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Putting Order In The Spring At Their Summer Cottage (+ Video)
Putting Order In The Spring At Their Summer Cottage (+ Video)

Video: Putting Order In The Spring At Their Summer Cottage (+ Video)

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Order at the summer cottage: technology will help us

summer cottage in spring
summer cottage in spring

Every gardener knows that the beauty and fertility of his summer cottage directly depends on careful care throughout the year. Even winter requires a little work for the good of the future harvest.

Well, with the arrival of spring, the garden and the vegetable garden look completely unattractive. Leaves fallen in autumn, debris, dirt, withered grass not only do not give aesthetics to the general appearance, but also interfere with work on the site. Therefore, we urgently need to start putting things in order.

A good, hardworking owner always has at hand all the necessary tools to bring the territory in proper order. But since we live in an age of high technologies, the tools must be appropriate. They will make work easier and will do the job correctly.


  • 1 We bring cleanliness with modern mechanisms
  • 2 Technical characteristics and types of blowers
  • 3 Pruning trees and bushes
  • 4 How to get rid of garden debris on the site?
  • 5 Specifications and types of garden shredders
  • 6 My building surfaces on the site
  • 7 Related Videos

We bring cleanliness using modern mechanisms

There is a joking saying: "Fast as an electric broom." And since there is some truth in every joke, the designers have long invented such an easy-to-use and necessary sweeping machine for cleaning the territory - a sweeper. This mechanism can be purchased at any hardware store and is inexpensive. In essence, it resembles a miniature sweeper, with a wheel drive and a rotating brush that only needs to be given direction.

garden sweeper
garden sweeper

There are also sweepers without wheel drive, they are easier to operate and cheaper, the energy consumption is much lower. This sweeper requires almost complete manual control. But both of these types do an excellent job of their function.

Sweaters are a technique for any season. They will come in handy even in winter when you need to clean the snow.

Debris such as leaves and dry grass can be easily removed with garden vacuum cleaners. This knapsack air duct will help blow away all debris with directed air in one place, so that the owner can conveniently recycle it at his discretion. The speed of the directed flow generated by the blower is up to 340 km / h, which is 2-3 times higher than the speed of the storm wind. Therefore, the device will help you not only to collect debris in hard-to-reach places, but also to drain small puddles on hard surfaces.

Technical characteristics and types of blowers

The blower consists of a gasoline or electric motor and an impeller (fan), which are housed in a plastic casing, and a tube about 1 m long, screwed to the casing. Many more modern models of this device are equipped with a suction mode, like a vacuum cleaner. In such cases, another element is added to the structure - a garbage bag. When you turn on the vacuum cleaner mode, the impeller chops up debris, branches and foliage. Some blowers are equipped with a chipper, a shredder that can reduce the volume of processed waste by several times.

garden blower
garden blower

Blowers can be:

  • manual;
  • knapsack (the body is placed in a knapsack worn on the shoulders);
  • mobile (propelled by wheels).

Manual models, depending on the configuration, weigh from 2.7 kg to 6 kg, backpack - about 10 kg, wheeled - about 30 kg. Devices with an electric motor make little noise, but also have low performance. The gasoline engine is noisier, creates a noticeable vibration, requires regular refueling, but is more economical during operation. You will spend no more than 1 liter of gasoline to put in order about 12 acres of the garden area.

The chipper blower vacuum cleaner will help collect debris in one place and absorb it when you switch to suction mode. The chapper will grind and process the waste mass so that the volume is 10% of the initial volume. The material collected in the waste bin can be used on the farm or taken out of the garden area.

Cutting trees and bushes

The branches of trees and bushes have grown noticeably over the past year, and over the winter many of them fell into disrepair: they dried up, froze, and now they will not bear fruit. Such branches must be removed from the plant. They not only spoil the view, but also harm the entire tree or shrub.

brush cutter and pruner
brush cutter and pruner

Pruning shears, scissors and a hacksaw are traditionally used for cutting branches. Modern models of these tools are equipped with a gasoline or electric engine, which significantly increases productivity and makes them easy to use. This can be a cordless pruner or a gasoline brush cutter. Working with such tools is a pleasure: with their help, you will get rid of dead branches in a matter of minutes or give a beautiful shape to a shrub.

After the work on pruning the branches is finished and the garden is put into proper form, the owner of the plot is faced with the fact that the garbage becomes much larger. In this case, it will need to be removed outside the garden. How can you do this without wasting precious time and effort?

How to get rid of garden debris on the site?

Traditionally, a bucket is used for this. But through this simple thing, you will spend the whole day. Therefore, it is easier to purchase a trolley, or a wheelbarrow, on which you can put a large amount of cargo and transport it to the right place at a time.

