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Rear Doors: Application, Design Features, Accessories, As Well As Installation And Operation Rules
Rear Doors: Application, Design Features, Accessories, As Well As Installation And Operation Rules

Video: Rear Doors: Application, Design Features, Accessories, As Well As Installation And Operation Rules

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Rear doors: features of manufacturing and repair

Tsargovaya door
Tsargovaya door

Few people know what side doors are and how they differ from any others, although in everyday life people use such designs every day. The name is incomprehensible, but if you figure out what such doors are, then, it turns out, everything is simple: this design received its name due to the presence of tsars.


  • 1 What are side doors
  • 2 Manufacturing technology

    • 2.1 Material for doors
    • 2.2 Manufacturing equipment
  • 3 Features of installation and operation

    • 3.1 Video: installing the door frame
    • 3.2 Video: assembly and installation of the door
  • 4 Repair of side doors

    • 4.1 Restoration of appearance
    • 4.2 Replacing inserts

      4.2.1 Video: replacing glass in the side door

    • 4.3 Malfunctions of sliding systems
    • 4.4 Eliminate squeak and sag
  • 5 Accessories for a wooden leaf

    5.1 Video: Selecting door hardware

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What are side doors

The curtain of the tsar door has an unusual structure and consists of vertical racks connected by transverse strips - tsars. This design is strong and rigid, and its external design is limited only by the designer's imagination.

Side door with inserts
Side door with inserts

The front door can combine inserts from different materials in its door leaf

Features of the tsar structure - the canvas consists of the following elements:

  • vertical racks;
  • transverse strips;
  • inserts: made of different materials;
  • dowels;
  • clamping screws;
  • stubs.
Diagram of the rear door device
Diagram of the rear door device

The counter door is convenient in long-term operation, since its inserts are easily replaceable

Most designs have three crossbars. According to the assembly principle, such doors resemble paneled doors, but they look more beautiful due to different inserts. Such models are made in the form of a constructor with the ability to change damaged parts, which makes them not only beautiful, but also practical. Rear doors are suitable for both classic and high-tech interiors.

To make the renovation in the apartment feel completely finished, it is recommended to change the old doors. One of the common options is the installation of side doors. They are suitable for interior decoration in any style and will look harmonious in every room. If you have the skills to perform construction work, then from time to time you can change the material of the inserts, updating the door leaf.

Sectional front door
Sectional front door

In the side door, the inserts are fixed into the grooves of the body without the use of glue, which makes it easier to replace them if necessary

Such doors can withstand intense loads, which significantly expands their scope. They are installed indoors: in residential buildings, offices, theaters, educational, commercial and other public institutions.

The main advantages of side doors:

  • solid construction - wood is used for the frame, the transverse strips give additional rigidity, and decorating the canvas with different inserts additionally strengthens it;
  • modularity - it is possible to replace damaged parts or transform the look of the door with new inserts: the fewer crossbars, the easier and faster it is to change inserts;
  • edge without joints - when creating such doors, edgeless production is used, which allows you to protect parts from negative external factors;
  • resistance to different temperature conditions - due to the cladding, resistance to changes in temperature, pressure and humidity is increased;
  • beautiful appearance - due to the variety of materials used, such doors fit organically into the interior, and the use of various inserts allows you to create unique design solutions;
  • affordable price - if the frame is made of pine, the cost will be low.
Types of door decoration
Types of door decoration

Rear doors look good in various designs: with large and small inserts

But there are also disadvantages:

  • prefabricated structure: after poor-quality installation, the inserts can fall out, and with excessive load, they can be damaged, but they are easy to replace;
  • large weight: if there are many transverse slats on a wide canvas, then they make the door massive: such models look bulky and are suitable for large rooms;
  • low level of security: rear doors are interior or office doors, so they are not designed for enhanced protection. Their strength is sufficient for daily use, but they are damaged by the purposeful use of heavy objects.

Manufacturing technology

First, you need to decide on the size of the canvas: the doorway is measured and subtracted from its width and height by 5-6 cm. This will create the necessary gap between the box and the canvas, which is needed for normal opening and closing.

Side doors have more transverse strips than paneled doors, so their manufacturing technology is the same, although there are some differences.

For the manufacture of the frame, a wooden beam with a cross section of 50 mm is taken, usually pine. Taking into account the certain dimensions of the door leaf, two vertical posts and two transverse beams are cut from the timber, creating a frame. Also, horizontal slats are prepared to strengthen the structure: their number depends on the door project.

