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"Renal Edvansed" Food Supplement For Cats: Composition, Indications And Contraindications, Reviews
"Renal Edvansed" Food Supplement For Cats: Composition, Indications And Contraindications, Reviews

Video: "Renal Edvansed" Food Supplement For Cats: Composition, Indications And Contraindications, Reviews

Video: Cat Food Review - Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care vs. Royal Canin Renal Support 2022, December

Renal Advance for the relief of chronic renal failure

Renal Advance
Renal Advance

Chronic renal failure is often diagnosed in cats, especially among older pets. It proceeds rather slowly, but is progressing steadily. And in these conditions, both the isolation and neutralization of the factors that led to the impaired renal function and the correction of the disorders caused by the disease while maintaining the good quality of life of the furry patient are important.


  • 1 Properties of the food additive Renal Advance

    • 1.1 Video: renal failure in a cat
    • 1.2 Composition and action of components
    • 1.3 Type and storage conditions
  • 2 Indications for use of Renal Advance
  • 3 Contraindications and side effects
  • 4 How to give a nutritional supplement to your cat

    4.1 Table: the amount of additive in relation to the weight of the pet

  • 5 Cost and analogues of Renal Advance for cats
  • 6 Reviews of veterinarians and owners

Properties of the food additive Renal Advance

Renal failure is characterized by irreversible loss of nephrons - structural units of the kidney - and their replacement by connective tissue. The loss of function of the affected nephrons is compensated for by the still healthy tissue of the kidneys, but if the effect of the damaging factor persists, this becomes insufficient. With the loss of more than 50% of functioning nephrons, clinical manifestations of renal failure develop.

Video: kidney failure in a cat

Renal Advanced is a food supplement in the form of a powder, designed to restore the immune system and metabolism disturbed by the disease. Produced by Istituto Farmaceutico Candioli SpA ("Instituto Pharmaceutico Candioli S.p.A"), Italy.

Composition and action of components

The composition of 100 g Renal Advance includes, according to the instructions:

  • fructooligosaccharides - 21.67 g;
  • Lactobacillus helveticus - 1.45 × 10 10 CFU;
  • Enterococcus faecium - 3.04 × 10 10 CFU;
  • orange bioflavonoids - 5 g;
  • vitamin C - 5 g;
  • vitamin B6 - 0.5 g;
  • vitamin B12 - 0.01 g;
  • folic acid - 0.2 g;
  • maltodextrin as a filler - up to 100 g.

Renal Advance is not a remedy that acts on the root cause of the disease. The meaning of its use is in supporting metabolism and immunity disturbed by the disease, as well as in reducing the manifestations of insufficient renal function:

  • the bacteria that make up the composition normalize the intestinal microbial flora and prevent its colonization by pathogenic putrefactive bacteria and protozoa, ensuring the normalization of nonspecific immunity;
  • fructooligosaccharides are glucose and fructose molecules that are chemically bonded to each other; these compounds are broken down only in the large intestine under the influence of bacterial enzymes and create a favorable environment for their reproduction; and they also contribute to some reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol and lipid levels in the blood and have a laxative effect;
  • vitamin C is necessary for the normal functioning of the connective tissue; it also participates in some metabolic processes as a reducing agent;
  • vitamin B6 is necessary for the synthesis of transaminase (this is an enzyme that causes the transition of oxalic acid into the form of a solution, thereby preventing the formation of stones and sand from oxalates - oxalic acid salts);
  • vitamin B12 has a positive effect on the function of the central nervous system and liver, activates regeneration, and is also able to reduce blood cholesterol levels;
  • folic acid in the cat's body is converted to tetrahydrofolic and takes part in hematopoiesis, protein and nucleic acid synthesis;
  • bioflavonoids increase the level of vitamin C inside cells, which improves microcirculation; and also have antioxidant properties - by attaching free radicals, they neutralize their damaging effect on cells.

Type and storage conditions

Renal Advance looks like a powdery substance; its color can be white or cream. Packaged in plastic jars of 40 g - for cats, 70 g - for dogs. One measuring spoon is included with the cat jar; for dogs - two (large and small). To control the first opening, the jars are equipped with special lids. Each container with a food additive is placed in a labeled cardboard box.

