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Energy Properties Of Trees
Energy Properties Of Trees

Video: Energy Properties Of Trees

Video: Energy Properties Of Trees
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Why does everyone need to hug a mountain ash after work, and a desire to make a birch


In many songs, the qualities of living beings are attributed to trees: the willow cries, the maple makes noise, and the birch, as a friend, can be told that you do not have good love. Since folk wisdom is rarely wrong, it is worth trying to turn to forest assistants in difficult times.


Maple has a soft energy. He is able to clear the mind and heart of heavy thoughts and aggression. They resort to his help in search of peace of mind, release from raging passions and nervous tension. Maple pulls off negativity on itself, giving in return calmness, confidence and positive emotions.

Maple can be trusted with any anxiety, oppressive thoughts, irritation and anger. In addition, it helps single people find a kindred spirit, extinguishes intra-family conflicts and makes it easier to find a common language with others.


Oak is one of the most powerful energy donors. In the ancient beliefs of European peoples, he was associated with tremendous vitality, health, longevity and sacred ordinances. Priests and warriors appealed to his power.

Direct contact with oak is especially beneficial for those people whose profession requires physical endurance, fortitude in critical conditions and a willingness to take risks. Long walks through the oak groves help relieve internal stress, normalize blood pressure, eliminate apathy and chronic fatigue.


Rowan is famous for its protective properties. Amulets from the evil eye and damage were made from its wood. Red bunches were hung at the entrance to the house or beads and bracelets were made of berries to protect themselves from alien magic and energy attacks.

Contact with mountain ash opens up intuition, restores vitality, relieves stress and improves mood. To find peace of mind, get rid of anxiety and relax, stand by the mountain ash with your back against it. Let go of all thoughts and feel the soft, calming energy being absorbed into the body.


Birch is another female tree with a strong yet gentle and gentle effect. It is a symbol of healing and relief of physical and mental suffering.

In the old days, cradles for newborns were made from birch to protect them from the evil eye. Branches were used to decorate the yard of the newlyweds, wishing them a happy life together and the birth of healthy children.

They come to the birch with any problems. It takes away fears and anxiety, restores lost strength, supports and gives hope.

To free your heart from anxious thoughts, hug a birch tree and talk about your troubles. When leaving, leave a small coin next to the tree. To fulfill your cherished desire, take a red ribbon, say what you dream about over it, and tie it on a birch branch.


Pine is a tree with the energy of tranquility. It relieves stress, helps in the treatment of nervous disorders and respiratory diseases. Pine clears the aura of negative influences, increases immunity, helps to restore integrity, fortitude and sanity.

Pine is also a great ally for those who are in a critical situation and prone to irritation. Its aroma helps to overcome a mental crisis, gives confidence in their own abilities and strengths, awakens insight. Direct contact with a tree is especially useful for colds, chronic fatigue and unmotivated outbursts of aggression.


Poplar belongs to trees that absorb negative energy. It cleans the aura from harmful extraneous influences, pulls on itself negativity, evil eye, damage and harmful consequences of energy attacks.



In the traditions of different peoples, willow was often endowed with opposite properties. In antiquity, she was associated with female deities, witches and witches.

In the Middle Ages, the willow became a symbol of unhappy love and poetic art. In China, she was identified with female beauty, suppleness and gentleness, and in Japan - with weakness and sadness.

Communicating with a willow tree, it is easier for women to let go of love melancholy and feelings, to become more confident in themselves and their own attractiveness. In addition, the tree awakens intuition, helps to anticipate trouble and make the right decisions. Interaction with willow is useful for stress and mental stress, irritability and aggression.

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