However, garden waste can be beneficial on the farm. It can be used as compost or mulch to fertilize garden beds. In this case, technical progress will help you again. The electric garden shredder will easily process not only grass and leaves, but also branches, even rather large ones, into small dust. And if you have no desire to deal with compost, then with the help of a shredder the garbage heap will decrease in volume many times, which will greatly facilitate its removal.

garden waste collection devices
garden waste collection devices

Where else besides compost can you use shredded waste? A good owner always knows what to do, even with a seemingly unnecessary trifle. You can use the treated waste as heating material, sprinkle it on paths in the garden or between the beds.

Specifications and types of garden shredders

Conventional shredders of the simplest type consist of a steel or plastic case, which houses a gasoline or electric motor, a knife system and a multifunctional gear wheel that shreds debris. The structure also includes a pre-cleaning knife and a chip blade. In order to facilitate the loading, the intake pipe is tilted, the outlet pipe is located vertically downward and is often static. The shredders are equipped with a wheel drive for ease of movement.

garden shredder shredder
garden shredder shredder

Modern models of shredders have holes for loading different types of raw materials, for example, thin and thick branches. The rotating knives move in two different directions. That allows you to grind materials of different hardness. This allows you to turn waste into excellent compost mass and wood into chips.

The robust hardened steel of the shredder blades can handle branches up to 40 mm in diameter. There are models. Equipped with a milling drum and a cutting screw mechanism, they can handle a diameter of about 75 mm.

Larger models of shredders run on a gasoline engine with a capacity of 2 to 20 hp. They are able to cope with very large branches, but have some drawbacks, for example, they are very dependent on the quality of the mixture of gasoline and oil, they pollute the air, like any gasoline engines, and make noise during operation. If your site is small, then it is enough to purchase a device with an electric motor. Its power can be from 1.8 to 2.5 kW, it is not as noisy as gasoline, and much easier to operate. Among the disadvantages is only the dependence on the outlet and voltage drops.

My building surfaces on the site

Washing the surfaces of walls and fences is also a necessary job that requires care and accuracy. It often happens that you cannot reach the required height with your hands, and it is not safe to use chairs. In such cases, a variety of ladders and stepladders come to the rescue, reliable, lightweight and versatile. You can choose a specialized ladder, for example, an extension ladder for window cleaning. It will allow you to get directly to the window, and not to any side of it.

However, even a good stepladder will not reduce the amount of work required to clean walls or fences. And here again technology will come to your aid. Wonderful comfortable mini-washers, reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner, will greatly facilitate your task. The built-in containers of the mini-washer are filled with water and detergent, which are supplied under pressure to the sprayer through a hose.

mini wash backpack
mini wash backpack

Using the device consists in connecting to an outlet and a water source. A pressure flow of 100-200 bar will easily wash walls, paths, garden furniture and tools, pool gutters, fences and yard buildings. The mini-washer will help to clean the sewers, wash the facade of the house and steps, wash the car, it can also be used for watering trees, beds and bushes.

A mini-sink works according to the following principle: water is supplied inside the tank from a water supply system or from a barrel, where it passes through a pump supplying it under pressure up to 200 atmospheres (the pressure in the water supply system does not exceed 5 atmospheres). Next, water through a hose to a gun with a nozzle, which is equipped with a water on / off button.

You can choose a variety of special attachments for the mini-washers, which significantly increase the cleaning efficiency. The jet formed by the fan-shaped nozzle can be used to wash not too dirty surfaces near lawns, beds and flower beds. To eliminate stubborn spot contamination, use nozzles that produce a narrow jet at maximum pressure.

In the product line of any manufacturer, mini-washers may differ in their technical parameters. They are as follows:

  • voltage (V / Hz);
  • rated power (W);
  • working pressure (Bar);
  • maximum pressure (bar);
  • inlet pressure (bar);
  • inlet water temperature (degrees Celsius);
  • water consumption (l / min);
  • Weight, kg).
mini-wash for cars
mini-wash for cars

A jet at a pressure of 100 bar will get rid of dirt on the paths, fence, basement of the building, decorative elements of the garden. An operating pressure of 120 bar, a power of up to 1700 W and a water flow of 380 l / h will provide washing of small vehicles - a motorcycle or a car. For larger cars and large buildings from 2 floors or more, it is better to use a mini-wash with a pressure of 130-160 bar and a water flow rate of 400 or more l / h.

When buying a mini-washer, be sure to take an interest in its functions both with and without attachments.

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Taking advantage of these simple and convenient tools, the purchase of which is now easy, you can always keep your summer cottage, garden or garden plot in perfect order. Let the improvement work bring you only pleasure, and let your stay on the site be a pleasure!

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