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5 Gardener Mistakes That Lead To Potato Spoilage During Storage
5 Gardener Mistakes That Lead To Potato Spoilage During Storage

Video: 5 Gardener Mistakes That Lead To Potato Spoilage During Storage

Video: 5 Gardener Mistakes That Lead To Potato Spoilage During Storage
Video: The TOP 5 Potato Growing Misconceptions Dispelled 2023, May

5 mistakes of a summer resident, due to which potatoes are not stored and eventually spoil


Having grown a potato crop, it is also important to preserve the result of your labors. Inexperienced summer residents often make mistakes that lead to spoilage of vegetables.

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Before harvesting potatoes for the winter, they should be dried in a ventilated, dark area for two to three days, while removing the soil and other impurities. You cannot wash, otherwise the vegetables will start to rot in storage.

Then they need to be carefully sorted out. Sick, damaged and frostbitten tubers must be eliminated, otherwise, because of them, first the neighboring ones, and then all those lying nearby, will be destroyed.

Root crops with shovel cuts or other minor damage should be kept separate from good ones. They should be eaten first.

The tubers should be sprouted, mature and with a firm skin. Only in this case they will lie safely until spring.

Store next to other vegetables

The only "neighbor" with which potatoes get along is beets. It cannot be placed in the same box with other vegetables.

The fact is that even after drying, moisture remains in the tubers, which is so necessary for beets for good storage. Placing this root vegetable on top of your potatoes will not only save your crop, but also save space.

Unsuitable storage conditions

In order for the crop to last safely until spring, a number of conditions must be met. The relative humidity in the room should be no more than 85-90%, the optimum storage temperature is 4-6 ° C.

Good ventilation and regular ventilation are essential. The tubers should not be exposed to sunlight, otherwise they will begin to turn green and will be unsuitable for human consumption.

Choose the wrong container


The container for wintering the crop should be selected based on the place of storage.

In a cellar or basement, crops should be kept in wooden boxes with air access in the walls. To prevent the potatoes from getting damp, it is necessary to put some kind of platform under the boxes, for example, from small thick boards.

You can also add a small layer of dry sawdust and chopped rowan leaves. The former will remove unnecessary moisture, the latter will destroy harmful microbes.

For storage on a loggia or balcony, a double wooden box is required. You can make it yourself by placing a small one in a large one.

The distance between the walls should be several centimeters. Dry sawdust or foam must be poured into it so that they collect moisture. The same should be done with the lid and bottom. Outside, it is advisable to upholster the storage with plastic, linoleum or paint.

If it is not possible to make a box, you can purchase a household thermal container. It is specially designed for storing vegetables, so the temperature inside is ideal for harvesting.

Potatoes are rarely sorted

Foul odors and small flying flies are a sign that vegetables should be checked. Potatoes are a capricious vegetable that requires special attention. Therefore, it must be sorted out periodically.

Finding a rotten tuber, you need to remove not only it, but also those in contact with it, since the disease could already spread to them, but the symptoms have not yet appeared.

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