The vertical and transverse elements are held together by a thorn-groove connection. They are made exactly in size so that the frame does not warp. To enhance the strength of the connection, the spike is coated with glue and inserted into the groove. Chamfers are cut at the insertion points.

Assembly scheme for paneled and side doors
Assembly scheme for paneled and side doors

To increase the strength of wide side doors, an additional vertical post can be installed

At the next stage, the voids between the transverse strips are filled using different decorative elements. The inserts are fixed on glazing beads or inserted into pre-prepared grooves.

Door material

Solid construction will only come from quality materials. Pine is most often used for knocking down the frame: it has high strength, is not afraid of moisture and is easily processed.

Larch is also used in the manufacture - in terms of strength and durability, it surpasses pine, but the cost of such a door is higher. One of the most durable wood materials is oak, but it is difficult to work with it: sometimes it cracks during processing. Even less commonly used:

  • maple;
  • Birch tree;
  • beech and others.

If only natural solid wood is used for the frame, the drawers can also be made of MDF. The budget option as inserts is fiberboard and glass. Sometimes, mirror and stained glass elements or solid wood details decorated with carvings are installed.

For facing the door leaf are used:

  • laminate - several layers of paper impregnated with synthetic resins;
  • veneer - a thin processed strip of natural wood;
  • eco-veneer - pressed wood fibers, interconnected by special additives;
  • polyvinyl chloride film - self-adhesive;
  • varnish, stain, paint - for natural wood.

    Door painting
    Door painting

    One of the most common ways to decorate a side door is to paint it.

Equipment for the production of

The creation of side doors takes place in several stages:

  1. Cutting blanks into elements of the required dimensions.
  2. Milling and drilling of props and drawers.
  3. Blind hole drilling and grooving.
  4. Assembling the door leaf.

For the manufacture of such doors on an industrial scale, the following equipment is used:

  • CNC milling machine - for cutting the ends of crossbars and drilling holes for dowels;
  • lining machine - for feeding sheet material, it has a tray, and for rolled material - a reel;
  • CNC door center - for drilling blind holes and grooving;
  • sawing center with CNC - for grinding and drilling the ends of U-shaped elements of the door frame;
  • hydraulic assembly clamp - for assembling the door leaf and door frame;
  • a machine for making an L-shaped casing - for gluing two strips into an L-shaped casing and its subsequent milling in automatic mode;
  • packing line - for gluing doors in shrink foil.

    Factory machines for the production of side doors
    Factory machines for the production of side doors

    In the production of side doors, different machines are used: for sawing, processing and assembly of structures

If you do this work yourself, then you will need the available tools available in the home arsenal:

  • circular saw or hacksaw;
  • electric drill;
  • manual milling cutter with attachments;
  • measuring instruments;
  • building level;
  • pencil;
  • pliers;
  • sandpaper;
  • chisel;
  • fasteners;
  • joiner's glue;
  • fittings.
Door Tool Kit
Door Tool Kit

To create a door with your own hands, you need a good set of tools, a large work table, free space and a desire to create

Features of installation and operation

If you purchased a door in a store, then it must be carefully unpacked without damaging the coating of the canvas, and the kit must be checked.

If you made the side door yourself, and decided to leave the door frame the same, then the installation of the swing leaf will be carried out in the following sequence:

  1. The door leaf is fitted to the door frame.
  2. Handles and a lock cut into the door. In order for the lock plate to be recessed into the canvas, part of the wood is removed from the end to the size of the plate, and a hole of the required depth is made for its working part. A hole is drilled for the handle. Components are mounted in the door leaf.

    Insert door lock and handles
    Insert door lock and handles

    The lock should not protrude beyond the canvas, otherwise it will interfere with the door closing

  3. Hinges are attached. In the marked places on the end of the door, a layer of wood is removed in the same way so that the installed hinges are flush with the canvas. Fixed with self-tapping screws.

    Insert door hinges
    Insert door hinges

    Door hinges should be flush with the canvas so that they do not touch the frame and do not interfere with the tight closing of the door

  4. Fastenings are carried out on the door frame. The hinges are screwed onto self-tapping screws. From the other end, the place where the lock enters the box is marked, a hole of the required depth is made.
  5. The door is hung. This last step is best done with an assistant.

Video: door frame installation

In order for the interior side doors to serve for a long time, it is enough to adhere to simple rules:

  • when installing doors in winter - if they were brought in from the street, you need to give some time for acclimatization;
  • in the process of cutting holes for locks and handles - they should be treated with special compounds so that moisture does not get into the wood;
  • periodically wipe the entire structure and fittings from dirt - you can not use products that contain abrasive elements. A soapy solution or a composition of water and alcohol in a 10: 1 ratio is used;
  • if the doors are lacquered, clean them with special polishes, and it is advisable to cover the scratches that have appeared with a layer of polishing wax;
  • periodically lubricate the hinges - use machine oil.

