to negative influences

Complaints about life

A person, coming to a deceased relative, tries to tell him good news or complain about life. However, don't be too zealous. After all, the deceased can take pity on you, after hearing complaints about life, and take you to him. And other souls, hearing about your happiness, can envy and drag your soul to the next world.

Bring the kids

Signs are advised not to take children under seven years old with you to the churchyard. The energy of a small child is still too weak, and the negative atmosphere of the cemetery can cause serious damage to the child's mental and physical condition. In addition, in childhood, the opportunity to see the other world remains, and where, if not in a cemetery, there is the greatest chance of meeting the soul of the deceased. Such a meeting is unlikely to benefit the child.

Quarrels and screams

Our ancestors were convinced that quarrels at the cemetery could bring even more difficulties to a person's life. Screams disturb the peace of the dead, for which they can avenge. From an esoteric point of view, the mournful energy of the cemetery can only increase the negative manifestations in the life of the quarreling.

Afternoon visit

There is a belief that the souls of the dead become visible after twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Therefore, appearing at the churchyard in the afternoon, you can experience serious fear when meeting with the deceased. In addition, the dead consider it a violation of their own peace of mind if someone comes to the cemetery after twelve.

The photo

A photograph taken in a cemetery has negative energy. Making a shot, a person associates himself with all the negativity of the cemetery. Subsequently, such a picture can cause irreparable harm to health.


Photos taken at the cemetery can disturb the soul of the deceased, who, through the picture, will begin to come to his home, where he once felt good, from such a neighborhood the living will definitely be uncomfortable

Pregnant women

In the past, it was believed that a pregnant woman did not need to visit a cemetery. The ancestors were sure that bad people buried in the churchyard were able to take the soul of an unborn child. They can also move into the baby's body.

Pick up things

According to beliefs, a thing taken from a cemetery will bring only misfortunes to a person's life. The fact is that the deceased consider all the objects installed on their graves to be their property, and if someone takes something, the deceased is able to send a lot of trouble to this person.


In no case should you get or count money while in the cemetery. Such actions will lead to poverty and ruin. If a coin or bill falls on the cemetery ground, you cannot pick it up - this will offend the dead.

A cemetery is a place surrounded by a mass of signs and superstitions. Believe them or not, it's up to everyone to decide. However, you should not behave disrespectfully to the dead, disturb their peace, so as not to inadvertently incur trouble.

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