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DIY Bird Feeder. How To Make A Bird Feeder
DIY Bird Feeder. How To Make A Bird Feeder

Video: DIY Bird Feeder. How To Make A Bird Feeder

Video: How To Make A Bird Feeder | DIY Homemade Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder 2022, December

Hurry to do good - help the birds

Bird feeders
Bird feeders

Hello dear readers and subscribers of our blog "Do it yourself with us"

I want to devote today's article to parents and their children, as well as to people with a kind heart who do not remain indifferent to the misfortune of our smaller brothers. This applies not only to dogs and cats, but also to birds. It is winter now and it is especially difficult for the birds. The thick snow cover makes it impossible to get to the seeds left on the grass and small bushes since autumn.

But it is in our power to help them. A simple bird feeder is the way out!

Boys in the past, and now adult men and dads, I invite you to remember your school years. Surely in a labor lesson they made a bird feeder with their own hands, and even made of wood! Of course, you can make a complex version, but I want to offer some of the simplest ways to make a bird feeder from practically available material.

However, girls, and nowadays adult women and mothers, probably did not lag behind the boys and they made at least one feeding trough in childhood.

Dads and mothers, connect your kids, call grandparents! I declare the master class "DIY bird feeder" open!

It's so fun and exciting to get everyone together and do the same thing. How many conversations there will be, grandfather will definitely share his experience of his youth, dad will offer his innovative way of making a canteen for birds, and mom and grandmother will bring a touch of beauty and grace. I promise your kids will remember the time spent together for a long time, and in the future they will want to pass on their knowledge of making crafts to the next generation.

Method 1: milk carton bird feeder

Milk bag bird feeder
Milk bag bird feeder

To make it we need:

- milk carton, empty;

- stapler (you can do without it by replacing it with glue or tape);

- scissors;

- pencil (you can also without it);

- adhesive plaster;

- stick;

- rope.

Step 1. Along the previously marked contour, cut out two windows in the package opposite each other (on opposite sides). This is so that it is convenient for birds to fly in and out. We glue the lower part of the window with adhesive plaster so that the paws of the birds do not slip.

Step 2. Under the windows we make cuts in the form of a cross and insert a stick. It will serve as a six.

Step 3. We fasten the upper part of the bag with a stapler or tape, or glue. We make a hole in it and insert a string.

Method 2: how to make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle

Bird feeder from a plastic bottle
Bird feeder from a plastic bottle

For her we need:

- plastic bottle;

- scissors;

- adhesive plaster;

- stick;

- rope.

Step 1. As in the first version, cut out two windows in the bottle. Glue the adhesive plaster on the lower part. In this case, it serves as protection. The sharp plastic edge of the bird can injure its feet.

Step 2. Under the window, insert a stick into the cross-shaped slot.

Step 3. Make a hole in the lid and use a knot to fix the rope in the form of a loop.

Don't forget to make some small holes at the bottom of the plastic bottle. They will serve as drainage. Melt water will flow down them, so that the feed will not freeze.

Method 3: do-it-yourself feeder from a tin can

Tin can bird feeder
Tin can bird feeder

Necessary materials:

- a tin can for baby food or coffee;

- scissors;

- adhesive plaster;

- stick;

- rope;

Step 1. Make a window in the lid of the can with scissors. On the lower part, as in the two previous versions, it is advisable to glue an adhesive plaster.

Step 2. Insert a stick into the slot under the window. From the inside, we fix the stick with an adhesive plaster so that it does not move.

Step 3. Using an adhesive plaster or tape, we fix the string to the jar, so that the jar hangs horizontally or at a slight slope.

These are not tricky ways to make a simple bird feeder. Very little time wasted, and what a great benefit!

I made all the feeders in the photo myself. Maybe somewhere a little crooked, but with enthusiasm and love! I have no doubt your creations will be much nicer!

Very imperceptibly, from the question "do-it-yourself bird feeder", we got to an equally important question than filling this very feeder.

Correct bird diet

The main bird species that will feed from your feeder are sparrows, pigeons and titmice. A specially prepared mix or wheat is ideal for pigeons. They tolerate barley and pearl barley very well. But with white bread, you should be careful, use it in small quantities. Oatmeal is also suitable for feeding. Only oatmeal should be taken NOT FAST COOKING, but simple. Doves really like sunflower seeds, not roasted.

Sparrows eat the same thing as doves. Additionally, millet can be added to the feeder for them. But barley will be rough for them.

Tits like unroasted sunflower seeds, grated hard-boiled egg, finely chopped apple. They will not give up unsalted lard and butter. You can also put cottage cheese in the bird feeder after mixing it with bread crumbs.

What is forbidden to feed birds

Anything fried and salty is harmful to birds. Rancid grains, missing food, any spoiled food are very harmful. It is completely unsuitable for the poultry diet and black bread together with millet.


Very often, with a constantly full feeder, birds are too lazy to look for food in other places. What for? And they feed well here. In this case, the birds are threatened with overeating, the worst outcome of which may be the death of birds.

To prevent this from happening, fill the feeder 1-2 times a day. Thus, you will save the birds from overeating and teach them to feed.

By observing these simple rules, you will help the birds survive the snowy cold winters and will not harm their health.

Dear friends, I really want to believe that this article "do-it-yourself bird feeder" will push you to a good deed, or at least make you think.

Of course, such a feeder, as from a bag of milk, will not last long - it will get wet. Therefore, if you want to make a feeder that will last a longer time, I suggest watching a small video clip.

Video: making bird feeders

If you find this material useful, please leave a review. I will be glad to all the comments and will definitely answer them.

Yours faithfully, Evgenia Ponomareva.

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