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How To Choose A Lawn Mower For A Summer Cottage: Gasoline Or Electric, Self-propelled Or Manual
How To Choose A Lawn Mower For A Summer Cottage: Gasoline Or Electric, Self-propelled Or Manual

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Tips for summer residents on choosing a lawn mower

how to choose a lawn mower
how to choose a lawn mower

A new summer cottage season has come, and the owners of the backyard plots again have concerns, including maintaining the lawn in perfect order. The grass, warmed by the sun's rays, seeks to capture more space, and this can harm the appearance of not only the lawn, but the entire summer cottage. We will tell you how to choose a lawn mower that will become a real assistant in your garden and lawn care.


  • 1 Lawn mowers: which one to choose exactly for your site
  • 2 Types of lawn mowers
  • 3 Details to look out for when choosing a tool
  • 4 Functional features of tool types
  • 5 Raiders, robots and power lawn mowers
  • 6 Electricity or Gasoline: Which Food to Choose?
  • 7 A Few Interesting Facts That Will Help You
  • 8 Video on choosing a lawn mower

Lawn mowers: which one to choose exactly for your site

The modern market offers a huge selection of lawn mowers of all types, so finding the right option is not so easy, especially if this is your first time encountering this need. You need to take into account many nuances so as not to be mistaken.

Lawn mowers are of the following types:

  • electrical;
  • mechanical;
  • gasoline;
  • rechargeable;
  • trimmers;
  • tractor type (raiders);
  • robots.
lawn mower selection
lawn mower selection

There are certain factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower

There are some important factors to consider when choosing the type of lawn mower you need.

  1. Grass, its composition, plant species. If your lawn is planted with special grass, or is dominated by simple plants, then lawn mowers with low power will do. A more powerful model is required if you need to mow thick and tough field grasses when you are just preparing a lawn area.
  2. The choice of device design is influenced by the landscape of the territory. On a flat surface, wheeled lawn mowers and raiders do just fine, but for uneven, hilly terrain, it is better to use a trimmer that you have to carry.
  3. The area of ​​the territory and the amount of mowed grass also matter. It is better, faster and more efficient to handle a large area with a raider.
  4. For a medium-sized plot, choose a wheeled lawnmower. And if the area is small and there is a source of electricity in the immediate vicinity, an electric lawn mower with a low power would be the best option.

It will not be superfluous to pay attention to additional functions and design features that will provide convenience to the workflow. For example, a model with a grass catcher will allow you not to worry about cleaning the area after mowing. It is desirable that the volume of the grass catcher is sufficient for the entire plot. It is also important what material it is made of. It is best to opt for metal or durable plastic.

Lawn mower types


Details to look out for when choosing a tool

There are a few more nuances, knowledge of which will help you not to make a mistake when buying.

  1. Pay attention to the deck. It needs to be deep to capture as much grass as possible. The best material for the deck is aluminum.
  2. The mower blade must be sharp and wide enough. If necessary, it is better to entrust the sharpening of the blades to the specialists of the service center: it is very difficult to do it yourself, you can disturb the balance of the blade.
  3. A good option is models with flaps that create airflow. Cutted and caked grass is healed, and with a mulching knife, you get rid of the additional worries about plant disposal.
  4. If you choose a wheeled lawn mower, then pay attention to the wheels: they should be wide, with a large diameter, made of rubber. This will ensure the tool runs smoothly, especially if the area is heavily overgrown. For a lawn with an oblique surface, choose a mower with swivel wheels.
  5. A self-propelled mower must be powerful.
  6. For a summer cottage, many gardeners and gardeners consider a trimmer to be the best. It is best to choose a model that is equipped with both fishing line and metal knives. So you can not only level the lawn, but also cope with thickets of bushes.
Wheeled lawn mowers should be equipped with wide rubber wheels
Wheeled lawn mowers should be equipped with wide rubber wheels

Wheeled lawn mowers should be equipped with wide rubber wheels

We will now take a closer look at some types of lawn mowers to give an idea of ​​how they work.

Functional features of tool types

The most common are gasoline lawn mowers. Their capacity is large enough for the processing of the site, they are equipped with a grass catcher, among their functions are mulching and grass discharge. In addition, such a lawn mower is not tied to a power source, which means that it can be used anywhere. This type includes walk-behind tractors, tractor lawn mowers and fuel-fired trimmers.

Electric lawn mowers, due to their connection to a power source, are used in small areas. The disadvantages also include low power, which is not always suitable for some areas. The complete set may vary. Newer models are usually equipped with a catcher, mulching, ejection and mowing height adjustment. There are self-propelled electric lawn mowers that can be controlled using the remote control. Available in the form of trimmers and walk-behind tractors.

petrol lawn mower
petrol lawn mower

Gasoline lawn mower

Cordless lawn mowers are as environmentally friendly as electric ones, but they are not connected to the mains. In terms of power, they are inferior to gasoline ones, since the energy reserve in the battery is limited. It is advisable not to use on wet grass. One battery charge will be enough for a plot of 240 sq.m. These lawn mowers are still new, so they are expensive.

