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Dimensions Of Entrance Doors, Including Standard Ones, As Well As How To Correctly Measure
Dimensions Of Entrance Doors, Including Standard Ones, As Well As How To Correctly Measure
Video: Dimensions Of Entrance Doors, Including Standard Ones, As Well As How To Correctly Measure
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Dimensions of entrance doors

a door
a door

Entrance doors are very diverse. There are standard and non-standard models on sale. To choose the right door block that matches the original doorway, you need to clearly understand the installation technology and the order of work. And also know the rules for installing front doors.


  • 1 Overall dimensions of entrance doors

    • 1.1 Standard dimensions of entrance doors

      1.1.1 Dimensions of the entrance door frame

    • 1.2 Standard dimensions of entrance doors with a frame

      1.2.1 Table: Correspondence of the dimensions of the door block and doorway

  • 2 Dimensions of the opening for the front door
  • 3 How to correctly measure the front door

    3.1 Video: installing the front door

Overall dimensions of entrance doors

The specificity of entrance doors is that they are subject to increased requirements. The main ones are strength, reliability and durability. To solve these problems, there are many tricks and constructive nuances. The door leaf is installed from metal or wood species such as oak and hornbeam. Strengthen the structure of the door frame, install locks and hinges with increased burglar resistance. In addition, the front door serves as the main portal for moving furniture, household items and, in fact, people. Its dimensions are always assumed to be larger than that of interior doors.

Entrance door
Entrance door

The metal-plastic entrance door is reinforced with additional hinges and armored glass

When choosing, they are guided primarily by the size of the doorway, the size of which is laid down at the design stage. If the dimensions of the opening do not suit, during redevelopment it is increased or decreased, bringing it in line with the desired door size.

Practice has shown that the most acceptable type of door for entry is a swing door. Unlike sliding ones or, for example, sliding ones, such a structure is less exposed to external influences, has good thermal insulation and noise reduction.

When installing, choose which way the door opens. If the opening is to the outside, space inside the hallway is saved. It is more difficult to knock out such a door, since the canvas rigidly rests on the supporting surface of the door frame.

Right and left entrance doors
Right and left entrance doors

Doors that open counterclockwise are called "right", clockwise - "left"

On the other hand, in accordance with fire safety regulations, it is recommended to open the front door inside - this allows rescuers to quickly enter the building in an emergency and provide assistance to residents.

Standard sizes of entrance doors

With a huge variety of entrance doors, manufacturers adhere to certain standards specified in SNiP, and produce finished products of the following standard sizes:

  1. Width. Varies from 850 to 910 mm. It can be increased up to 1010 mm for a single-leaf structure, 1300–1500 mm for one-and-a-half doors and 1900–1950 for double-leaf doors.
  2. Height. Can be from 2000 to 2300 mm. The exact size is adjusted depending on the position of the ceiling above the floor and in relation to the width of the door leaf.
  3. Thickness. This parameter of the door leaf is not strictly regulated. However, it must be borne in mind that the sash must withstand both mechanical stress and temperature and humidity changes. As a rule, the thickness of a wooden door (panel or panel) starts from 50 mm and more. Metal doors are made from sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm. Reinforced-plastic doors have a cross-section of 50–75 mm, depending on the number of profile chambers (or glass unit, if any).
Front door dimensions
Front door dimensions

The door block has several sizes: along the opening, along the door frame and along the door leaf

Dimensions of the entrance door frame

In most cases, the entrance door is sold complete with a door frame. The accompanying documents indicate the overall dimensions of the unit. In the event that the assembly is carried out independently, when calculating, the dimensions of the door frame are added to the dimensions of the door leaf. It should be borne in mind that an assembly gap of 2.5–4 mm must remain between the sash and the frame.

As a rule, ready-made door frames are sold under a certain standard of a leaf (or two leaves in a double-leaf version). If there is a need for preliminary measurements, then the door frame is measured along the surface adjacent to the wall opening.

Selection of the frame for the doorway
Selection of the frame for the doorway

Measure the outer dimensions of the frame without taking into account the platbands

Standard dimensions of entrance doors with a frame

For ease of selection and clarity, simple tables are used.

Table: Correspondence of the dimensions of the door block and doorway

Block width x height, mm

Doorway width, mm Doorway height, mm
860 x 2050 from 880 to 960 from 2070 to 2100
960 x 2050 from 980 to 1060 from 2070 to 2100
880 x 2050 from 900 to 980 from 2070 to 2100
980 x 2050 from 1000 to 1080 from 2070 to 2100

It should be remembered that when installing the door unit, it is necessary to maintain technological gaps along the perimeter of the opening in the amount of 15–25 mm. This is due to the installation rules. The gaps are used not only for filling with heat-insulating materials, but also for leveling the structure in the vertical and horizontal planes.

Insulation between the wall and the door block eliminates thermal bridges through which cold penetrates into the building. This is usually polyurethane foam or rock wool.

Clearances when installing doors
Clearances when installing doors

Technological gaps between the leaf and the frame are necessary for the free movement of the sash

Dimensions of the opening for the front door

The term "doorway" is used to describe the rectangular space allocated for the installation of a door unit. It includes three quantities:

  • width (in the horizontal plane);
  • height (in the vertical plane);
  • depth (thickness of the wall or partition of the building).

