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How To Avoid An Accident For An Inexperienced Driver
How To Avoid An Accident For An Inexperienced Driver

Video: How To Avoid An Accident For An Inexperienced Driver

Video: How To Avoid An Accident For An Inexperienced Driver

7 tips for novice drivers to avoid an accident


Novice drivers make many mistakes. The process of driving a vehicle has not yet been brought to automatism, there is no understanding of the dimensions and the road situation. A beginner cannot predict the course of events. If you recently got behind the wheel and want to avoid unpleasant incidents in the future, we bring to your attention several "life hacks" that will help you quickly get used to the road.

Slow down in time

If there is a pedestrian crossing or traffic light ahead, it is better to release the gas pedal. A pedestrian can unexpectedly step onto the road without thinking about whether the driver will be able to stop the car in time. If the carriageway consists of several dividing lanes, carefully watch the actions of the drivers in front. They can slow down when they see a pedestrian that is difficult for you to notice.

At intersections with traffic lights, you always need to be prepared for unexpected developments. Someone at the last moment rebuilds, someone does not turn on the "turn signal" … Maneuvering at high speed is problematic, so do not accelerate. It is better to miss one phase of the traffic light than to get into an accident.

Don't overclock if you're not sure

As the vehicle speed increases, the handling decreases and the amount of anticipated driver response time decreases. You should not "drive" if you expect a turn or exit, in front of a traffic light or pedestrian crossing. At speed, maneuvers become more difficult, more efforts must be applied to change the trajectory of movement, and in addition, the braking distance increases.

On a winter road, it is better to be guided not by the signs with the permitted speed, but by the behavior of your car. If it "throws" across the entire width of the strip, it starts to "wag" - it is better to slow down. Even on an icy road, the car must drive smoothly. It is better to start braking in winter in advance, smoothly, so as not to go into a skid.

Watch out for trucks

Trucks on the roads are a source of increased danger for other motorists. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The slow movement of a loaded truck provokes overtaking. However, due to its dimensions, visibility is often difficult, so overtaking a truck is only worthwhile with full control of the situation and road visibility, observing the markings and speed limits.
  2. The "dead zone" in the mirrors of the truck does not allow its driver to see the nearby car. Therefore, he can initiate a maneuver without taking into account the car moving nearby. If a heavy cargo starts to move in your direction, warn it with a sound signal of a horn about your presence.
  3. Drivers are often tempted to overtake a truck while cornering. But do not forget that wagons for this require much more space than an ordinary "passenger car". Trying to "slip" along a short trajectory is not a good idea. A skid of a truck body can play against you and the same "dead zone" in which the truck driver simply cannot see you.

Don't panic if someone honks you

The traffic on the roads is dense, the drivers are in a hurry. They are unnerved by a slow-moving or hesitant car. Signals may sound in your address, especially nervous ones may swear in an open window. Do not worry. Once upon a time, even drivers with vast experience got behind the wheel for the first time. Your task is to drive according to the rules, not to violate the speed limit and not to confuse "brake" with "gas". If you drive around the city at a speed of 40 km / h, then you are not breaking anything, even if the slow pace irritates other road users.

Respect others

Respect on the road is expressed in not provoking dangerous or unpleasant situations for other drivers with your maneuvers. Before changing lanes or entering the road, make sure that you are not disturbing anyone. Friendly drivers, seeing a difficult situation, will let you pass. Do not forget to thank by briefly turning on the emergency gang after completing the maneuver.

Don't forget about pedestrians

According to statistics, the most literate pedestrians are drivers. When you walk, you perfectly understand why it is impossible to suddenly go out onto the carriageway or cross the street outside the pedestrian crossing. Ordinary pedestrians for the most part cannot calculate the braking distance of a car, they do not realize that they are not always noticeable, especially in the dark. Therefore, moving along the road or approaching the crossing, you should always "look" at the people walking from the side. Someone can suddenly change direction and get out on the roadway or "zebra". You need to be ready for this.

Remove excess from the salon

While getting used to the status of the driver and continuing attempts to fully understand the traffic situation, it is better to get rid of the distractions in the cabin. For example, temporarily remove hanging toys, do not turn on the music at high volumes, so as not to miss a warning signal or danger. It is also worth putting the phone on silent mode and trying not to be distracted by the gadget while driving.

Over time, driving will become as natural as walking or breathing. But at first, attentiveness and caution are the best companions of an inexperienced driver.

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