Trimmers are hand-held lawn mowers that are strapped to the shoulder. This design is quite often used by summer residents in recent years, since it is inexpensive, compact and quite convenient for hard-to-reach places. It will do an excellent job on rough terrain: next to a fence, around trees, in places where hard weeds grow. True, there are also disadvantages:

  • low power of the tool;
  • uneven cut of grass;
  • the cut grass is scattered over the lawns and requires subsequent cleaning;
  • some user training is required;
  • loud noise during operation (many models have special headphones included).

There are air cushion trimmers. Such a device greatly facilitates the work due to the interlayer created by the turbine, which keeps the structure suspended. the lawn is much smoother than with a simple trimmer.

Raiders, robots and power lawn mowers

A few more options for the execution of lawn mowers that we cannot ignore.

If you are the owner of a large area that requires mowing of grass, then a raider or a tractor-type lawn mower will come in handy. It is multifunctional, and this is its main convenience. Such a unit will come in handy not only in the summer, but also at any time of the year. In winter, it will help when clearing snow, and in spring and autumn - as a vacuum cleaner, cultivator, for sweeping or spreading fertilizers. Built-in headlights allow you to work at any time of the day, and the power is enough to pull a full trailer.

Of course, such a tractor will not be cheap, but in large areas with a garden and a vegetable garden, it can be simply irreplaceable.

Robot lawn mowers are a modern modernized device. It is suitable for large, preferably flat areas. It is mainly used on hotel lawns. Such a unit is quite expensive, and is unlikely to come in handy on your personal plot.

mechanical lawn mower
mechanical lawn mower

Mechanical lawn mower

The same cannot be said about the mechanical drum mowers. They are quite convenient and cheap. The principle of their work is as follows: the torque is transmitted by the wheels when moving to the upper knife block and is directed to the edge of the blades from below. Thus, the two blades cut the grass like scissors.

The advantages of a power lawn mower:

  • noiselessness;
  • quick start of work;
  • lack of binding to batteries;
  • low cost of operation;
  • even cut.

There is usually no grass catcher on the machine, but many models have the option of mounting it.

Electricity or gasoline: which food to choose?

When choosing between gasoline and electric lawn mowers, you need to pay special attention to the following criteria:

  • power, which means - noise level;
  • performance;
  • service capability;
  • security level;
  • device weight.

Lawn mowers that run on fuel are much more powerful than electric ones. Too powerful electric motors are not installed - the network will not withstand high voltage. On the other hand, a weak motor does not make much noise. For work in a summer cottage, a gasoline engine with a capacity of about 6-7 horsepower is usually sufficient.

The performance of a lawn mower is directly related to power. For a site with a large or medium area, it is better to use a gasoline model - it will work for a long time without stopping, and the electric motor will not stand this pace. To avoid overheating, the electric mower is recommended to be switched off every 15 minutes. This unit is suitable for a small lawn near the house. It is also necessary to take into account the remoteness of the cut area from the power source.

Electric models are much easier to maintain as they do not require monitoring of oil and gasoline levels.

electric lawn mower
electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mower

In terms of security, there are certain flaws in both options. For example, a gasoline mower emits exhaust gases that must be breathed during operation. An electrical device will not cause such trouble, but it should not be used in high humidity.

Gasoline lawn mowers, due to the powerful motor, have a considerable weight, they are heavier to operate. If the device will be used by women, adolescents and the elderly, then it is better to give preference to an electric unit - it is lighter, easier to operate and more maneuverable.

Some interesting facts that will be useful to you

The mowing width of an electric lawn mower is between 30 and 42 centimeters.

The length of the blade of a simple braid is from 5 to 8. They are traditionally measured by the width of the palm. The size number is the number of palms that fit along the length of the blade. For small areas with narrow spaces, size 5 and 6 are suitable, and for a standard lawn - 7 and 8.

Drum-type mechanical lawnmowers were patented in the first half of the 19th century.

Some models of professional lawn mowers can accelerate up to 45 km / h during operation. They are usually used on large, flat lawns.

lawn mower selection
lawn mower selection

A properly selected lawn mower will make the lawn near the house even and beautiful

The number of seeds to sow directly depends on what type of lawn you have. Typical consumption per 1 sq. is about 50 g, that is, 50 kilograms per one hundred square meters. To plant evenly and the grass grows beautifully, mix seeds with sand in proportions 1: 3.

When choosing the type of grass catcher, pay attention to the following: the soft mesh version allows you to control the filling level. The plastic grass catcher cannot be tested, but it is much easier to maintain, especially after cutting wet grass that can curl the net.

Video about choosing a lawn mower

We hope that our tips will help you choose the most suitable lawn mower that is both affordable and reliable. In the comments, you can ask us questions, the answers to which you did not find in the article. We wish you easy work and good spring mood!

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