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Master Class For A Cat Lover: How To Make A Collar For A Pet With Your Own Hands
Master Class For A Cat Lover: How To Make A Collar For A Pet With Your Own Hands

Video: Master Class For A Cat Lover: How To Make A Collar For A Pet With Your Own Hands

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Master class for a cat lover: how to make a collar for a pet with your own hands

cats in collars
cats in collars

Cats have long and firmly entered our life as pets. These cute animals cheer us up, keep us company and even treat! And we also love to please them with something special. Pets, like humans, have their own fashion, and a collar is a must. Today we will tell you how to make a collar for a cat with your own hands.

What is a collar for?

First of all, this accessory makes it clear that the cat on which it is worn is not a street tramp, but a pet. You can hang a keychain or a capsule with your contacts on the collar so that your pet can be returned to you without any problems if it suddenly gets lost during a walk.

Usually the following materials are used to make collars:

  • nylon;
  • leather;
  • velvet;
  • velours;
  • metal.

Consider some features when choosing a material. For example, you should not put metal chains on your cat in the rain or in winter.

leather collar for cat
leather collar for cat

Simple leather collar

Collar fasteners can be either metal or plastic. The second option is better: the fastex can adjust the length of the collar to a millimeter, this does not require holes in the strap. There are even special safety clasps that can snap off when pulled if the cat gets caught on a branch, for example.

If this type of fastening seems expensive to you, you can make the collar yourself and connect the ends with coarse Velcro. You can also trim the collar neatly in several places (if it is made of fabric or thin leather) so that it breaks at critical tension.

So, we figured out the materials and accessories. Now a few words about how to calculate the size of the product. The optimal collar length is calculated using the formula "neck volume plus two fingers". If you do not have a measuring tape at hand, you can use a lace and mark the desired distance on it with knots.

The collar should fit snugly and not squeeze the throat at the same time. A dangling collar can be easily removed by a cat over its head, or caught on a fence, branch or cabinet handle. If the strap is pressed, breathing becomes difficult and blood circulation is impaired. Calculate the length of the collar so that the tip protruding from under the fastener is short.

Accessory making workshop

Like any other handicraft, making a collar is a very exciting and interesting activity. We offer you a simple and easy process that will not take you much time.

  1. Find the right fabric first. It can be of any color that you like, but the main condition is that it must be dense.
  2. Prepare a clasp that is easy to use (we discussed their options above), a needle and thread. To decorate the collar, you can take beautiful stones, beads or beads, preferably the same size.
  3. Measure your cat's neck with a centimeter. Cut a narrow strip from the selected material, no more than 2 cm.
  4. Stick or sew pebbles onto the prepared base so that the distance between them is the same. Attach the clasp carefully so that the collar can be easily removed and put on at any time.
Dense fabrics in assortment
Dense fabrics in assortment

When choosing fabric for a collar, pay attention to the density of the material

Using this template, you can easily make a collar of any kind, giving free rein to your imagination. The main thing is to remember a few simple rules:

  1. Do not use very heavy jewelry. It will be uncomfortable for the cat to walk with a collar that bends it to the ground. Better to decorate the item with fewer stones or beads.
  2. If you want to decorate the collar with ribbons, secure them so that they do not interfere with the cat's walk. Fasten the tape carefully on all sides, otherwise it may open up, blocking the view of the cat, or, even worse, catching on something.
  3. When choosing material for a collar, be careful about its composition. Certain types of tissues can cause allergies in both humans and cats. Leather is considered the optimal material for a collar.

A few more creative options

The example shown by us is just a foundation that you can use with your imagination. You can make an original, glamorous and unusual collar using simple tips and tools at hand.

Make a brutal spike accessory for your cat. To do this, you will need:

  • silicone wrist bracelet;
  • thorns;
  • needle with thread.

Use a needle and thread to grab the decorative thorn and sew it tightly to the bracelet. Sew the rest of the spikes in the same way, leaving a distance of 2-3 cm between them. Make sure that the gaps are the same.

Collar with spikes
Collar with spikes

Leather collar with spikes

The collar is ready. Its simplicity lies in the fact that it does not require a fastener: the silicone of the bracelet stretches well enough. True, such a collar is suitable for a small kitten or cat. It is better not to wear this accessory for a large animal.

If you are seriously passionate about needlework and are not afraid to try something new, use more complex options. For example, you can weave a collar from strong threads or thin strips of leather using the Shamballa technique, which is very popular in making such accessories. It is also easy to knit the collar with knitting needles or crochet, weave using the macrame technique. Remember that the threads should be soft so as not to inconvenience the cat when moving.

You can make funny embroidery along the length of the collar. It could be flowers, cats, or even your pet's name. Any embroidery technique is suitable, from a cross to a smooth surface. Craftswomen of beadwork can please their cats with original, bright jewelry, worthy of real princesses.

DIY cat collar video

A collar for your cat, which you make yourself, will cost you much less than a purchased accessory, will last a long time and will delight you and your pet. You can always update it by adding new items. Plus, it will be an exclusive, one-of-a-kind accessory that makes your cat stand out from the rest. Share your collar making ideas with us in the comments. Comfort for your home!

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