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What Date Is Maundy Thursday In 2019, What Needs To Be Done On This Day
What Date Is Maundy Thursday In 2019, What Needs To Be Done On This Day

Video: What Date Is Maundy Thursday In 2019, What Needs To Be Done On This Day

Video: What Date Is Maundy Thursday In 2019, What Needs To Be Done On This Day
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Maundy Thursday 2019: what you need to do on this day


Maundy Thursday is the fourth day of Holy Week. It also bears other names: Maundy Thursday and Maundy Thursday. On this day, the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the twelve apostles is remembered.

When Maundy Thursday is celebrated

Maundy Thursday falls on the last Thursday before Easter. Since the Easter holiday itself does not have a constant date, but is postponed depending on the lunar calendar, then Maundy Thursday always falls on different dates. In 2019, the Orthodox Church celebrates Maundy Thursday on April 25.

Last supper
Last supper

On Thursday, Jesus and His disciples held the Last Supper, where the Savior washed the feet of the apostles, thereby expressing his love and humility; at the end, Jesus said goodbye to the apostles, and at night the Jewish chief priests pronounced his death sentence

What to do on Maundy Thursday

Christians try to observe some traditions regarding Maundy Thursday:

  1. On this day, they get up before sunrise and immediately cleanse their body with water. It is believed that on Maundy Thursday with the help of water you can wash away all sins.
  2. They clean the dwelling, throw away unnecessary things that have not been used for more than a year, wash the floors, wash clothes. Often, holy water is used for cleaning.
  3. After cleaning the house, light a candle or an icon lamp and start cooking Easter treats. It is on Maundy Thursday that it is customary to paint eggs and bake cakes.
  4. Believers try to be sure to visit the church on this day. In the morning they come to confession and communion, and in the evening they attend the service, returning from which they light a passionate candle.
Girl in church
Girl in church

On Maundy Thursday is very important and prayer is a way to get closer to Jesus and feel all the hardships of the last day of his earthly existence

What not to do on this day

There are some prohibitions that should not be violated on Maundy Thursday:

  1. There is no need to give away things from your home under any pretext. You can't even borrow salt and other trifles, because along with this, peace and well-being will leave the home.
  2. Fun is also prohibited: don't sing, dance, guess.
  3. On this day, one should not be angry, quarrel, have bad thoughts.
  4. There should be no dirty dishes or linen in the house.
  5. Since Maundy Thursday falls on the period of Lent, you should not eat anything other than raw plant foods. In no case should you try Easter cakes or eggs.

Signs and superstitions

Since ancient times, Holy Thursday had a mystical connotation. Our ancestors cleansed their homes and bodies from outside influences, washing them with holy or silver water. It is on this day that the Thursday salt is prepared. It is believed that she is able to protect the home and its inhabitants from bad words and views, and also helps to cure sick people.


It is believed that if a girl was born on Maundy Thursday, then she will definitely be a good housewife, and if a boy she will be rich

There are also various signs associated with Maundy Thursday:

  1. If the weather is sunny on this day, then the whole subsequent spring will be sunny.
  2. After swimming in the river that day, you can improve your health.
  3. If you wash your home on Maundy Thursday, then throughout the next year it will be clean.
  4. The cooked cake was not baked and turned out to be loose - the next year will be difficult and troublesome.
  5. Having counted three times all the money in the house, you can be sure that need and poverty will bypass the home throughout the year.

Maundy Thursday is not a festive day, although people love it very much, because it is on this day that you can cleanse yourself of old sins and bad thoughts. It has long been believed that having spent Good Thursday correctly, without violating any prohibitions, one can hope for improvements in life.

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