Video: assembling and installing the door

Repair of side doors

Cope with the repair and restoration of wooden doors within the power of a home craftsman.

Restoration of appearance

If small scratches appear on the lacquered surface, they are eliminated without removing the door from the hinges. It is enough to choose the dye in the color of the canvas, smear the scratches, varnish and polish the surface.

If the damage is serious, then remove the canvas and carry out work in the horizontal position of the structure:

  1. Degrease the wooden surface with an alcohol solution.
  2. Sand with sandpaper.
  3. Fill deep scratches and damages with wood compound and dry.

    Puttying the door
    Puttying the door

    Puttying the door is necessary if scratches appear on the wood surface

  4. Sand with fine sandpaper in several steps.

    Stripping a wooden door
    Stripping a wooden door

    If you need to clean a large surface of the door leaf, then it is easier to use a sander

  5. Remove dust, prime the surface.
  6. Cover with any dye or varnish.

    Coating the door leaf with varnish
    Coating the door leaf with varnish

    To obtain a beautiful finish, you need to apply at least two layers of paint or varnish

Replacing inserts

Glass, wood and other decorative materials are used as inserts between the drawers. Replacing a damaged insert is easy to do yourself:

  1. Determine the dimensions of the old insert and prepare a new one.
  2. If the insert is fixed with glazing beads, remove them and replace the damaged element.

    Glass replacement
    Glass replacement

    In the side door, you can replace the damaged insert with an identical one or some other, completely renewing the appearance

  3. If the insert is placed in the grooves of the vertical posts, disassemble the canvas, change the elements and re-assemble the structure.

Video: replacing glass in the side door

Sliding system malfunctions

In sliding interior designs, the bottom rail is most often clogged. It is enough to clean it, and the doors will start to ride smoothly and easily again.

But the top rail may become clogged. It is more difficult to clean as it is difficult to access. Damage to plastic rollers or metal bearings is also possible. In this case, they must be replaced. If the blade is skewed, it should be adjusted.

Elimination of squeak and sagging

The appearance of sagging and squeaking in the hinges is associated with the large weight of the canvas. It is necessary to tighten the fastening of the loops and grease them. But if the sagging has not been eliminated by this, then the following steps must be performed:

  1. Remove the door leaf from the hinges.
  2. Unscrew the hinges located on the box or on the door.

    Pulling up the loops
    Pulling up the loops

    If tightening the fastening of the hinges was not enough, it is necessary to deepen the place of their fastening

  3. Using a chisel, slightly deepen the place of their installation in order to raise the canvas above the floor.

    Deepening the hinge seat with a chisel
    Deepening the hinge seat with a chisel

    A slightly raised door leaf, fixed at a different level, will no longer sag and cling to the floor covering

  4. Screw the hinges into place, lubricate them.
  5. Hang the door leaf.

To eliminate only the squeak, you do not need to remove the door, but simply raise the canvas. Apply grease to the appeared pin, evenly distributing it by several scrolling of the web in the direction of opening and closing.

Components for a wooden canvas

Interior doors do not need high security fittings, so an elegant handle with a small internal lock is selected for them. And the shape, color and material of the components will depend on the overall interior of the room.

Tips for choosing fittings for side doors:

  • door handles - pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to their strength. The handle is matched to the size of the door and in combination with other interior elements. Handles are made on a bar or in the form of a bracket (or ball). For their manufacture are used: brass, aluminum, wood, plastic;


    Doorknobs should match the interior of the room

  • locks - simple designs that lock doors to restrict access to certain rooms;
  • hinges - taken in the same color as the door leaf. It is important to pay attention to the strength of the hinges so that they do not dangle when moving. On a door of a standard size, it is enough to attach 2 hinges;

    Door hinges
    Door hinges

    Brass hinges are considered to be of higher quality than steel hinges

  • closers - rarely installed on interior doors: when the door is used in a large flow of people;
  • stoppers - prevent the doors from swinging open and prevent the handles from damaging the walls.

Ready-made doors are immediately sold with the necessary fittings. The price of quality components usually ranges from 30 to 50% of the cost of doors.

Video: choosing door fittings


Counter doors are good for indoor installation. They are durable and original in performance. And if you install such a structure in your home, then it will decorate the interior and will serve for more than a dozen years.

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