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Ways To Recognize An Alcoholic In A Man From The First Date
Ways To Recognize An Alcoholic In A Man From The First Date

Video: Ways To Recognize An Alcoholic In A Man From The First Date

Video: Ways To Recognize An Alcoholic In A Man From The First Date
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7 ways to recognize an alcoholic in a man literally from the first date


At the word "alcoholic," many imagine a person who smells foul in dirty clothes. However, this is not the case. A drinker can be a person without a fixed abode, and a director of a reputable company. There are signs by which you can recognize a binge on the first date.

Knows everything about alcohol

If on the first date a man enthusiastically talks about alcohol, this is a wake-up call. He will admire the taste of alcohol, aftertaste and delicate aroma, making fiery speeches and completely forgetting about you.

After hearing such stories, it is better to stop further communication with this person: you are unlikely to be happy with the one who has the strongest and most pleasant memories associated with wine or vodka.

Skin problems

When meeting with a man, pay attention to the condition of his skin: if it is peeling, pale and swollen - this is one of the signs of problems with alcohol. This is due to the fact that it is through the skin that most of the toxins are released, which is why it suffers.

If a man is fond of alcoholic beverages, then a network of red capillaries will be visible on his skin. But don't jump to premature conclusions. Perhaps it is caused by some kind of illness, and not addiction to drinking.

Heals like like like


Imagine that your date took place in the morning. With a headache and bad breath, he talks about yesterday's gatherings with friends, complaining about his health.

When it comes time to place an order, he chooses alcohol. People with a drinking problem do not treat the effects of a stormy night with pills, brine, or rest. They resort to the most correct option for them - alcohol.

The forehead is tense, although the face is relaxed

Doctors say that a person who loves to drink always shows one clear sign: the frontal muscle is constantly tense, although the rest are relaxed.

From here follows a nervous breakdown, and as a result, muscle tension.

The man is thirsty

When on a date, pay attention to how much water your companion is consuming.

Such a man will consume a large amount of water, and not at all due to the fact that nutritionists advise drinking at least 2 liters of fluid a day. The point is the poisoned organism: water is absorbed in it for a long time. That is why the body goes into a panic, demanding more and more water in reserve.

Alcohol for any meal


Such people have a principle: "if you don't drink, the day is gone." That is why pay attention to what your date is ordering.

If you decide to drink coffee, he will definitely order with cognac. There was a desire to eat barbecue - how can there be meat and not with vodka. And even if you offer such a man to take a walk in the park, then instead of sitting in a boring cafe, he will definitely take a flask with a strong drink with him or go to the store along the way.

All these are clear signs of alcoholism, and it is better not to associate your path with such a person.

Emotionally unstable

Experts say that people who are prone to addictions of this kind have emotional instability. And even without specialists, you can see how addicted people react especially brightly and emotionally to certain events.

They are often happy drunk, and then aggressive. And there are only a few steps from aggression to depression.

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