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Neighbors From Above Roll And Drop Metal Balls: Why This Sound Occurs
Neighbors From Above Roll And Drop Metal Balls: Why This Sound Occurs

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Why do neighbors roll metal balls from above - do not rush to swear

Neighbor man
Neighbor man

Noisy neighbors are a problem for many residents of apartment buildings. You can hear the music, the puncher, the screams of babies … But rolling metal balls? This is strange even for a human neighbor. Do many Russians have such an unusual hobby as home bowling? Let's find a rational explanation.

Why neighbors from above roll metal balls

To begin with, let's find something in common in all cases when a person hears such strange sounds from neighbors above:

  • the sound of rolling metal balls was heard only by residents of Soviet panel high-rise buildings;
  • this sound appears mainly in the evening or at night;
  • the neighbors from above claim that they are not guilty of anything.

Surprisingly, this time the neighbors can be trusted. After all, it's not about them, but about the structure of panel houses.

Panel houses
Panel houses

Soviet "panels" fill most Russian cities

They have a metal frame that is very sensitive to temperature changes. As we remember from the school physics course, when heated, bodies expand, and when cooled, they contract. So, this frame is usually much warmer during the day than in the evening or at night - the sun warms up the building structure well even in winter. Due to such daily deformations, the load is redistributed between the parts of the metal base. It is this phenomenon that gives that strange sound that makes us suspect our neighbors of an excessive love of bowling.

Pay attention - if you hear this sound, as it seems to you, too often, this may indicate the devil-may-care attitude of the builders to GOST. It is worth taking action and contacting the relevant authorities to inspect the building.

That's all! No need to go and scold your neighbors for rolling heavy balls every night. It is better to keep good relations with them and write a collective complaint to the housing office - let them check the reliability of the house structure.

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