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How To Choose The Size Of The Washing Machine
How To Choose The Size Of The Washing Machine

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How to choose the size of the washing machine

built-in washing machine
built-in washing machine

The sizes of modern washing machines vary. You can find a typewriter that is suitable for a small studio and a spacious apartment. How do you decide on the dimensions of household appliances and buy exactly what you need? It is necessary to know the differences, advantages and disadvantages of both large and small washing machines.


  • 1 Dimensions of automatic washing machines

    • 1.1 Front-loading machines
    • 1.2 Top-loaded machines
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of washing machines of different sizes
  • 3 Things to Consider Before Buying

    3.1 Video: how to choose a washing machine

  • 4 Overview of washing machines of different sizes

Sizes of automatic washing machines

The dimensions of modern washing machines depend not only on the size of the body and drum, but also on the type of load. Vertical and frontal washers differ greatly in size. Consider the main size categories of both those and others.

Front loading machines

The size of front-loading washing machines depends primarily on the volume of the drum. It affects their depth. The height and width remain virtually unchanged and fluctuate around 85 and 60 cm, respectively. Already here one can single out the general principle of choosing a front-loading machine - the less a person lives in the house, the more compact a washing machine can be purchased. Consider the main types of front-loading machines:

  • full-size (full-size). It is easy to guess that this type is the most bulky and massive. Their depth is about 60 cm. This machine is capable of washing up to 7 kg of clothes at a time, so it is perfect for large families of 4-6 people;

    Full size washing machine
    Full size washing machine

    Full-size washing machines are bulky but allow large quantities of laundry to be washed immediately

  • standard. The depth of such household appliances will be about 50–55 cm. Up to 6 kg of laundry can be placed in such a machine. It is the most versatile and popular option and is suitable for families of 3-4 people;
  • narrow. The depth of a narrow washing machine is about 40–45 cm. As a rule, it can hold up to 4 kg of laundry. Such a unit is suitable for a family of two;

    Narrow washing machine
    Narrow washing machine

    A narrow washing machine will not allow you to load too much laundry, but it will be enough for a family of two

  • ultra-narrow. The most compact washing machines have a depth of up to 40 cm. Most often there are indicators such as 35 and 32 cm. It will not be possible to load more than 3.5 kg of laundry into such a machine. It is perfect for a lonely residence or for a small home;

    Ultra Narrow Washing Machine
    Ultra Narrow Washing Machine

    Ultra-narrow washing machine will fit perfectly into the interior of a small "odnushka" or studio

  • compact. They differ not in depth, but in height (up to 70 cm). The depth can be from 32 to 45 cm. Such machines are suitable for embedding, for example, under a bathroom sink. They can hold up to 3 kg of laundry. Great for the smallest housing and for single-person use.

    Compact washing machine
    Compact washing machine

    Compact washing machines, unlike their other counterparts, are small in height

Top loading machines

Unlike front-end washing machines, top-loading washing machines do not differ in a variety of sizes. All of them have dimensions close to standard ones: height 85 cm, depth 60 cm, width 40–45 cm. Moreover, all top-loading machines have approximately the same drum volume, which allows loading up to 5.5 kg of laundry.

Vertical washing machine
Vertical washing machine

The vertical washing machine has universal dimensions

A top-loading machine can actually be more compact than a front-loading machine with similar dimensions. It's all about the type of download. The front washing machine needs an additional 30 cm of free space at the front for the loading door to open freely. The vertical has no such limitation - it can be placed in any corner, fit into a small bathroom or hallway.

Advantages and disadvantages of washing machines of different sizes

In addition to size, what are the differences between full-size and compact washing machines? What are the pitfalls when buying small household appliances? Here are some nuances:

  • the larger the washing machine, the less vibration it is. Small washers, on the other hand, will "jump" during spinning;
  • full-size washing machines tend to have higher energy efficiency and wash performance classes. This means that a small washing machine will absorb more electricity than a large one under the same load, and the washing effect will be lower;
  • the purchase of a narrow, ultra-narrow or compact washing machine for a family with a child is simply unprofitable. It will require washing too often, which will not only tire the household, but also significantly increase your energy and water bills.

