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Is It Possible To Take A Steam Bath And Visit A Sauna With Prostatitis: Advantages And Disadvantages, Doctors' Opinion
Is It Possible To Take A Steam Bath And Visit A Sauna With Prostatitis: Advantages And Disadvantages, Doctors' Opinion
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Bath and sauna for prostatitis: are the procedures harmful?

Bath for prostatitis
Bath for prostatitis

Baths and saunas are a popular form of relaxation for men. Friendly company, healing steam and water treatments relieve stress and stress accumulated at work and generally have a beneficial effect on health. However, a disease such as prostatitis, which is quite common in men after forty years, suggests a cautious attitude towards the adoption of bath procedures and temperature changes. So should patients with prostate problems deprive themselves of such pleasures as baths and saunas?

What is prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland in men. This disease has a complex nature and various manifestations. Prostatitis can occur in an acute form, as well as take a chronic course.


Prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate gland

There are quite a few causes of the disease, but in practice, inflammation of the prostate gland is most common, caused either by infection or by stagnant processes in the pelvic area. The disease manifests itself:

  • aching pain in the groin, lower abdomen, lower back;
  • problems with urination;
  • erectile dysfunction and other genital disorders.

Chronic prostatitis has a characteristic course associated with periods of exacerbations, accompanied by pronounced symptoms, and stages of remission, when the disease does not manifest itself.

Are thermal procedures indicated for inflammation of the prostate?

Answering the question whether thermal procedures are indicated for such a disease as prostatitis, one should first decide what form of the disease is in question.

In an acute period, when the prostate gland is inflamed, excessive heat can undoubtedly harm the body, especially if the problem is caused by an infection. When heated, tissues expand, and pathological agents more easily penetrate into the blood, and with its current into other organs, causing extensive lesions. Therefore, it is best to refrain from visiting the bathhouse with this form of the disease.

If the disease is in remission, then, on the contrary, the bath is even indicated, since thermal procedures in combination with the contrast of temperatures have a positive effect on the body. The healing effect in this case is as follows:

  • strengthening general immunity;
  • increasing the body's endurance;
  • antiviral and antiseptic effect (with a combination of steam and medicinal herbs).

Of course, visiting a bathhouse for prostatitis in remission also involves some restrictions:

  • it is not recommended to go there more than 2 times a week;
  • a visit to the steam room should be limited in duration - you should take a steam bath for no more than 10 minutes;
  • it is undesirable to go to the bathhouse in the winter due to the danger of a sharp temperature drop;
  • bath procedures should not be accompanied by the intake of alcoholic beverages, they cause vasodilation, and then their sharp spasm, which can adversely affect the problem organ, provoking an exacerbation.

Is the sauna contraindicated for prostatitis and why

So, we found out that visiting a traditional Russian bath for prostatitis in remission is possible and even brings health benefits. However, many people prefer to steam in saunas, which are now very popular. The difference between a bath and a sauna, in addition to the surroundings, is in the temperature and humidity of the air in the steam room: in the bath the temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius, while in the sauna is about 90 degrees, but the air humidity in it is about 15%, while in the bath it reaches more than 90% …

Men in the bath
Men in the bath

The bath has more gentle conditions for the body, therefore, with prostatitis, it is preferable to a sauna

Considering the above, it should be said that with prostatitis, you can visit the bathhouse and sauna during the period of remission, however, the bath is preferable, since it has more gentle conditions for the body. Naturally, visiting the sauna during an exacerbation of the disease is prohibited.

What are the consequences

If a man suffering from acute prostatitis decided to take a steam bath or sauna, then he will not receive any health benefits, but, on the contrary, will only cause him serious harm, since overheating can increase the severity of inflammation, which is fraught with the following negative consequences:

  • the development of prostate edema;
  • an increase in the severity of symptoms of prostatitis (pain, problems with urination);
  • longer and more complex treatment;
  • oppression of sexual function and libido.


The bathhouse and sauna are a wonderful type of relaxation, which involves not only a pleasant pastime, but also great health benefits. If prostatitis does not manifest itself in any way and is in remission, then these procedures will only benefit, but only if the rules are followed. If the disease proceeds in an acute form or after a period of remission a complication has occurred, then the bath should be abandoned. This is a categorical requirement based on the experience and recommendations of medical professionals.

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