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Door Frame Sizes, Including Standard Ones, As Well As A Measurement Algorithm
Door Frame Sizes, Including Standard Ones, As Well As A Measurement Algorithm

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Within reasonable limits: door frame parameters

Door frame
Door frame

Before installing the door leaf, it is required to correctly measure the opening and the box. Extreme precision in sizing guarantees long-term performance of the product.

Finding the right frame size

Determining the parameters of the frame structure for the door leaf begins with calculating the dimensions of the passage in the wall and studying GOST.

Measurement of the doorway according to the formula

To make sure that the door frame fits perfectly into the opening in width, a simple formula will help W p = W dv + 2 * T k + M z * 2 + W n + W z, where W p is the width of the opening, W d is the width of the door cloth, T k - the thickness of the box, M z - mounting gap, Z p - gap under the hinges, and Z z - gap under the lock.

Doorway size
Doorway size

The size of the doorway includes the dimensions of the door leaf and door frame

And to get rid of doubts whether the box is suitable for the passage into the room through the wall in height, the formula B p = B dv + P p + 1 cm + T k + M Sv + M Zn will help, where B p is the height of the passage into the room, B dv is the height of the purchased door, P p is the distance from the floor to the threshold, 1 cm is the standard size of the gap between the wall and the door frame (box) in the upper area of ​​the opening, T k is the thickness of the door frame (3–10 cm), M Sv - the installation gap between the frame structure and the door leaf at the top, and М Зн - the installation gap between the frame structure and the threshold at the bottom.

The dependence of the door frame on the opening

As indicated in GOST 6629–88, the box of interior doors should be 5–7 cm wider than the width of a standard door leaf. And the block of doors at the entrance to the house is recommended to be made up to 12 cm wide, because such an entrance group has the function of an emergency exit.

The height difference between the two elements of the door block can be from 43 mm. This means that a door with dimensions 600x1900 mm can be mounted in a box with parameters 665x1943 mm, inserted into an opening 685 mm wide and 1955 mm high.

Door scheme with frame and trim
Door scheme with frame and trim

The dimensions of the door block increase as the frame structure and platbands are added to the canvas

Table: Correspondence of the dimensions of the box to the door leaf and the opening

Door leaf height and width (mm) Height and width of the box or frame (mm) Opening height and width (mm) Opening height and width, including door trims (mm)
550x1880 615x1923 635x1935 750x2000
600x1900 665x1943 685x1955 800x2020
600x2000 665x2043 685x2055 800x2120
700x2000 765x2043 785x2055 900x2120
800x2000 865x2043 885x2055 1000x2120
900x2000 965x2043 985x2055 1100x2120
600x2100 665x2143 685x2155 800x2220
700x2100 765x2143 785x2155 900x2220
800x2100 865x2143 885x2155 1000x2220
900x2100 965 x2143 985x2155 1100x2220

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Standard door frame dimensions

Manufacturers of door frames are guided by the dimensions of the door leaf and most often produce products with a width:

  • 67 cm;
  • 77 cm;
  • 87 cm.
Doorway width scheme
Doorway width scheme

The door frame increases the door width by at least 6-7 cm

The height of the door frame is determined by the height of the door leaf. If the second indicator is 2000 mm, then the first can be 2070 mm.

Door frame height scheme
Door frame height scheme

The door frame adds 6-7 cm to the door height

Purpose of the door depending on the size

The dimensions of the door are reflected not only in the dimensions of the box, but also in the terms of use of the product. For example, a particularly wide door leaf always leads into the living room.

Table: door parameters with regard to room function

Room type Door dimensions (cm)
Door height Door width
Room, bedroom 200 80
Kitchen 200 70
Bathroom, toilet 190-200 55-60
The corridor 200 70
Living room 200 60 + 60 or 40 + 80

(two canvases)

Private house, apartment 207-237 90-101

Reviews of doors with a frame

The box is as important a part of the door block as the platbands. It allows you to fix the canvas in the opening, therefore, separate requirements are imposed on its dimensions.

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