Things to Consider Before Buying

How, based on all the information given, to choose a typewriter that is right for your home or apartment? Here's what to consider:

  • free space that you are ready to set aside for a washing machine. Be sure to carefully measure with a tape measure or a measuring tape the width, height and depth of the future location of the unit. Do not forget to leave a margin of about 2 cm on all sides so that the machine does not hit hard objects during spinning;
  • the width of the doorways. No matter how trite, but many people are mistaken on this very simple point. Please note that the machine can be brought into the room where you want to put it. Measure the width of the opening in the room of interest (for example, a bathroom) and make sure that it is greater than the depth of the machine. If the width of the opening is not enough just a little, about 1–2 cm, then you can temporarily remove the door frames;
  • location of water pipes and outlets. Do not forget that the machine must be connected to the water supply and to the electricity, so choose a place where it will have access to both. It is difficult and expensive to lay water pipes, so it is better to immediately install the machine in a suitable place;
  • the possibility of embedding. Consider whether it is possible to integrate a front washing machine into your kitchen set? And the bathroom? Perhaps you have one section of kitchen cabinets empty and you can install a large enough washing machine instead.

Video: how to choose a washing machine

Overview of washing machines of different sizes

In order for all the information given to become clear, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the descriptions of the most popular models representing different overall types:

  • Indesit EWD 71052. This full-size washing machine measures 60x54x85 cm and has a maximum load weight of 7 kg. It has an energy efficiency class A ++, which means that washing requires very little energy. Efficiency class - A, which indicates an excellent washing quality. The machine is equipped with a large number of built-in programs, as well as additional functions: delayed start timer, stain removal program, protection against leaks. The model is great for large families. The price of the device starts from 20,000 rubles;

    Indesit EWD 71052
    Indesit EWD 71052

    Indesit EWD 71052 - full size washing machine with high load capacity

  • ATLANT 60С1010. This machine has standard dimensions - 60x48x85 cm, energy class A ++, washing efficiency class A. Maximum load - 6 kg. The model is equipped with 16 built-in programs, has a child protection function, against leaks, as well as a delayed start timer. The price starts from 16,000 rubles;

    ATLANT 60С1010
    ATLANT 60С1010

    ATLANT 60C1010 is a machine with standard dimensions, which will be a suitable unit for a family of 4-5 people

  • The Indesit IWUB 4105 is a slim machine with a depth of only 33 cm. It can load up to 3.5 kg of laundry and is suitable for one person use. Energy efficiency class - A, washing efficiency class - B. Basic washing programs are preset in the machine (cotton, silk, hand, quick, pre-wash). The cost of the model starts at 14,000 rubles;

    Indesit IWUB 4105
    Indesit IWUB 4105

    Indesit IWUB 4105 - ultra slim machine suitable for individual use

  • Candy Aqua 135 D2 belongs to compact washing machines. Small height and depth (51x46x70 cm) allow it to be built under the bathroom sink. The model has an energy efficiency class A +, washing efficiency class B. The maximum load is 3.5 kg. The cost of this car starts at 16,000 rubles;

    Candy Aqua 135 D2
    Candy Aqua 135 D2

    Candy Aqua 135 D2 is perfect for individual use in a small apartment

  • Indesit BTW A5851 - top loading washing machine. It has dimensions of 40x60x90 cm. Its energy consumption class is A, and the washing efficiency class is A. The maximum load of laundry into the machine is 5 kg. The model is perfect for apartments where there is almost no free space - thanks to the top loading, it can be placed in any corner. The price of the model starts at 19,000 rubles.

    Indesit BTW A5851
    Indesit BTW A5851

    Indesit BTW A5851 is a top loading machine that fits easily into any corner

The choice of a washing machine depends primarily on your needs and your home. Choose a machine that won't “eat up” too much of the space you need, but at the same time provides you and your family with clean laundry without overly frequent washings.

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