Renal Advance: jar, cardboard box, measuring spoon, powder appearance
Renal Advance: jar, cardboard box, measuring spoon, powder appearance

Renal Advance is equipped with measuring spoons for convenience

The food additive is stored for 2 years from the date of manufacture, provided the conditions for storage are provided. Compliance with the conditions is very important, since the effectiveness of Renal Advance is due, among other things, to microorganisms:

  • storage temperature - from 0 ° C to 25 ° C;
  • it is necessary to prevent the packaging from heating up by direct sunlight;
  • the place for placing the medicine must be protected from moisture, clean, well ventilated.

Indications for use of Renal Advance

Renal Advance is used for:

  • increasing nonspecific resistance (body resistance) to the effects of microbial pathogens;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • maintenance of kidney function at all stages of renal failure in cats.
Renal powder
Renal powder

Renal is used to maintain kidney function in both early and late stages of chronic renal failure.

The following reasons can lead to the formation of renal failure:

  • urolithiasis - the formation of stones in the renal pelvis due to metabolic disorders and inaccuracies in the diet, this is accompanied by a violation of the outflow of urine, the formation of foci of chronic inflammation;
  • pyelonephritis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the renal pelvis, gradually spreading to the kidneys;
  • glomerulonephritis - inflammation of the glomerular apparatus of the kidneys of an infectious and allergic origin;
  • polycystic kidney disease is a congenital condition when normal renal tissue is replaced by hollow fluid formations - cysts, this is a hereditary disease, more common in Persian cats;
  • poisoning, intoxication;
  • dystrophic processes, for example, amyloidosis - the formation of an abnormal amyloid protein that disrupts the function of kidney cells.

Renal Advance can be used for all these diseases, at any stage of renal failure

Contraindications and side effects

A contraindication to use is hypersensitivity to the components of the food additive. If, while using Renal Advance, a cat suddenly shows symptoms of allergy, the use of the supplement should be discontinued.

There are no side effects and complications when using Renal Advance in the recommended amounts.

Renal Advance is compatible with drugs for ongoing drug therapy, with other food additives, as well as with the food itself, which makes it possible to add the drug to the feed and feed the cat.

Kitten eats from a bowl
Kitten eats from a bowl

Renal Advance can be mixed with food and given to the cat

How to give a nutritional supplement to your cat

The course of use of the supplement is one month, but can be extended at the discretion of the treating veterinarian. You can set the supplement in one feeding or split the daily dose between several meals - as convenient.

Table: the amount of additive in relation to the weight of the pet

Cat weight Additive amount
less than 2.5 kg 1 scoop (0.5 g)
2.5-5 kg 2 scoops (0.5 g each)
5-7.5 kg 3 scoops (0.5 g each)
7.5-10 kg 4 scoops (0.5 g each)

Cost and analogues of Renal Advance for cats

The cost of Renal Advance for cats in various online pharmacies ranges from 1265 to 1800 rubles for 40 g of the product. This variation is due to the fact that the prices of veterinary nutritional supplements are not regulated, in addition, online pharmacies offer discounts.

There are no analogues of Renal Advance in Russia. Food additives Renal and Ipakitine, with which it is sometimes associated, are designed to normalize the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium, as well as detoxify.


Ipakitine powder is not an analogue of Renal Advance

Reviews of veterinarians and owners

Veterinarians are in no hurry to comment on the role of the food additive in the treatment of chronic renal failure, since here they are betting on the use of a whole range of drugs and therapeutic techniques borrowed from humane medicine; but according to the reviews of the owners of cats, Renal Advance is often used on the recommendation of veterinarians.

Chronic renal failure in cats is common and late in diagnosis. Usually, when the manifestations of the disease have become apparent, most of the kidney tissue is no longer functioning, and it is necessary not only to fight the underlying disease, but also to weaken its effect, to replenish the compensatory reserves of the body. Renal Advance contains a complex of beneficial bacteria, vitamins and biologically active substances and can have a positive effect by improving immunity and metabolic processes and improving the quality of life of a cat. Renal Advance is a dietary supplement, not a drug therapy for the treatment of a disease.

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