These parameters are measured in the metric system of measures recognized today as universal. The unit of measurement is in millimeters or centimeters. Professionals prefer to work with millimeters, as this achieves the required measurement accuracy.

Standard dimensions of the doorway (width * height, mm):

  • 880 * 2080;
  • 920 * 2100;
  • 1000 * 2100;
  • 1270 * 2100.
Doorway size
Doorway size

The total width of the doorway is the sum of the width of the door block plus technological clearances

Measurement of the dimensions of the doorway is carried out using a tape measure. A sketch is drawn on a piece of paper, onto which all dimensions of the hole in the wall are sequentially transferred. Note the height of the side surfaces, the width of the top beam, the width of the threshold and the thickness of the wall. The opening is not always strictly rectangular, therefore, it is necessary to indicate the exact dimensions of each face of the wall in the drawing. This is especially important if the door is custom made.

Measurement of the doorway
Measurement of the doorway

The drawing is made on a piece of paper with dimensions in millimeters

Russian system of measures
Russian system of measures

The five-dimensional system of measures allows you to build houses for a specific person

If the opening is smaller than the dimensions of the door to be installed, it is expanded taking into account the necessary gaps. Stone walls are cut with a grinder or a wall chaser, wooden walls - with a jigsaw or a chainsaw. Too large openings are increased to the specified size. Additional bars are installed in the wooden walls. Stone reports with bricks or building blocks.

Extending the doorway
Extending the doorway

When reducing the opening, follow the general construction rules for plastering walls

It is widely practiced to adjust the opening to the required dimensions using additional sashes (in width) or a transom (in height).

Front door with transom
Front door with transom

The transom over the door is used for decoration and additional lighting of the hallway.

How to correctly measure the front door

If an old door is installed in the opening, it must first be dismantled. But since it is impossible to leave a house or apartment without an entrance door, then at the preparatory stage it is enough to remove the platbands (if any). After access to the wall opens, you can measure the height and width of the doorway. It is not always possible to accurately measure the depth, however, for the manufacture of metal or plastic doors, the depth of the opening does not matter. Only when installing a wooden door frame (which is rare) is the depth of the doorway taken into account. In an extreme case, a frame with additional elements is used, which is adjusted to the desired depth of the door opening.

Before making the right measurement, you need to stock up on the following:

  • tape measure;
  • paper for recording dimensions;
  • pencil or ballpoint pen;
  • chisel.

Brief instructions for measuring the opening:

  1. The work on measuring the opening usually begins with the removal of the platbands. They can be removed by squeezing from the door frame with a chisel. If after that the boundaries of the doorway are not visible, then the wallpaper and plaster at the measurement points are removed with a chisel.
  2. The size of the opening may differ depending on the measurement location. Therefore, the width is measured in three places. Two measurements are taken at a distance of approximately 20 cm from the top and bottom of the door, and one is taken in the middle.
  3. Vertical measurement is done in two places. At the same time, attention is paid to the presence of a threshold. If there is no threshold, then the size from the top surface to the floor is taken into account.
Dismantling of platbands
Dismantling of platbands

Disassembly of the old door is carried out in the reverse order of assembly

It should not be forgotten that in the vast majority of the entrance doors are equipped with a threshold. Therefore, measurements of the width must be made both at the top of the opening and at the bottom. This will eliminate mistakes when installing the door unit. The height is measured at all corners of the rectangular hole in the wall.

Setting the threshold of the entrance door
Setting the threshold of the entrance door

Metal threshold protects the door from burglary

If, after dismantling the old door, plaster crumbles in the opening or the supporting wooden beam falls out, before proceeding with measuring the dimensions for the new door, it is necessary to strengthen the opening. The dilapidated plaster is beaten off, and the wooden parts are firmly fixed to the wall. This must be done carefully, since the ends of the opening serve as the main support for the door frame. Next, measure the dimensions of the opening as described above.

When choosing a ready-made door block, which includes a door leaf with a frame, you need to compare its dimensions with the dimensions of the hole in the wall. The linear dimensions of the sidewalls and crossbars should not exceed the dimensions of the doorway. Ideally, a small gap of 15–25 mm should remain around the entire perimeter (except for the threshold, which is installed directly on the floor).

Front door measurements
Front door measurements

Measurement scheme of door dimensions, where W - width, D - door height

You can measure the dimensions of the door block yourself, using a tape measure. Or refer to the technical documentation, which indicates all dimensions of the product. Each manufacturer supplies the doors with a detailed data sheet, which also describes the equipment and installation features during installation.

Installing the door frame
Installing the door frame

Clearances allow vertical alignment of the door frame

If the assembly of the entrance doors is carried out from prefabricated parts - the leaf and the door frame are purchased separately, then the selection of the box is carried out based on the dimensions of its outer edges. It is necessary to choose a door frame, the outer edges of which "fit" into the doorway with the above technological gap.

Video: installing the front door

Installing and replacing the front door is a responsible business. The duration of operation, reliability and appearance of the entrance to the building depend on the correct choice of the type of doors and installation. Going to experienced professionals will spend more money, but get guarantees that are worth it.

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